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Instagram Marketing
| On
December 7, 2020

Instagram User Slang + Abbreviations & Lingo

By Mpro

Instagram had an undeniable effect on our lifestyle, marketing, education, etc. Here I wanna talk about its effect on our language. In this article, you will learn all about Instagram user slang, abbreviations and lingo!

It is necessary to learn Instagram lingo even if you have a personal account. Because at the end of the day you don’t wanna lag, do you?

To better communicating on Instagram, you should get familiar with Instagram lingo, Instagram abbreviations, and Instagram user slang.

Instagram Lingo

Over time, Instagram users generated a form of speaking that here I refer to as Instagram lingo. But have you ever felt like you are behind the community?

Instagram lingo can be used alone, with hashtags, in comments, etc.

AFAIKAs far as I know
AMAAsk me anything
BRBBe right back
BTAIMBe that as it may
BTSBehind the scenes. Instagrammers normally dedicate a highlight story to BTS
BTWBy the way
DAEDoes anyone else…?
DYKDid you know…?
FBFFlashback Friday. When you wanna share an old photo
FoodPornPhotos and videos of delicious meals
FTFYFixed that for you
FTWFor the win
FYIFor your information
GTG or G2GGot To Go
GGGood game
GTRGot to run
HBDHappy birthday
HIFWHow I feel when…
HMBHit me back
HMUHit me up
HT or H/THat tip. Used for acknowledging, appreciating, or thanking other users.
HTHHere to help or happy to help
ICYMIIn case you missed it.
IDCI don’t care
IDKI don’t know
IKRI know, right?
ILYI love you
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
IRLIn real life
JKJust kidding.
LMAOLaughing my a** off
LMKLet me know
LOLLaughing out loud
MFWMy face when…
NBDNo big deal
NMNot much
NSFWNot safe for work
OHUsed as a context for quotes
OMWOn my way
OOTDOutfit of the day
OTPOne true pairing
Regramthe Instagram form of asking for reshare
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my a** off
SFWSafe for work
SMHShaking my head. Used to express shock or disappointment
TBHTo be honest
TBBHTo be brutally honest
TBTThrowback Thursday. When you wanna share an old photo
TFWThat feeling when… , used to transfer a feeling
TGIFThank God it’s Friday
TILToday I learned…
TL;DRToo long; didn’t read.
TMIToo much information
WBUWhat about you?
WBWWay back Wednesday. Used when sharing an old photo
WFHWork from home
WTAFWhat The Actual F*ck
WTFWhat The F*ck (I bet you knew and used it before :D)
YOLOYou only live once
B2BBusiness to business. Refers to businesses that provide to the needs of other businesses
B2CBusiness to consumer. Refers to businesses that provide products or services for customers directly
Follow4FollowThis phrase is put on bio and it means I follow you just if you unfollow me. No need to say that this method is so outdated and there are better ways to increase your followers

Instagram Abbreviations

If you are trying to educate yourself regarding Instagram, you possibly come up with lots of Instagram abbreviations. 

Here are the most important and used Instagram abbreviations;

CRConversion Rate: It is the estimation of users who have done your desired action divided by the number who could have. For example in an Instagram ad campaign, your post is shown to 1000 users, 100 of them visited your profile, 10 of them followed you. Here the CR is 0.001.
CROConversion Rate Optimization: The actions you do to better conversion rate. As an example improving Instagram profile can be considered CRO because it increases the chance of converting visitors into customers.
CTACall To Action: This Instagram abbreviation is used when you ask your followers to do a certain action. “Don’t forget to like”, “Leave a  comment”, “Click the link in bio”, “tag a friend”, etc are considered CTA. CTAs play crucial roles when it comes to Instagram giveaways!
CTRClick-Through Rate. This is one of the Instagram abbreviations that Instagram marketers lend from the digital marketing world. CTR comes in handy when Instagrammers shop wanna calculate the percentage of users who clicked the link. To calculate the CTR of your account, you should use a link in bio tool that tracks the actions of your followers on the landing page.
DMDirect Message

Engagement Rate: The engagement rate is calculated differently for private and business accounts. Private account : (Likes+comments) divided by followers. Business account: (Likes+comments+saved) divided by impression.

To increase the engagement rate, click here.

FOMOFear Of Missing Out: The best example is when you define a deadline for your Instagram giveaway so if your followers don’t take certain actions, they miss out on their chance of winning the giveaway.
PMPrivate Message
PVProfile Visit: The number of users who visit your profiles
ROIReturn On Investment: It is the amount of money you receive after investing it somewhere. Let’s imagine you pay 1000$ to an influencer to feature your Instagram shop in hers. So some of her followers join your account and put orders in value of 7000$. Your ROI is 6000$.
TOSTerms Of Service
UGCUser-Generated Content: This is the content your followers create for you. Instagram challenges are categorized in UGC.

In fact, many of these Instagram abbreviations are borrowed from the digital marketing world. After all, Instagram marketing is a subcategory of digital marketing, don’t you think?

Slang For Instagram User

And finally, slang for Instagram user!

The given Instagram user slang is the terms IG users generated and established among themselves. You as an Instagram user should learn these terms. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Used to say “whatever,” “doesn’t matter,” “who knows” or “why not”
Crush itUsed to say someone is doing so well
FacepalmWhen someone does or says something that’s unbelievably stupid
FamFamily: used for a person or people you consider family
FireUsed when something is so good
I can’t evenIndicates the speakers’ inability to communicate their emotion because they’re either overjoyed or frustrated.
It mewhen you can relate yourself to a certain quote, meme, photo, etc
On fleek On point
SavageWhen someone or something is extremely harsh
Slaywhen something is unexpectedly good
ThirstyWhen someone is too eager or seems too desperate
Throwing shadeThe act of bullying on Instagram
YAASsaying yes enthusiastically

Now you are familiar with Instagram user slang, lingo, and abbreviations. What is your next move to grow your Instagram? 

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