What Does It Mean to Merge Instagram Accounts and How to Do It?

Merge Instagram accounts

How to merge Instagram accounts is a question many people on Instagram ask every day. For many reasons, people want to link one account from the other, such as getting rid of duplicate content. However, there are other reasons why someone may want to link their Instagram account to another. If you’re wondering how to merge two Instagram accounts, it’s important to first know exactly what the process entails. So, let’s start and see how to combine Instagram accounts!

Why Should You Merge Instagram Accounts?

Before you learn how to merge Instagram accounts, then you need to come up with an idea of what you want to accomplish. If you’re just looking to attract new followers to your new account, then you may want to keep your old account. If you’re trying to get people to sign up for a product or service that your old account is associated with, then it makes sense to close that account. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the old account open for followers. You can also use the account to interact with the current followers, which can help bring you new followers.

The trick to successful internet marketing is to find ways to bring in followers and to do that you need to have interesting content and an attractive Instagram account. A great way to gain followers is by joining other people’s IG pages and showing that you belong to their network. 

For most businesses, the number of Instagram account pages that they have open can be quite overwhelming. These account pages can include pictures of products and services that they offer, as well as personal pictures that many people choose to share with their friends. 

While these are all important to the business, it is also important to make sure that your business is also being promoted properly online. Therefore, if you already have a large number of account pages open, then you may want to start considering merging your accounts together.

What Can You Do? As mentioned previously, there are a wide number of ways that you can combine your Instagram accounts into one. Regardless of what you end up doing, it is important to make sure that you find a way to consolidate your content so that users will be able to find what they are looking for and that you are able to promote your business effectively. In most cases, once you have merged all of your Instagram accounts, you can expect that your account will be more visible in search engine results, which means that you may find more potential customers.

How to Merge Two Instagram Accounts?

The first option that many Instagram users have is to first contact customer service to request the merging of two accounts. It’s important to note that this process is usually non-effective, although sometimes some users report it is working for them. 

Apart from contacting the Instagram customer service, here are the other ways:

1- Ask Your Followers To Follow Your New Account

One of the best and simplest options available for users looking to merge two Instagram accounts is to request all of them to follow the new account. This is the quickest way of how to merge two Instagram accounts but does have the biggest drawback of losing followers. In order to prevent this, make sure you make updates to your other Instagram accounts after making updates to your main account so that your followers know the content you’ve added has also been shared across the other accounts you have.

2- Repost All of Your Old Content on the New Instagram Account

If you switch your Instagram account to a new one, it is important to repeat all of your current posts, whether pictures or videos, to the new account. You can be known by the users via your posts, so it is always recommended to repost all your stuff to your new Instagram account.

Note that Instagram doesn’t have any features like Google Drive or Facebook to move your content. So, all of your Instagram images need to be downloaded manually and posted on your new account.

However, if you want to merge your Instagram accounts using this method, it will probably take a massive amount of time as you have to do it one by one. Another thing is that when you clone the posts to your new profile, you must delete all of your old profile immediately. This will limit your followers’ access to your posts on that account.

How to Repost Instagram Posts Fast?

Use AiGrow, the smart Instagram management service that enables you to promote your Instagram account in various ways. One of its useful features is to repost Instagram content only with a couple of clicks. 

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3- Change Your Name on Instagram

This option works for those who want to completely change their profile and area of activity of Instagram. For example, if you run an Instagram page about sports news and want to change it to a page for promoting your Etsy shop. This method is great, however, you might lose many of your followers due to the change of topic. 

Final Words

For now, there’s no straightforward way to merge Instagram accounts. But with the hacks that we showed you in this article, you can find easy ways to merge your Instagram accounts together.