6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Linktree


Linktree has been around for a couple of years and has driven a lot of attention toward itself.

However, the question that might cross everyone’s mind is, “Is Linktree still the best Bio link for monetization of your passion or products?”

Today we are going to review Linktree and its services from its users’ perspective and introduce a few free and better Linktree alternatives.

Linktree isn’t the perfect choice for your Instagram Bio as Instagram is shadow-banning it on most Instagram accounts.

Do you remember sometime in 2019, Linktree suddenly stopped working? It was literally terrible and ruined a lot of small businesses’ growth and trust. Who knows if it won’t happen again, right?!

So, if you are planning for your business, be careful with the services you choose!

Living a social lifestyle requires us to be active on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, agree?

Nowadays, you can barely find someone who is not active on popular social media platforms. Actually, people try to encourage their followers on a platform to follow them on other networks as well.

There are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, which is quite large. Happily, most people are smart enough to take advantage of such a population and grow their business on Instagram.

Instagram bio is one of the best ways to drive a lot of attention toward your business.

As an Instagram influencer, blogger, artist, etc., with many organic followers, you need to use the best link in bio tool to link everything going into your Instagram account.

What if you are being told Instagram actually has put a proven secret shadowban on Linktree users due to their violation of Instagram terms?

What is Linktree?

Instagram allows its users to only add one link in their Instagram bio. That’s why Instagrammers started using Linktree to create extra buttons and links for their bio.

But here is what happened on the flipside:

Linktree never went through becoming an Instagram partner and enabling the bio link page published via Instagram official APIs.

Also, here is another question you should ask:

Is Linktree the best link-in-bio for all the needs of today’s E-commerce, influencers, payments, monetization of content, etc.? Is it even FREE?

Well, the short answer is NO! Stay tuned to know about Linktree in detail.





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Linktree’s major features are NOT FREE at all. Most features that make your page glow are locked for Premium users, which means you should pay for them!

In other words, using Linktree’s free features, you can have a simple page without anything interesting to grab the visitors’ attention. A few links in the form of buttons.

Here is a full list of features you have to pay to have access to while you could get all of them for free from other apps such as Myurls.bio :

  • Most themes, custom buttons and fonts, styles, custom backgrounds, and animated backgrounds must be paid for
  • Leap Links are not free, as well as
  • Link scheduling, priority links
  • Email/SMS links
  • Google Analytics
  • Analytics on social icons
  • Google/Facebook pixels
  • Collecting emails and SMS of fans or viewers
  • Custom Meta/UTMs

As you see, to get the best out of your bio link, you should pay $6/month to Linktree forever; otherwise, you will lose all you have built all of a sudden if you stop the subscription.

The highest risk most people ignore is that when you build a page and drive all of your traffic to it, then google and search engines recognize your page for the main keywords you use. This is your main asset which will stay for your brand and business forever. However, if you stop paying Linktree for your page (website), let’s say 6 months from now, you will lose your entire digital asset, which is your page ranking, searchability of your page, and all the authority your page has built so far. You should then start over!

Don’t make this mistake!

Free Linktree Features

The free features of Linktree are so limited and listed below:

  • Website links
  • Video links
  • Social media accounts
  • Bio description
  • Themes (Limited)
  • Support

Now you should ask yourself if it really makes sense to pay to drive your own audience to a link while you can do it totally for free?

Here is good news! We will introduce the top free Instagram link in bio tools in the following sections.

Is Linktree Down?

Linktree is still working, but it has faced up many bugs making users disappointed and looking for the best Linktree alternatives.

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We have gathered Linktree users’ reviews and ideas to let you know about its possible downsides.

Linktree Reviews and Alternatives

We have always said that reading a service’s reviews will take you a step ahead of people who don’t care about reading reviews. Clearly, knowing others’ opinions and experiences about a service or product will help you make up your mind whether to use it or not.

Moreover, being familiar with Linktree alternatives, you can easily compare several Instagram bio link tools and choose the best one among them.

Let’s know more about Linktree reviews and alternatives!

Linktree Reviews

We have gathered many Linktree reviews from trusted websites, including Trustpilot, G2, ProductHunt, etc.

Let’s review them all!

Linktree Reviews on G2

There are a few Linktree reviews on G2, and among them, here is the one with the average satisfaction.

“What do you like best?

I like that I can easily move each link around to where I want. I also like that I can have multiple links. One thing that is really useful is having linktree store all my links and never deleting the ones I’m not using anymore. I like that it also gives you a lifetime tracking analysis. seeing how many people click on a particular link even in the free version is very helpful when you’re tracking your business. The pro version gives more options for analytics but you gotta pay for that. Another bonus is that it optimizes my social media which is the main reason for using linktree.

What do you dislike?

