6 Instagram Tips for Higher Education Providers

Instagram is a professional medium for higher education providers and marketers to communicate with prospective students and other stakeholders. The accessibility of social media has made it easier for brands and companies to talk about themselves impactfully. Users of the app, approximately 400 million of them, have the option of sharing media in different ways like images, reels, and IGTV videos. It is the perfect place for marketers to build a brand image and offer outsiders a sneak peek into the world of the students studying there. Here are 6 Instagram tips for higher education providers:

#1 Promote the Aesthetic Beauty of Your Campus

Influencer marketing has arrived and is here to stay. One of the most notable features of a university is its vast expanses of land that have different departments. There are a lot of scenic spots in universities that can be advertised, and Instagram is the perfect place for it. Capture your university’s visual appeal and presence and share it for the world to see. You can also share important facts about the university in the caption alongside the photos. This leads to forming a community that can help promote the school. 

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#2 Share the Best Work by Students

Who said bragging is wrong? It is entirely acceptable to do when you have talented students who do great work. Whether it is an art school you are marketing or a tech university, there’s always something your students have made that you can share on Instagram. Many artists and creators have gained traction by posting regularly on social media apps. This is something that a higher education provider or marketer can also benefit from. Many essay editing and proofreading websites do the same to promote their businesses for academic services or students. They offer their essay writing assistance online and provide free samples of their work for students to evaluate and use. This is good exposure and helps build trust.

#3 Shine a Light on Essential Achievements and Values

Here’s an extension to the bragging I mentioned earlier. Most educational institutions are founded on beliefs and values that influence how they operate. You can set the tone by controlling the narrative about your school by shining a light on the values that it is founded on. One more thing you can do is talk about recent notable achievements of the school. These can be sports competitions, art contests, debates, or any other type of victory. Government and education boards provide institutions with awards for stellar performances, which you can share with your followers on Instagram while promoting your school. 

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#4 Gather and Repost Important User-generated Content

A great way to flesh out public opinions of the school is by sharing content created by students on campus. Most students have camera phones, and Instagram accounts that they fervently use. There has been a significant increase in student influencers in prominent schools. Sharing content made by students is also more organic than content created by the school itself. A lot of apps in higher education assist students in finding information about future colleges. Prospective students believe in genuine promotions and from sources they can trust.

#5 Share Some Successes of Notable Alumni

Interviewing current students and alumni can be beneficial while marketing your higher education institution. People enjoy learning more about the school from people who have studied there. This would be even more helpful if the alumni you are interviewing are well known and have success stories to share. Prospective students, their parents, and other stakeholders would love to read such a story that your university is a part of. 

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#6 Run Contests Your Audiences Can Take Part in

To increase follower participation on Instagram, you can create fun contests for your followers. With students currently in school, you have more options for encouraging them to respond to your content. For example, you can motivate your students to click and post photos of the university campus and promise to repost the best ones. You can even offer prizes like college merchandise. A great way to keep track of all the submissions is to create a hashtag for this purpose with the university’s name and urge applicants to use it while posting.

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There you have it – 6 steps to succeed while marketing your higher education school. We offer time-tested and reliable tips, so you can’t go wrong with them. What are you waiting for now that you know what to do with your school’s Instagram page? Start making content and posting like a pro!

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