How to Grow Instagram Story Views Organically

Instagram story views

Do you want to organically grow your Instagram story views as a new user? Have you faced a drastic downfall in your Instagram story views due to the removal of fake views because of the ban on bots by Instagram? Then reading this article will provide you with the best practical solutions.

Why Should You Increase Your Story Views?

As many businesses are struggling to find an acceptable social ranking on online platforms especially after the rare phenomenon of Covid-19, new business accounts have begun to pop up all over Instagram. The key for these accounts to succeed in the shortest time possible is to acquire what each Instagram feature can give and find ways to grow their accounts organically. On the other hand, as a former user, you must have noticed the decrease in your Instagram story views. With a bit of audience analysis, you could recognize that the views were either coming from non-followers or Russians. The truth is, they were not real views; they were – mostly Russian – bots! Instagram has recently stopped the activities of the bots that used to make the balance unsteady by giving fake views on behalf of some accounts in return for money. In both cases, you are looking for the same answer: organic ways to grow Instagram story views.

So, How to Grow Instagram Story Views Organically?

Here you will read about the solutions in detail. Remember to stick to each recommendation and keep them in mind if you want an organic increase in your Instagram story views.

#1: Take Your Analytics Serious

Primarily, you should keep track of your story analytics. The analytics of your stories give you a clear insight into which your activities should be directed. These analytics tell you the number of replies, taps to the next story published by another account, clicks on a link in your story, impressions, reaches, forward taps to your next story, backward taps to your previous story, and exit taps. Why is it all-important? If you want to get a high number of story views, you should know your audience, their behavior, and their interests. The evaluation helps you stop posting the stories that have turned out to be unpopular, and keep on posting the stories that are most favored. The crucial point here is that you should have an Instagram Business Account to have access to the analytics tool.

Check Your Analytics!
Check Your Analytics!

#2: Schedule in Advance

Probably the most important step is to organize a schedule based on which you should post stories. Knowing what you are going to do in advance makes you get rid of the stress of what to post today and focus instead on how to be more creative to gain as many reaches as possible. A schedule would also set the timing for your stories so that your followers will know when to expect you up there on their feeds. Moreover, people have a tendency to keep things planned and organized. As a result, they would definitely notice your order and they will respect your care. This is how they will stay engaged. One great Instagram scheduling program that we can offer is AiSchedul. Sign up for free to see the vast world of AiSchedul!

#3: Keep Posting

Constant story posting increases your chance of being viewed. Let’s call it a positive snowball effect! The more you post stories, the higher the chance of being on the feeds. Apart from that, you are more engaged with your followers as you build up a close relationship by making them see your stories several times a day. Consistently switching between photos, videos, and boomerangs can make exciting variations to your content. However, Instagram’s limitation for the story is 100 stories a day so remember not to get carried away! Use tools like Bannersnack, Canva, and Adobe Spark to make creative and beautiful-to-the-eye designs for your stories. In addition, you can create fun animations using apps and tools like Mojo and Over. In case you do not have much content to post several times a day, still no need to worry! A good idea is definitely to repost posts or stories from other similar accounts. To do this, you can easily use a repost tool like AiSchedul to help you find relevant and viral content to repost. One good advantage of this tool is that it leaves no watermarks on your repost content, unlike other tools. It only adds a credit to the post owner at the end of the caption.

#4: Use Hashtags/Locations

Features like hashtags and locations can increase your Instagram story views by displaying them to a wider group of audience. In other words, when users search for a particular hashtag or location, your story will be shown to them.

Add Hashtag/Location/Mention
Add Hashtag/Location/Mention

Instagram allows you to use 10 hashtags per story and you should brainstorm for smart subjects to add as hashtags. Pay attention to the content of your story, target audience behavior, and the number of stories with the same hashtag. You can make great use of a hashtag research tool like AiSchedul, which helps find suitable hashtags for your stories. Using extremely popular hashtags and unpopular hashtags can severely affect your efforts invested in hashtags. Because either you expose your story to the danger of being buried by the overload of upcoming stories with the same hashtag or you put it somewhere in the dark shadows where no one looks at it. Choose the ones that are in between the two poles to avoid the two possibilities.

If your business is related to travel or food, please do make great use of location features! Using location tags specifies a target group for your stories. Therefore, you recognize a particular group to showcase your content. Moreover, you help users find you easily by adding a location tag. So, people in a different location would search for another location for any reason, and your story gets a chance to be viewed by them.

