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why you may need an Instagram virtual assistant?

The last second, 2100 new posts were just been uploaded. crazy, right?! This screams the popularity of Instagram and the fact that there has never been a better time to run a business on Instagram. But as your business grows, you’ll face the need for some Instagram business tools to better manage your page.

As Instagram keeps updating the algorithms, growing on the platform becomes more difficult. Businesses today have no choice but growing their page in a humanoid manner. To reduce the costs and increase the efficiacy, they can get help from Instagram virtual assistants to manage their account. In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know before you hire your virtual assistant. At the end, we have put together a list of Instagram assistant services for you to choose from.

Who are Instagram virtual assistants (IVAs)?

Instagram virtual assistants (IVA) are distant assistants who execute expected tasks-which is  

mentioned in below- on your Instagram account. This is a transcendent alternative for those who don’t want to settle their brands just through Instagram bots.

Why you need an Instagram virtual assistant at all?

The final goal of a business Instagram account is to drive more followers to your page. No need to mention that followers are potential customers. But you can not sell them anything before you get to know them.

 An Instagram virtual assistant help you know your audience, their needs, and taste; so that you come up with a new service or product to solve the problem. You can not expect bots to do that, can you?

Bots are designed to just automate some activities, But an Instagram virtual assistant is an Instagram marketing expert (like the one offered by AiGrow) who in professional in finding real and targeted followers for your page.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Instagram

Choosing the best hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in winning Instagram growth. An Instagram expert can help you choose the best hashtags and appear on the explore page.

Answering to questions

When customers ask you questions via Instagram @account tagging, an Instagram virtual assistant helps you deal with them.

Engage your followers

He will assist you to engage your most valuable customers on Instagram. Since Instagram engagement has become a metric of post quality, growing your engagement rate is crucial if you wish to grow quickly and organically.

Creating high-quality contents

In a visual media like Instagram, content talks first. Your virtual assistant can help you create posts/stories that result in a growing number of followers to your page.

Target people who have an interest in your niche

To find customers on Instagram, you should target those who have an interest in your niche. Then through interacting with these people, they will come and visit your page and potentially become your followers and later customers.

Post at the best time

An important tip to keep in mind is that you should publish posts and stories at the best time of the day. This leads to higher view rates and higher engagement rates in return. As Instagram virtual assistant will help you find the best time for your posting, and then he will post exactly at the time.

Communicate with influencers in your niche

In order to grow, you have to interact with top influencers in your niche. A virtual assistant can help you manage your interactions in it’s best way.

What to expect of an Instagram virtual assistant?

Since hiring an Instagram virtual assistant is a new service, some businessmen don’t know what to expect. Sometimes it’s even worse and they have false expectations. To know if your expectation is reasonable or no, keep reading!

Safety comes first

A professional Instagram virtual assistant won’t get your Instagram account banned. His priority must be to keep your Instagram page safe. On the other hand, it is morally expected of him to respect all users’ privacy. 

Numbers of followers

The first thing you should expect from your virtual assistant is the growth in the number of your followers. For example, a VIP service offered by AiGrow guarantees 1000 new and targeted followers per month (this service has a week free trial. if you wish to test it, you can sign-up for free here)

Is your Instagram virtual assistant supposed to leave comments?

We don’t recommend you ask your Instagram virtual assistant to leave a comment. Because no one else can interact with others the way you do and as a result, it will look fake. But If you get some routine comments, why not leave the work to your assistant?

Should your Instagram virtual assist post on your behalf?

There might be some assistants who would do that, but we don’t prescribe such a thing. No one knows your brand better than you. It is as bad as imitating your voice. So the best person to feed your audience is you. However, an Instagram expert can help you detect which type of content to post and which ones to avoid. We suggest that you create the content yourself (with the help of your assistant), but leave the task of posting to your assistant, or you can use an Instagram scheduler to manage it all yourself.


Never hire several Instagram virtual assistants from different marketers. Because it’ll send a signal to Instagram and you will probably get banned.

Best Instagram virtual assistant (IVA)

We have tried a few Instagram virtual assistant services. Among all of them, AiGrow seems to be offering a better service. Here is why we have chosen AiGrow:

  • They guarantee your followers growth (1000 per month)
  • They use an Ai-powered system and a team of Instagram experts to grow your page.
  • All the activities are done by humans, you don’t have to worry about your account’s safety.
  • The service comes with free packages of an Instagram scheduler and auto-direct messenger.
  • They use engagement PODs to boost your followers growth and engagement.
  • Service comes with a week of free trial.


With a professional Instagram virtual assistant, you can grow your Instagram account in a quick and organic way. We’ve tested a few services and AiGrow VIP service seems to be the winner (why?). Create a free account here and request your proposal today.

Feel free to share your experiences through the comments below 😉

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