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All You Need To Know About Instagram Music Influencers


The realm of music is loaded with well-known faces, especially on Instagram, where out of the top 20 most-followed pages on the platform, almost half of them are musicians. No one can deny the power of music in all aspects of our lives, from listening to indie rock on hot summer nights to singing along with a commercial jingle on TV. 

The same goes for music on Instagram; while many use music on Instagram just for fun, many musicians make money on Instagram. On top of the list, music influencers on Instagram are doing a great job making loads of money. But we all know that money does not grow on trees. 

Don’t worry; there are some useful tips and tricks that will help you to be among successful music influencers on Instagram or partner up with them in the right way. No matter if you want to become a music influencer or promote your brand/client using music influencers, reading this article will help you achieve your goals. So, sit tight and read till the end. Here’s an infographic to take a glance at:

Who are music influencers on Instagram?

Some people think music influencers are only those most-followed well-known singers on Instagram; however, that’s not entirely true. Apart from those celebrities, anyone who seeks the audience in music fans or the music industry can be a music influencer on Instagram. 

For example, if someone can promote headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or musical instruments on an Instagram page, she can be a musical influencer. 

Moreover, a music influencer might be a young artist who tries to expand his fanbase by promoting musical instruments or even writing a commercial song for a company. Those artists who make a name on Instagram soon become a target for all sorts of companies to promote their services and products, even if that item does not relate to music at all. 

Why are Instagram music influencers essential?

You may have some doubts about using music influencers or start a career to be a music influencer, let me tell you why music influencers can do a great job on Instagram.

1- Music is life

The first thing to consider is that music is immensely powerful and popular. Based on some studies, American millennials spend an average of five hours per day listening to music. The popularity of music on social media is unquestionable; many Instagram posts and stories contain a song. Here’s how Dior uses the combination of Sia’s voice and Natalie Portman’s face to promote its perfume:

In fact, one of the music influencers’ methods is to promote a particular song in the background of their video and tag the singer’s account on it.

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2- Fair Prices

If we look at the average price per Instagram post, we see that music is among the top ten niches and music Influencers on Instagram make an average of $201, a typical price for a micro-influencer. Of course, macro-influencers get much higher rates, and not to mention highest-earning Instagrammers such as Ariana Grande receive almost one million dollars per post.

Photo by blog.influence.co

2- It goes with every niche

Another important fact to consider when it comes to music influencers is that they can promote pretty much everything. As mentioned above, the products that music influencers promote on Instagram are not necessarily related to the music industry. 

Music influencers can support anything from food and drinks to cosmetics and clothes. In the next part, you will see some examples of music influencers, both celebrities, and non-celebrities that promote a wide range of products and services.  

Who are the top Instagram music influencers?

In this part, I listed some examples of the most successful music influencers in three categories of mega-influencers (aka celebrities), macro-influencers, and nano influencers, so you can see how they promote different brands. Here you go:

Mega music influencers on Instagram

Mega-influencers are those influencers that have more than one million Instagram followers. In the following listed the biggest music influencers of all time; celebrities who we almost know all. These mega-influencers only partner up with major brands because only they can afford them, of course!

1- Ariana Grande – 191M Followers

With more than 191 million followers, the first one on the list is the 27 years old pop star, Ariana Grande. This superstar constantly shares selfies, concert images, and videos of her upcoming music videos.  

2- Selena Gomez – 181M Followers

For years, Selena Gomez’s page was the second-most followed account after @instagram. Selena works with many brands such as Puma and Coach. She currently has 180 million followers.

3- Beyonce – 148M Followers

With 148 million followers, Queen B ranked third among mega music influencers on Instagram. Beyonce works mostly with sports wears such as her own clothing line, IVY PARK. She has another record on her Instagram profile by having the most-liked post in 2011 when she gratefully announced that she is expecting her child.

4- Justin Beiber – 139M Followers

The number of “Beliebers” on Instagram is now exceeded from 139 million! JB constantly shares photos of his family, holidays, and social events.    

5- Taylor Swift – 135M Followers

If you want to read funny captions and see lots of photos of cats, Taylor Swift’s Instagram page seems like a perfect match. Tay Tay has one of the most creative Instagram pages among musicians as she publishes all sorts of entertaining content like her childhood and behind the scene pictures. 

6- Jennifer Lopez – 124M Followers

124 million people follow JLo on Instagram. She shares her moments of dances, music videos, fitness exercises, and of course, family on her Instagram page. 

