New Ways to Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

How to get more followers without following or liking

Undoubtedly, the Instagram platform is the avant-garde of all social media in the whole world. Hence, it is the best place for advertising, marketing, branding, and generally launching a new business. Get followers on Instagram without following or liking must be a challenge for business owners. This article will elaborate on some methods for Instagram users.

As you know, the property of every business on Instagram is its followers, so getting followers on Instagram is essential, and of course, the real followers who are interested in your industry. There are plenty of ways to increase the number of followers

To get followers on Instagram without following or liking, you could buy followers or use Instagram Robots. But always there is a better way to increase your real followers. Therefore, If you are looking for a solution to obtain more genuine followers to grow your business, do not hesitate to read to the end. For example, at the end of this article, you’ll see how AiGrow guides you to The #1 solution for generating organic, highly qualified followers.

Buying Followers to Get more Followers without Following or Liking

Most people think for starting their business activities on Instagram, they must buy followers, and if the range of your followers is low, they won’t succeed in attracting more followers. It may seem right, but you will not find out if your business is growing or not when you buy illegal followers. Because, for instance, if you have 10K followers, you must have at least 2K likes for each post, but the pages that buy fake followers will be much less.  

12 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram without Following or Liking

There are some ways to get followers on Instagram without following or liking. Here you are going to read 12 ways:

1. Make Your Profile and Theme Attractive

Your page’s first essential part is your profile picture that can make them attracted or unattracted to your page in a wink of eyes. Instagram is an image-based social media, and the images have a leading role. Also, use high quality and absorbing themes. It shows you respect your followers and helps you get more followers without following or liking.

2. Use Hashtags to Get More Followers without Following or Liking

Hashtags have essential roles to up-grade your business on Instagram, especially as Instagram lets people follow their favorite hashtags. It makes hashtags more useful, and utilizing top Instagram hashtags that will specifically help you frequently in your posts allows you to get followers without following or liking. Therefore, search for hot and popular hashtags of your business, identify the best Instagram hashtags for followers, make a list of them, and use them in your posts and stories.

3. Hold Instagram Contests

It is one of the best ways most pages can get more followers without the following apps.  Instagram giveaway contests help you to grow on Instagram and increase your engagement rate and awareness about your Instagram page and business.

4. Use Your Website and Other Social Medias

If your business owns a website, you could place a banner of your Instagram below all your posts and mention it in “about us” or “contact us” parts, so you have a great chance to get more new followers. 

5. Monitor Your User’s Behavior

Getting followers on Instagram without following or liking, Instagram provides a tool named “Insight” for business profiles to realize how much your content is attractive for your users. As you see in the following image, you can find more about your followers’ age, gender, etc. This helps you have a better post plan.

get more followers without following or liking
Instagram Insight

6. Publish Challenging Posts

One of the most engaging posts on Instagram is publishing challenging posts. Try to upload exciting posts to engage users and make them participate in your discussions.

7. Advertise on Relevant Pages

You could search by hashtags, find the relevant pages in your business area, advertise your business on them, and get followers on Instagram without following or liking.

8. Make Content Frequently

It is vital to prove to Instagram that you are active on the platform, and your followers are waiting for your posts. So your Reach Rate will increase, and it makes your posts visible.

9. Act According to Instagram Algorithm

To get followers without following or liking, you must know how exactly Instagram Algorithm operates. For instance, you must never use fake followers or non-related hashtags or act against Instagram rules.

10. Do not be Like a Robot

Show yourself to your users and Instagram by live stories, responding to direct messages and comments, and mentioning people and influencers in your stories.

11. Write Professional Captions to Get More Followers on Instagram

Writing professional and attractive captions is the art that affects your engagement and leads you to get followers on Instagram without following anyone.

12. Do not Post Excessively

Considering your followers’ rate, if you post more than enough, they may decide not to follow you anymore. For instance, if you own 10K followers, it is a good idea to upload 2 or 3 posts daily.

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