Social Media Etiquette: 5 Don’ts of Social Media Automation

social media automation

Social media automation is a double-edged sword. Poor automation can harm the reputation of your brand and even result in the shutdown of your social media channels. On the other hand, it can save you a tremendous amount of time in nearly all aspects of social media and put you ahead of your competitors.

This post will discuss the top five pitfalls to avoid when implementing social media automation into your marketing strategy:

Don’t be Spammy

You should avoid posting similar content close to one another with the same accompanying comment across all social media networks. Your followers will realize this and feel that you are not authentic.

Engagement must be REAL

You can not automate everything. Especially when resolving conflicts, human-to-human engagements with your followers are an essential part of your marketing strategy. Your followers and customers don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a machine

Avoid automatic responses in such situations as someone mentioning your Instagram or Twitter handle. Getting a message one second after mentioning an account can alert people to the use of automation tools, which can harm your brand.

Automation shouldn’t be ALL or NONE

Sharing similar content across all the social media networks is bad for your brand, as different platforms operate under different algorithms. Formatting also needs to be changed across different platforms.

Twitter Phobia

You should not connect your automated Twitter account with other social media profiles. If you are using Twitter, you should post content that keeps your followers entertained as well as engaged.

Don’t One & Done Your Content!

Social media algorithms keep changing. Publishing a post once might not reach your customers.

Make sure you come up with a publishing schedule that has room for reposting old content, especially if you are trying to promote particular products or services. Use tools like Buffer or AiSchedul to easily facilitate this.