Ethically it’s not pleasing. It is super basic and boring. It doesn’t entice me to keep looking through the platform. To get it with any sort of design you have to pay for it and even those don’t look good. It’s very basic. They need to add more to the platform to make it more on brand. The things you might want you have to pay for which is a little downfall but I guess they have to make money somehow. The themes are very juvenile and not business-friendly.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Keep in mind that it is not the best looking, however it is the fastest and quickest way to get your information up and running if you have multiple links to share with your customers. Always just start with the basics and if you find that it works then upgrade to the pro. No sense getting the pro right away and not liking the platform. I would research all different types of platforms that allow you to have multiple links before committing to this platform’s pro version. Also, I would look at other people’s linktree and see how you feel about that and how your customers can possibly feel. I say that because if you have a lot of links then that can be a turn-off for some people. It’s best to have a few links rather than having 20 links. You always want to be specific and where you want your customer to go.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Having all my links such as my lead magnets, website, freebies, and anything else I need to give my customers all in one place. It’s quite useful for that. Also for beginners to being an entrepreneur, this is the best way to start with having one website link where all sources are located. You just plug it in and that’s it. I also love that it makes my customers have one easy link that they can go to for all my options that I’m offering.”

Review of Linktree on TrustPilot

“No sensitive content warning ever

No sensitive content warning ever. I have noticed a bunch of age-sensitive content under the link of Linktree on a couple of Instagram bios. Is someone there to check the shared content?”

“You should always take screen captures…

You should always take screen captures from all the Data and Charts on Linktree! Its Historical Data view is a big lie. Poor users who manage multiple Instagram accounts.”

“It has ruined my IG’s authority

It has ruined my IG’s authority. I lost a lot of new visitors to my website since Linktree redirected my website’s link to nowhere! Damn it!.”

Review of Linktree on ProductHunt

“I cancelled my subscription after I was billed last month but obviously was a server error as it didn’t register their side, so I cancel again after being billed this month and they remove all my benefits but keep my money, support is terrible, they won’t listen to the legal side of things. Just make a landing page using Squarespace etc. Much more beneficial to yourself and more designable.”

Summary of 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Linktree

  1. Instagram shadowbans and hides your page
  2. Linktree is not free
  3. Some Linktree features are down
  4. Alternatives way better than Linktree are available
  5. Many users are not satisfied with Linktree’s functionality
  6. Linktree is not an all in one Instagram or social tool for all today’s digital marketers or social businesses and influencers

3 Linktree Alternatives

Knowing all about Linktree in detail and its downsides, now you may think of its best alternatives to add multiple links in one link, design your favorite landing page, track the number of clicks and get full analytics, and a lot more, that Linktree is not capable of.

And on top of all the useful features, you may look for free service if you are short of budget for your business.

Alternative #1: MyUrls.Bio – FREE forever all features

As a top alternative for Linktree, we suggest MyUrls.bio, which covers all Linktree features plus much more, all for free! Myurls.bio is truly Linktree on steroids.

Myurls.bio Features
  • Unlimited links for Bio
  • Unlimited social buttons
  • Unlimited feed and story linking
  • Unlimited request coupon buttons- smart and automated CTAs
  • Unlimited product tagging to feed posts- Ecommerce
  • Email Me and Pay Me buttons, and many other cool buttons
  • Tracking (Google analytics and Facebook pixel)
  • Custom contest & reward buttons
  • CRM of users who email or engage with your Instagram
  • Unlimited custom themes, custom backgrounds, custom style
  • Deep analytics
  • Email collection from visitors and engagers on your social posts
  • Monetizing videos
  • Monetizing digital products
  • Scheduling Direct for feed, stories, and IGTV and linking to External posts
  • Listening and Reposts
  • Content calendar and Repost suggestions for Instagram
  • Selling products
  • Integrating to major music platforms
  • Collaboration with Influencers to boost your Instagram posts – coming soon
  • SEO/UTMs
  • QR code sharing (QR codes are safe)

Let’s watch the video below to get a quick overview of Myurls.bio

What Factors Prioritize Myurls.bio over Linktree?

Linktree would be the most famous link in bio tool in the market. Still, it doesn’t mean it is the best one out there. In other words, with a simple comparison, we can choose the best Instagram bio tool that works the best.

  • Myurls.bio covers all the Linktree’s Pro features
  • It has much more which makes it incomparable
  • It is free forever
  • 24/7 Support team

If you need something more than a link in bio tool to manage your Instagram account, Myurls.bio’s partner, AiGrow, can assign a dedicated account manager to grow your Instagram organically. Using AiGrow, you will have:

  • Dedicated Instagram account managers
  • Targeted and organic Follow/Unfollow service or growth
  • Hashtag generator tool
  • Giveaway and contest generator
  • Giveaway picker
  • Account monitoring
  • Mass delete posts
  • Automated post deletion


To mention another Linktree alternative, we can name Milkshake. Same as Myurls.bio, it is free forever. However, we should note that since it is only available on Android and iPhone devices, it doesn’t fit you if you prefer to manage everything on a desktop.

Milkshake Features

  • Adding text, images, GIFs, videos, links, and more
  • Changing up the color, font, and logos
  • Tracking and measurement

Tap Bio

It has a “card-based” system which makes it different from other websites. For example, using Tap Bio, you don’t just create one landing page; you create several cards, each of which hosts a different set of links.

Moreover, only the Tap Bio’s Basic plan is free; it only includes the profile card plus one additional card. To use its Silver and Gold plan, you are required to pay 5$ and 12$ per month.

Final Thoughts

Now it is time to get around Instagram’s link in bio limitation and use the best Instagram link in bio tool to create your marketing campaign.

Let’s choose the best Instagram link in bio tool and win the game!

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