7- Nicki Minaj – 117M Followers

Finally, the first rapper on the list! Nicki Minaj, or as she called herself “Barbie,” holds the seventh position on our list of mega music influencers. Her page is filled with selfies and a lot of pinks!

8- Miley Cyrus – 111M Followers

Miley Cyrus Instagram page has more than 110 million followers. On this former Disney star account, you will see a lot of her favorite gestures, tongue out. When you’ve insured your iconic tongue for £1 million (no kidding), you get to use it a lot and maybe for commercial purposes. 

9- Katy Perry – 99.7M Followers

With approximately 100 million followers, the exotic Katy Perry shares the sparkle of her firework life with her fans. Just like Miley, Katy has a unique way of communicating in the virtual world.  

10- Demi Lovato – 85.5M Followers

Demi Lovato is another former Disney star on our list of mega music influencers with more than 85 million followers. Demi works with many clothing brands.

11- Rihanna – 84M Followers

Bad gal Riri shines like a diamond in the vast sky on Instagram. Eighty-four million followers prove that Rihanna’s character and beautiful voice and face are enough to make you stay on her page. Riri regularly partners up with cosmetics brands. 

12- Cardi B69M Followers

Female rappers are all the rage these days! Cardi B hosts almost 69 million followers on her Instagram page. She shares family photos and videos of herself rapping!

13- Drake – 68.2M Followers

The Canadian rapper drake holds the second most-followed male singer on our list of popular mega-influencers of music. Drake promotes products that go with his style. Surely for being able to afford Drake, brands have to work, work, work, work, work, work.

14- Chris Brown – 67.5M Followers

The next person on the list is Chris Brown. The international love for Chris gained him more than 67 million followers. That’s how Chris promotes a product on Instagram:

15- Shakira – 67.3 Followers

This one for Shakira! Well, 67 million people followed Shakira because surely they all always really knew that she could dance like this! The incredible Colombian dancer runs her Instagram page in the most vibrant way. Shakira continually posts about her latest songs and live performances in English and her mother tongue, Spanish. 

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16- Billie Eilish – 64.7M Followers

Surprised to see her on the list? Did you really think people won’t follow an 18-year-old talent when she has five Grammys? Dah!

17- Justin Timberlake – 59M Followers

Justin Timberlake can make 59 million people laugh with his unique sense of humor, both on her videos and photos. JT’s Instagram is just like a mirror of his real character. 

18- Shawn Mendes – 56M Followers

The young Canadian singer no longer needs any stitches because he got more than 56 million followers and a pretty girlfriend who is also in our list of most popular mega music influencers. Here’s how Shawn promote a product:

19- MALUMA – 51.4M Followers

MALUMA is another popular Colombian pop singer on our list. With 51 million followers, many brands seek better opportunities by working with this stylish singer.

20- Camila – 50.2M Followers

Camila is killing it on Instagram with uploading cute photos and some influencer content on the way. By the way, you can just call her senorita!

2- Macro music influencers on Instagram

Generally speaking, those influencers who have between 50k and 1 million followers are considered as macro-influencers. They might not be as famous as celebrities, but they still can make marked differences when it comes to advertising.

It’s worth mentioning that many of these people got famous by posting videos on TikTok, the popular platform that allows you to share short music videos.

Here’s the list of some of the successful macro music Influencers on Instagram: 

1- Andra Gogan – 806K Followers

2- Gary Barlow – 732K Followers

3- Jade Novah – 482K Followers

4- Céline Paolini – 462K Followers

5- Tara Mackey – 441K Followers

6- Talin Silva – 328K Followers

7- Carly and Martina – 257K Followers

8- MAUDE – 256K Followers

9- Gina Naomi Baez -128K Followers

10- Marza – 68.3K Followers


3- Micro music influencers on Instagram

If you have followers between around 5k and 50K, you are among music micro-influencers. These types of influencers are like a gold mine. Why? Let me explain it in the next part when I’ll talk about finding and working with Instagram influencers.

1- Mariel Darling – 61.3K Followers

2- Drew Tuá – 51.2K Followers

3- NKIRA – 48.5K Followers

4- Chanel Lóran – 48.3K Followers

5- Mary Simmons – 43K Followers

6- Spencer Ludwig – 42.7K Followers

7- BAY – 37.9K Followers

8- Vincent Corver – 36.1K Followers

9- Victoria Summer – 16.4K Follower

10 – Paige Williams – 5K Followers

How do you get influencers to promote your Brand?