#5: Use Stickers

To visually and mentally influence your audience and to encourage their engagement, using stickers is what we recommend! How using stickers can increase your Instagram story views? When the engagement of your story increases, the Instagram algorithm automatically boosts your story and you will get more views. Among stickers, polls, emoji sliders, quiz stickers, question stickers, and countdown stickers are the best to engage your audience. In other words, using these stickers help you build a better connection with your followers and have more effective interactions. Be creative and create engaging games with these features and get the most they can give you.

Add Stickers to Increase Your Story Views
Add Questions and Polls
Add Stickers to Grow Your Story Views
Add Emoji Slider and Quiz

#6: Use Influencers/Collaborate with Other Brands on Instagram

If you want to have a much greater number of viewers and you do not have budget issues, inviting an influencer or partner brand to take over your Instagram stories can be satisfactorily fruitful. Sharing of your content by an influencer can increase your story views as they are already on top and have their own trusted community of audience. So what happens here is that a community of audience sees your content on your story and there it is! A high number of viewers! Generally speaking, collaborations are very popular and successful among Instagram business accounts. Think of a new project with another brand or influencer, make takeovers and shares, go Live with them, and engage many users. Remember to keep these users as followers by following the tips we have mentioned so far and will mention them later.

#7: Guide Your Audience to Your Story

Another solution is to use your posts to guide your followers from your feed to see your story. With a guiding design or caption, you can ask your followers to check your story for a poll to vote their idea, or see more about the post, e.g. see more related products with shopping links.

#8: Create a Limited Offer

Your story can include an irresistible discount, sale, or giveaway. What is the point of this limited offer? Engagement! Your followers will let their friends know about your offer (the so-called UGC) and your story will get more views and, consequently, your engagement will increase.

#9: Highlight Best Stories

Since Instagram has launched its other feature as Highlights, your stories can remain on your page and be available to the public even after the programmed 24 hours. You can keep your best stories in the Highlights section permanently and still receive views.

Add Highlights
Add Highlights

#10: Create a DM Group and Send Targeted Stories

You can find the same accounts as you or the users that you think are interested in your business and create a DM group. You can share your stories in the group and ask the members of the group to check your story out. So, you have created a small group of audiences based on your marketing strategy and you can increase your Instagram story views through them.

#11: Use Branded Content

Perfect for a marketing campaign, branded content will always be a good choice to grow your Instagram story views. You can use any related concept, image, slogan, or hashtag to create branded content. The key thing is to remember to ask your audience, or influencers, to share the content and tag you. If possible, try to repost their content to keep the cycle going until the end of your campaign.

#12: Use the Type Mode

Knowing which font and design to use is priceless knowledge when it comes to textual stories. Stories can both contain a visual or textual structure because they are meant to be informative as well as entertaining anyway. Choosing the right font and style will help improve the readability of your story and so your audience will not get bored or irritated by your content. The aim here is to keep your followers entertained and engaged instead of making them forward your stories to see the next. Therefore, we highly suggest making texts and styles simple and user-friendly in Type Mode.

#13: Unlock Re-Sharing Option

You can do it in the Setting section of your Instagram story. If you tag someone (maximum of 10 users in each story), the re-share feature allows those users to share your stories and to bring more views to them. So, as soon as you let other accounts share your stories, you have increased the chance of a higher reach for your Instagram story.

#14: Use Swipe Up

Apparently, accounts with less than 10.000 followers cannot access this feature. But wait for a second! There are no impossibilities for the smart, huh? You can find ways to use Swipe Up feature even with less than 10K followers. Swipe Up feature lets you add a link to your website to give more information to your followers, show more products to them, or sell services or products. The button would encourage more clicks to your link and would finally lead to the aim of your business.

Add a Link to Swipe Up to Grow your Story Views
Add a Link to Swipe Up

#15: Reply to Your Instagram Stories DMs

You are doing all this to get more engagement and more views, which means the audience is important for your business growth. Ignoring your audience would not make sense then, right? So, check your DM regularly and try to reply to as many DMs as possible. Such policy builds up stronger ties with your followers and makes them realize that something real is going on behind the brand and business and they feel heard and cared about.


In the end, we like to point out that the key to absolute success in growing your Instagram story views is to keep up all the tips above simultaneously. Be as active and creative as possible and care about your followers. Know them better and predict their behavior. Instagram marketing is not a hard and far-fetched goal; rather, it is quite easy if you manage all the strategies together. Wish you the best of luck!

How to Grow Your Instagram Story Views Organically

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