How To Make Your Instagram Content Searchable On Google 2024

How to Make Instagram Content Searchable

If you wonder how to get your Instagram content searchable on the Google search engine, you have come to the right place to find the answer. Identifying relevant and original content on Instagram is hard. As users become more sophisticated in their search, they expect brands to be just as specific. That’s why it’s so important for brands to make their Instagram business profiles searchable. How? By using Google Search.
If done right, this can improve user experiences by making the best features easier to find. It can also help increase brand visibility and drive more engagement. Let’s dive into how you can get Instagram content to show up on Google searches.

What Is Instagram Content Searching

Instagram is very different from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in that users can upload and curate photos and videos they make with the app.
While brands can’t create custom content for Instagram, they can easily incorporate the platform’s functionality to create and curate original content for their followers by submitting a guest post related to content. Here are a few reasons why making Instagram content searchable is so important:

  • More Engagement – Users love to follow brands that regularly post engaging content. By making your SEO for Instagram, you can ensure it’s the first result people see when looking for your brand.
  • Easier To Find – Having relevant and original content on Instagram can be difficult. By making your profile searchable, you can ensure your followers see only the best content and are more likely to engage with it.
  • Better Visibility – If your posts and comments are visible on Google, your brand’s content will appear higher in the SERPs. This not only encourages users to click on your posts but also encourages them to discover your brand through Google’s search engine.

How to Make Your Instagram Content Searchable on Google

Your Instagram page may be already indexed by Google. It’s easy to check, just open and type “” in the search bar. Enter the link without quotes, instead of my-page, specify the address of your page.

If the page is not in the search results yet, this can be easily fixed using backlinks. To do this, just put a link to the Instagram page from your site. Sign a link like “Find us on Instagram.” 2-3 weeks later, then your page will appear in the index.

If you don’t have your website, you can still index it. However, you need to get a larger number of real users to do this. Create bright photos, and write creative texts, so you will gradually get real users. 

Furthermore, you can make your Instagram content searchable by adding Alt text. To do so, open your post, and select the ‘Edit’ option. At the button, you will see ‘the edit Alt text.’ Now, you have a 100-character limit to add your SEO search terms. In this way, Alt text will be indexed by Google.

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How to Get Instagram to Show Up on Google Search Using a Public Account?

The other day, I was wondering, ‘Why is my Instagram page not showing on Google easily?’

So, I decided to look into how to index Instagram on Google and found some stuff. Well, first when I Googled my IG username, nothing came up for my profile. But, I did see links to public posts I’ve commented on before. This made me think there’s a method to this. So, I tried searching for public IG usernames, like my brother’s business account, and he popped up on Google super fast – the first result was even his Instagram link!


Searching Instagram account on Google
Searching Instagram account on Google

I also noticed that public accounts that tagged my brother or got tagged by him showed up in the search results. The same goes for accounts he’s commented on.

Also, here’s a tip: put words related to what you do in your bio. Like, if you’re known as an artist, adding ‘artist’ to your username makes it easier for people to find you on Google.

Another trick, to make Instagram ID search in Google easier, is to use the same username across all your social media and link them up. That way, people can find your Instagram through your Facebook or LinkedIn when they search on Google. Just make sure to add your Instagram links to your other social profiles.

Note: To connect all your social media profiles on your Instagram, you can use AiGrow’s link-in-bio tool that allows you to add multiple links.

From what I’ve learned, here’s the gist of how to make your Instagram searchable on Google:

1. To add my Instagram to Google search, my account should be public.

2. It’s better if it’s a business or creator account.

3. A unique username helps to make your Instagram visible on Google.

4. Commenting on public posts might help me show up in searches.

5. Using the right keywords is important.

6. And it’s smart to have the same username across different social platforms and link them.

Why Is Making Your Instagram Content Searchable on Google Important

SEO is a big part of online marketing. When driving more engagement and traffic, nothing matters more than making it searchable on Google. It is the backbone of your business, and it can also help boost your brand visibility.

If you have relevant and valuable content that you can rank for, your rank on Google will likely improve. With time, your top-ranking results will become more and more frequent on the first page. Additionally, if you keep making useful and valuable content, you will see it appear on the first page.

Making your account searchable on Google can help you gain more new followers, bring more traffic to your niche blogs, and show your content to more people. With the option to search everything from your name to a list of recent photos, there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to your account’s searchability.

Some Benefits of Making Your Instagram Content Searchable on Google

Boosting your account’s searchability can improve your brand visibility and increase engagement.

Improving your account’s searchability can also help you attract new followers, bring more traffic to your account, and show your content to more people. A clean and organized account is essential to making your account searchable on Google. In other words, the organization is key in making your account searchable on Google.

Benefits of Making Your Instagram Content Searchable on Google
Benefits of Making Your Instagram Content Searchable on Google

Ads on Instagram Are More Engaging than on Other Platforms

There are many brands that only use the ads section of their Instagram to drive traffic to their profiles. However, this is limiting.
This is because when users scroll down, they are more likely to click on the ads to get to your content. It’s more engaging, and it’s more useful.

You Can Use Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search is only available to users in certain countries. However, if you’re outside of those boundaries, you won’t be able to use this function.
That’s where Google Search Extension comes into play. This extension is available for macOS and Windows, allowing you to search without leaving the webpage.

Conclusion: Making Your Instagram Content Searchable

Your account is the heart of your business and can help boost your brand visibility and engagement. That is why it is crucial to make your account searchable on Google.
Making your account searchable on Google can help you attract new followers, bring more traffic to your account, and show your content to more people.
In this blog post, we have offered just some of the simple steps you need to take to make your account searchable on Google. Now it’s your turn – try this!

FAQs on Making Instagram Content Searchable on Google

Now, let’s address some of your frequently asked questions about the topic. 

Q1. Why Don’t Instagram Accounts Appear Automatically on Google Search?

First, the Instagram app is buried in JavaScript. So the links to your individual Instagram posts and profile do not count as real links to Google and they are not indexed in search results.
Moreover, Instagram and Facebook are committed to protecting their users’ privacy. Most Instagram users do not want to appear in Google searches related to Instagram.

Q2. How to Remove My Instagram from Google Search Results?

First, make sure your account is private. Also, if you have linked your Instagram account to any other sites or apps, disable the access. Remember that it will take some time for Google to remove the pictures (even if you have deleted your Instagram account).

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