Now that you saw how using a music influencer on Instagram is helping you to grow your business, it’s time to dive into the process of employing them. To effectively run your influencer campaign, you need to take these three steps:

Step one: decide the targeted size

This step depends highly on your budget. Like many other brands, you may not afford the top Instagram influencers like Beyonce or JB, but that’s fine; you gain the same result using influencers with a smaller number of followers. 

I highly recommend that you start with micro-influencers and establish a long-term relationship with them. You might be thinking I say this because of the budget issue, but it’s really about gaining more Instagram engagement. Let me go further a little bit. 

Why using micro-influencers?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider micro Influencers and be happy to work with them. Here’re why:

1- Incredibly higher engagement rate

On average, micro-influencers get a 60% higher engagement rate than larger influencers. Surprised? Well, it’s true. It makes sense when you think about it. Micro-influencers have a close-knit community that follows them by their heart. They usually trust them more than celebrities. And that’s exactly why even large companies consider Instagram micro-influencers as the key part of their strategies.

2- More affordable options

Back to the budget issue, money matters! Although ads are not costs but an investment, you cannot ignore other important aspects. Although micro-influencers don’t have famous faces, you can still get a great result from them. 

3- More relevant to your niche

How much are your chances to find a mega-influencer who is a music journalist? Well, not that much. The beauty of working with micro-influencers is that they come with any niche that you desire! From hip hop influencers to emo rock bands.  

4- Easy to find

Well, music is a way of life and a fiery passion! There are countless people out there waiting for an opportunity to build their influencer careers. That makes it easy to find them. How? Keep reading to find out.

5-Long lasting relationship

Micro-influencers tend to hold on to their relationships with brands. So, working with them, you don’t have to be constantly worried about your next influencer.

6- Low-risk investment

If you are not happy with your results with a particular, you can quickly move on to other music influencers on Instagram. As mentioned before, the average price for music influencers is around $200. 

Now that you have a better idea of micro-influencers, you can decide whether you want to use them or partner up with macro or mega-influencers. Let’s move on to the second step. 

Step two: Find music influencers on Instagram

So it’s time to find your influencer! You can take a look at the list that I provided you. But if you aren’t able to find anyone or if you prefer to dig deeper, you can take a look at websites such as Songinfluencer or a more comprehensive one such as Ainfluencer

Step three: Decide how you will work with music influencers

Here comes the most challenging step. After narrowing down your options and negotiating with them, it’s time to decide what type of content you want them to produce for you? It can be a jingle for your brand, a super cool photo of them using your product, or a simple Instagram Story that mentions your page. 

How to Become a Music Influencer On Instagram?

It’s the influencers’ turn! By far, I mostly talked about music influencers on Instagram for brands, but from now on, I’m going to explain how to become a successful music influencer on Instagram. So, here we go:

1- Devote all of your time to the music

If you are a musician, you’re probably passionate and also an expert in music already. But if you don’t have a background in music, you should devote a tremendous amount of time to get to know this popular industry better.

Although it accounts for the most critical music aspect, listening to the songs is not the only way to become an expert in the world of music. You have to develop a habit of engaging in all aspects of music from listening to all types of songs and go to live concerts to hesitate, crossing the street to see music busking. 

For example, if you wish to pursue a career in music journalism, you need to broaden your knowledge by reading loads of music journals and magazines and writing a lot about music.  

2- Design a content strategy

To get sponsors on Instagram as an influencer, the most attractive part of your Instagram must be your content. Because that’s what your sponsors will really pay for. Outstanding content can make a mark difference between you and your competitors. So, don’t overlook the importance of what you publish on Instagram and remember, every post and Story matter. 

To have an Instagram page with creative and attractive content, you can use some, or all of these approaches in the following:  

2.1- Write and talk about music

Like a beauty influencer who examines and leaves comments for the latest beauty products in the market, you can also express your thoughts and feelings about the latest songs and share it with your followers on your Instagram page.  

2.2- Share pictures and videos of musicians

By sharing videos and pictures from singers and tagging them on the post, you use their popularity to gain more followers. Believe it or not, some influencers only publish high-quality content about musicians on Instagram and have thousands of engaged followers.  

If it’s possible, you can even manage interviews with some of the musicians in your area!

2.3- Publish at the right moment

You may have noticed that certain content gets more likes and comments compared to others. Besides the quality of posts and captions, publishing the posts at the best times is an essential factor in designing a content strategy.

The best time to publish Instagram posts depends on many factors and varies from country to country. A useful tool that can assist you to indicate the best times to publish posts is Instagram Insights.

