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How Instagram Web Viewers Help You Grow


You may have heard about Instagram web viewers like Pikdo, Piknu, Pictame, Picbear, Pictaram, etc. But do they help you grow your Instagram account? Or are they just some tools for checking out Instagram accounts on your desktop anonymously? 

Pikdo, Piknu, Pictaram, Pictame. Can Instagram Web Viewers Help You Grow On Instagram?

Right now, Instagram is the 6th most popular social media over the globe. Growing followers out there has become a concern for almost every Instagrammer. If you search for the term ‘Grow on Instagram’, you will face numerous tools and services offering different ways of growth, but which one will really help? Can Instagram web viewers help you grow on Instagram?

Here we are going to tell you everything we’ve learned about these Instagram online tools. And after introducing you to the best ones, we are going to tell you about an easier method that can help you grow your Instagram account quickly and organically.

What Are Instagram Web Viewers?

Note: Contrary to many people’s expectations, Instagram web viewers can not help users view private Instagram accounts information without being identified. So, be careful not to be scammed with any applications or web sites that offer you access to private Instagram accounts.

We’ve tested some of the top Instagram web viewers including Pikdo, Piknu, Pictaram, Pictame, Picbear, and Picdeer. All of these Instagram online tools let you view other’s Instagram accounts without logging into your account. And here’s what we’ve learned:

1. Instagram web viewers work through the Instagram API

As you know, API is an abbreviation for “Application Programming Interface” and Instagram as an application has its own. Some Instagram Web Viewers like Pikdo, Piknu, Pictaram, and Pictame as separated applications use Instagram API to help their audience view pictures, videos, tags, hashtags, likes, comments, and other information taken from Instagram.

2. Get Cool Metrics with Instagram web viewers

As we said, these tools can not give you access to private Instagram accounts. But they are brilliant tools for tracking down some details that you can not get on your own.


For example, Pictame is an online Instagram tool where you can analyze your accounts instantly with its own developed algorithm. With this tool, you can instantly see your own profile strength and interaction rates. You may then use the analytics to schedule your posts and stories for the best time to get the most engagement on your posts.


When you are using Pikdo, once you open an Instagram profile, Pikdo shows you the most used filters and hashtags by that profile. You can analyze this information and get used to them for your page growth.


Pictaram as another Instagram web viewer not only can help you view the profiles, Stories, Highlights, and posts of Instagram users but also gives you the most used Instagram tags and locations. This will help you choose the best Instagram hashtags when posting content on your own account. 


Piknu as an Instagram viewer introduces you to the most popular users and posts on Instagram.


If you are seeking an alternative, which you could use for viewing Instagram content on your desktop, here is what you need. ThePicGram is a new and amazing tool for accessing Instagram content and for downloading Instagram content from anywhere, anytime without any cost and hurdles. Highly secure and easily approachable Instagram web viewer.

3. Easily Stalk Instagram Users Anonymously

Eventually, these tools can help you view the Stories, Highlights, and Posts of Instagram users anonymously. You can search for their Usernames, Tags, Locations, or Stories. Remember that if someone has a private Instagram account, these tools can not help you anymore.

Why Do You Need to Check Instagram Accounts Anonymously?

Viewing other’s Instagram accounts anonymously is a big challenge for many. Instagram web viewers can do this without difficulty. But why do you need to check Instagram accounts anonymously using Instagram web viewers?

There are a lot of reasons why an Instagrammer wants to do that. Here we are going to explain this with two examples to show you that viewing Instagram accounts anonymously is not always for subversive activities.

For example, imagine that you have a great political standing and you don’t want to let others know that you are a big fan of something special. Then you need something to check Instagram accounts anonymously. 

Another situation in which you need to check some Instagram accounts anonymously is when you are an employer and want to check your employee’s Instagram profile. You do that to make sure your man is not going to post something irrelevant that could get your brand in trouble. So, here is where you need to check their accounts in a way that prevents you from being identified. 

How To Accelerate Your Growth On Instagram

At the first look growing Instagram accounts seems hard for many. Many people simply google it and face a lot of scamming applications. So, how can someone identify a scammer or a phisher? The answer is “there is no way to identify it until you try it or use your friends’ experiences”.

But don’t worry. We’ve tried two trustworthy ways that can help you grow your accounts without any concerns. 

How To Use Instagram web viewers to Boost your Growth

As always, the first way to accelerate your growth is up to you. It means that you have to use all the tools you can to increase the quality and timing of your posts. But in the end, you must do the final work which is posting on Instagram. So, in this way, you have to spend more time but if you do it in a good way, your effort is admirable.

Imagine that you have 100 followers and you want to increase the number of your followers up to 100,000. The very first step to get to this amount of followers is well-understanding people on Instagram and then providing their demands.

Then, how do you find out what people exactly need or desire? Do you guess or ask the others? So far no unknown person has become an Instagram influencer with tons of followers on the first attempt. So, To get succeed, you must try, review, improve, and try again. 

Instagram web viewers are good tools to help you analyze Instagram accounts and find out the reasons for their popularity. Actually, they can easily do the review stage for you. Some web viewers like Pictame, Pikdo, Pictaram, and Piknu give you more. They will give you a review of your own profile strength and also your account or post-interaction rates. In other words, they are good alternatives to Instagram Insight which needs a Business account

An Easier Way to Grow on Instagram Quickly & Organically

The second way of growth is much easier and does not need much effort on your side. You can get help from a team of Instagram experts at AiGrow. All you need to do is to sign-up for free on their platform and choose a plan based on your target number of followers. Specify your target audience based on their location, hashtags they use, or accounts they follow, and you are done. Then your dedicated account manager will start growing your account manually, based on the goals you’ve set. Besides being organic and natural, the best thing is that they guarantee the numbers and you can be sure that you will meet your goals.

Do you know any other ways to grow followers on Instagram? drop us a comment below 😉