How Can Instagram Story Videos Help to Develop Your Business?

As a business, your goal for using a platform such as Instagram is to grow and develop your business. Instagram marketing and the use of Instagram stories have become essential for businesses, and you should harness this. It is easy to see why Instagram marketing is critical. There are about 500 million active users on Instagram every day, popular among young people, and get a lot of engagement.

There are many brands on Instagram, and this platform offers many possibilities for businesses. The central point of this article is Instagram stories and how you can use them to develop your business.

As a marketer, Instagram stories are something that you shouldn’t overlook for your business. It is the disappearing feature of the platform with which you can share visual contents in a slideshow.

What makes Instagram stories special?

One of the many advantages that social media has over traditional marketing platforms is the fact that the content is either there forever or for very long. This is something that you don’t get with TV ads, for instance. So, this begs the question of why Instagram stories last only 24 hours.

  • Ephemeral contents have special characters and are perceived to be more authentic, spontaneous, and trustworthy. It is a good way for brands to share, and your audience is very likely to view it.
  • It does not require much effort. Unlike other types of content, you don’t need much dedication or time to create this. You just need to have fun and experiment with filters without needing good lighting.
  • There are numerous features on Instagram stories that you can use to make it more interactive, such as augmented reality filters, stickers, drawings, etc.
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Making the most of Instagram Stories for your business

There are different ways that you can make use of Insta Stories to grow your business. Here are various ways that you can use this feature:

Try new ideas

You have 24 hours to showcase content on your Insta Stories, and thankfully, they aren’t contents that require a lot of effort or time to create. What this means is that you have the leverage to try out different things. So, even if you are not sure of the idea you have, you can still upload it on your Instagram Stories.

This is something that you can take advantage of for your content creation, as your stories allow you to try different content. Try them all! Some will fail, and others will prove successful. Pick up those successful ones and improve on them, then you can post them as your main content.

You can try different types of content, from surveys to contests, questions, polls, etc. Your main page will give this content more exposure. However, you must make sure that you don’t try controversial marketing tactics. Your story night does not stay up for more than 24 hours, but a screenshot will live on the internet forever and will continue to stain your brand.

Show how your business works.

In creating Instagram stories, you can include videos and/or photographs, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be huge. You can take advantage of your stories to create videos that show how your business is run and daily happenings.

This is common with many businesses. You can do this too, to show the daily operations in your business. Add informal captions to these videos and pictures so that your viewers have an idea of what goes on in your business.

So, this allows you to make your experience more interactive and showcase your level of creativity. These videos can be spontaneous and quick, but showing snippets of your daily activities can help you promote your brand more effectively.

Make use of user-generated content.

One way to boost the engagement and interaction of your brand is by using user-generated content. Posting UGC on your Instagram Stories is a good idea. However, the truth is that there will likely be hundreds of content that mention your product. There are times when you want to brag on your page, especially when many people use your products.

However, it makes sense for you to give other people a chance to feature on your Instagram Story. This is a win-win situation for both your brand and the individual. You should pay more attention to your followers, they could showcase your products on their pages, and you repost on your Insta Stories. The good thing is you don’t have to overdo these things.

Note: Watch the following video to see how to find your Instagram mentions:

Do giveaways and contests on your Stories.

There are many things that you can do on your Instagram Stories, which include giveaways and contests. According to Danny Walter, a marketing expert, and writer at buy assignment, you can hold these contests and giveaways for the most loyal customers to your brand. However, it is also possible to hold test contests if you don’t want to host real ones. However, real contests and giveaways are more effective as they help to reward your customers and give them a special feeling.

You can even make it more effective by making it available for a short timeframe, and specifically for those that follow your Instagram stories. Your viewers will get a greater sense of urgency, so they engage your stories even more. You know how important it is for a business to keep hold of its customers. It is cheaper and more effective than trying to win over new ones. So, you can use your stories in this way to retain your customers.

Display your products in action

If you are looking to promote and showcase your products, Instagram stories might be an ideal way to do it. This is even more effective if you use it to make a demo for your products and show what it can do. Let people know how they should use your products, what they can use them for, create with them, or do with your products if they go ahead to purchase them. Once they are able to see the product in action, they will know what to do with it and why they should buy it.

You can use this idea for so many kinds of products. For instance, if you are a makeup brand or have a makeup product, you can use Instagram stories to showcase or display the product. However, you have to be careful when doing things like this! Here are some tips you can try out.

Be careful with your colors

Start picking hues that are only in line with your brand colors or themes. You shouldn’t be bound by some of the colors or color options you see when you navigate to the drawing feature of Instagram. You just need to hold a color down, and you’ll see the color palette, which gives you options for different shades.

Care About the Lightning

Be sure that there’s enough lighting in your video so that it is clear and the viewers can see what you’re doing.

Allow People to Look for More Information

Make sure that you allow people to look for more information, so they can get as much information as they want. For instance, you don’t have to put out all the information about your product at once. Give them something to think about and a reason to go to your website to get more information.

Ultimately, make sure that your content is enticing to people so that they can end up patronizing your service or buying your product. Yet, it would be best if you tried as much as possible to do this genuinely and entertainingly. This will help you attract more traffic to your site, and you will also avoid sending sales messages that can be aggressive and annoying to them.


Instagram Stories are vital if you are able to use them appropriately. It can help to develop your business by putting you out to your audience.

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