If you’ve already owned an Instagram business account, you are familiar with the term. But for those who don’t, Instagram business accounts enable you to see some handy stats about your page such as saved and shared posts, demographic features, and when you receive the best engagement from your posts.

As you may be busy on those specific days, you might not be able to design images, writing captions, and publishing them at the time. The best alternative for you is using Instagram schedule tools.

2.3.1- AiSchedul: A new approach to manage Instagram accounts

AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool, and as the name indicates, it schedules your future content not only in weeks but also in months ahead. AiSchedul has other stunning features that I’ll tell you about in the following. But for now, let’s take a closer look at its convenient scheduler.

To start using this tool, simply sign up for AiSchedul for free.

When launching your dashboard, you can easily add as many Instagram pages as you wish. Then select one of the accounts and click on “Manage Account.” When you enter your panel, you’ll see the toolbar that consists of “Post & Scheduling” and “Bio Link.” Choose Post & Scheduling and continue by selecting “Schedule.”

As you can see, using AiScheduler, you can plan both Instagram feed and Story posts, an ability that Instagram does not allow its users to experience in the app. Working with this tool is pretty much straightforward, you only have to add your video or image, write an engaging Instagram caption, find and add top Instagram hashtags for likes, and then simply set a time to publish.

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You may have noticed the other options on the toolbar under Post & Scheduling. These items are all designed to give you a better experience using Instagram. For example, if you are a fan of finding trending content on Instagram to regram it on your page, you can either use “Repost” or “Listening & Repost” options. The latter item allows you to add targeted accounts and hashtags to monitor them regularly and easily repost the content if you came across a good one. 

Don’t forget about “Social Calendar.” It’s a unique calendar designed to show you the most important events throughout the year. You can find many music-related events and repost the best content for that particular day.

Stay tuned to see more of AiSchedul for your business in the following. 

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2.4- Make your feed stunning

Finally, to make your profile visitors touch that following button, you need to take care of your page’s aesthetic part. Here’s an example from Thatviolakid Instagram page. Look how he manages to maintain the balance between about three colors:

3- Make the most of Instagram bio

Instagram bio is one of the most important parts of your page as an influencer. You describe yourself and what to do on bio, add external links to it, and add a category label. Optimize this part to have the best Instagram bio to get followers using ways like:

3.1- Be informative and concise

You only have 150 characters to write on your bio. Then better use it in the most creative way to gain your followers’ attention. After all, you want to show them that you are one of the coolest music influencers on Instagram! 

3.2- Add multiple clickable links to your Instagram bio

You read that correctly; it is possible to add multiple clickable external links on your Instagram bio. How? Remember when I told you about other fantastic things that you can do with AiSchedue?

If you see the AiSchedul’s toolbar, you notice a tab called “Bio Link.” This feature will do the magic and turn your bio to a magnet for new followers. To enjoy this feature, click on Bio Link and add as many options and buttons as possible.

For example, you can add the “Contact” button that enables you to get email addresses from Instagram followers, which is great for your Instagram email marketing. Also, most music influencers on Instagram tend to link YouTube to Instagram or their TikTok account at the same time, but they can’t as Instagram won’t allow it. Still, AiSchedul has solved this problem, and now you can connect all of your social media accounts to your Instagram bio. 

When you finish adding your links, click on “Claim this URL” and then tick “Put this link in my Instagram bio.” By doing this, you’ll get a beautiful page like this:

Another great thing about Bio Link is that you can add external links to your post! Make sure you sign up for AiSchedul to start promoting your Instagram page.  

4- Get featured on major Instagram music pages

Getting featured on major pages is the dream of all the music influencers on Instagram. If you try your best, you can be one of those lucky accounts with a chance to be on great music featured accounts. If you want to know how to do this job correctly, read How to get featured on Instagram – 2020 update

For music influencers on Instagram, who also play instruments, an excellent idea is to try getting featured on music instrument brands. Take a video of yourself playing and send it to your instrument’s brand page on Instagram. Here is a list of pages that might get you featured:

1- Yamaha Music Europe

2- Gibson

3- Shure

4- Fender

5- Steinway & Sons

6- Sennheiser

7- Martin Guitar

8- Roland UK

9- Kawai Pianos

10- BeatStars

11- Keys/Piano University

12- Music Studios


When words fail, music speaks. If you are talented in playing music, singing, or knowing the latest trend in the world of music, Instagram can be a great place for you to thrive and make some extra bucks by becoming an influencer. Also, music influencers can make a big difference for brands too. So, don’t lose the opportunity of using more of the music on Instagram!