Does An Instagram Stalker App Really Work? +Tips To Stop Stalkers

Instagram stalker apps

We’ve all been there and done that. I personally am definitely guilty of stalking all my exes and crushes on social media, even the ones I no longer cared about! It used to look all innocent to check on someone. I mean where is the harm in looking at someone’s photos? But after I adulted, I noticed that it does not seem that innocent from the other side. If you hate your Insta stalkers as well, read this article, because I wanna let you know how to spot and stop your IG stalkers without getting help using an Instagram stalker app. 

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Who Is An Insta Stalker?

An Insta stalker is a person who gains information about you without your knowledge and most likely without your consent via the platform! Insta stalkers normally haunt crushes, dumpers, and exes!

Other than relationship-type stalkers, there are a group of users who stalks their competitors on Instagram to see how your business is doing. 

If you have a business account on Instagram and you want to monitor your competitors on Instagram, use an Instagram listening tool.

AiGrow is an Instagram listening app that lets you first find your rivals and then monitors them.

After you connected your Instagram to AiGrow, through hashtag monitoring, find your rivals, then set monitor your rivals afterward. 

Instagram Stalker App
Instagram Stalker App

With the AiGrow monitoring tool, you are notified of your rivals’ activities, as well as when someone mentions you on Instagram or saves your content.

Other than the monitoring tool, AiGrow has anything you need as an Instagrammer. To know of its features, read its review.

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Does an Instagram Stalker App Work To Detect Them?

Instagram was asked whether or not an Instagram stalker app really works! An outspoken replied “We do not comment on specific apps. Our terms of conditions make it clear we don’t support this third party use case.”

With that said, I concluded that Instagram does not share its data with any stalker apps, and most likely Instagram stalker apps are giving false claims!

Insta Stalkers Exist However

Hi, Hello, me!

It is true that Instagram stalker apps do not work at all, but I did stalk some people so Insta stalkers exist.

How To Stalk Someone On Instagram?

To stalk someone on Instagram, you need an extra account. You should make it believable, so you’d better share posts and stories on a regular basis.

You thought I was in the mood for content creation for a fake account? Nope!

I used an Instagram repost tool and borrowed posts and stories of others and schedule them to make everything look natural.

How To Stalk Someone On Instagram Without An Account?

There is no way to stalk someone on Instagram without an Instagram account. Because Insta stalker apps and websites are not working at all!

Can You Tell Who Is Stalking You On Instagram?

Can you tell who is stalking you on Instagram? Not for sure, but based on personal experience, I think there are ways to detect IG stalkers without using Instagram stalker apps! 

If you just broke up, you are potentially being stalked 🙂

As covered before Instagram stalker apps don’t work! But stalkers have things in common. In the following, you read about the top 7 signs of IG stalkers without!

The IG Stalker Does Not Miss An Instagram Story

We all view Instagram stories of those we follow. But if a user does not miss any Instagram story of yours, chances are that user is stalking you on Instagram!

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IG Stalkers Are The The First In The List Of Story Viewers

Your Instagram viewers are listed in order chronological order. Notice who are the top 10 users who view your Instagram story first.

For further information, read What’s the Order of Viewers on Instagram Story

IG Stalkers Don’t Attract Attention

IG stalkers are quick to view your Instagram stories, but they barely like and almost never send direct messages or comments. 

Insta Stalkers Share Your Content With Their Besties

As I said, Insta stalkers are normally exes or those who have/had a crush on you. Normally they stalk you on Instagram and let their best friends know of what you are doing.

They either take a screenshot or share your content with their besties.

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Instagram Stalkers Are Fake

If a fake Instagram account is following you on Instagram, there is a great chance that the user is stalking you!

IG Stalker Has Viewed All Your Instagram Highlight Stories

Why would a stranger check all your Instagram highlight stories? If you are not an Instagram influencer and a stranger does not engage with your posts but check your Instagram highlight stories, it is likely that you are being stalked!

IG Stalkers Don’t Have Many Followers

Do you have a suspect? Check his/her followers. How many are they? Are they fake?

What you answer to these questions determines if anyone stalks you on Instagram.

How To See Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Profile Or Posts?

It would be a great way to detect stalkers, but I’m afraid there is no way to understand who has viewed your Instagram profile or posts or scrolled down your feeds unless they like or comment.

Tips To Stop Stalkers

There may or may not be harm in someone stalking you on Instagram. The point is that no one likes to be stalked! Besides, it is a wise decision if you want to avoid drama! 

These are the things you do to keep IG stalkers away!

Switch To Private Account

You can switch to a private account and filter the ones you accept as followers. To switch to the private account, 

    • Go to your profile
    • Tap the setting
    • Go to Privacy and security
    • Tap  Account privacy
  • Turn on the Private Account setting

Block The Stalker

Detect the IG stalker and block the user.

  • Go to the user’s profile
  • Tap the three dots on the top right
  • Tap block

Create Close Friends List On Your Instagram Story

As you read before, the IG stalkers are quick to view your Instagram stories. Create a close friend list and share stories with them only. Once you share your story, there is no way the stalker gets through and sees your Instagram story.

Just Let Go

The last not least solution is to just let go of the IG stalkers. They get bored and go away eventually!

Final Thoughts on Instagram Stalker App

No one appreciates IG stalkers, neither would you! Many companies claim to stalk someone on Instagram or detect stalkers, due to what Instagram outspoken said, we consider all those accounts falsy and an Instagram stalker app does not work at all!

Yet there are ways to detect stalkers on Instagram. Instagram stalkers check all your stories and highlights, but they are reluctant to react to your story, comment, and even likes. Plus they have little or fake followers.

To keep IG stalkers away, switch to the private account, block the stalker, and share your stories only with close friends.

That was the article. I hope you find it useful.