Socialbooster Review in 2023 [Unveiling the Truth]

Socialbooster Review

It’s said that Socialbooster can be your go-to social media companion. This tool is intended to increase involvement on several platforms and make managing your accounts easier.

From Instagram to a wide range of other social media networks, their goal is to help you effortlessly attract more followers, likes, views, and shares.

However, the claims of Social Booster raise questions. How well does it deliver on its promise to boost your reach and attract new followers? What is the cost involved, and is it reasonable?

Social Booster reviews can provide useful viewpoints on the service. So, I attempted to completely evaluate Social Booster’s capabilities by examining user experiences, testimonials, and other relevant information.

The purpose was to see if Social Booster could be trusted as an Instagram growth service and a tool for managing other social media accounts while increasing overall engagement.

Bear with us.

What Is Social Booster?

Socialbooster is a social media management tool that offers services to enhance social media accounts. It seems that users in Socailbooster can increase their social media presence and engagement by boosting their follower count, likes on posts, views on videos, etc.


This may be useful for individuals or businesses looking to establish a social media presence. But, do social booster marketing strategies actually work?

However, their website appears to be genuine, but it is unclear whether their services produce the desired results. Furthermore, purchasing artificial social media engagement is a red flag for Instagram and all other social media platforms.

Let’s see how Social Booster works.

How Does Social Booster Work?

On the SocialBooster website, users can select from various options and a wide range of platforms.

Social Booster allows users to purchase followers, likes, and views for social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Telegram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more!.

While Socialboster promises a quick turnaround by buying cheap social media engagement, the potential risks of purchasing social media metrics are inevitable. As you may know, organic engagement and genuine followers are generally considered more valuable in the long run.

Socialbooster Instagram features don’t provide organic growth and it seems that they just use bot services that could harm your social media account.

It’s important to be cautious when considering such services, as using bots can violate the terms of service of social media platforms and lead to negative consequences for your account.

Alternatively, manual growth services offer a more personalized approach. They provide a dedicated account manager who can assist you in growing your social media presence organically. This approach focuses on genuine engagement, targeted audience interaction, and content curation to get real followers and increase your reach.

Social Booster Pricing & Features

Social Booster offers a range of pricing options that vary depending on the social media platform and the specific features you choose. On their website, they claim that their prices are all cheap!

Social Booster Instagram Services

You have the flexibility to customize the speed of the followers, likes, and views delivery, adjust the quality, and select the desired level of engagement for your social media. Simply choose the number you want, and then await their delivery.

For example, Social Booster Instagram services pricing are:

  • 1000 Instagram followers for $30
  • 2000 Instagram likes for $20
  • 2500 Instagram video views for $25
  • 50 Instagram comments for $520

Social Booster Telegram Services, Social Booster Twitter Services, and Socialbooster Threads Services are other features that you can adjust and choose from.

Here again, it’s important to warn you of the potential drawbacks of purchasing social media metrics. These services may involve bots or other questionable tactics that can harm your account’s reputation and violate the terms of service of Instagram.

Let’s see what socialbooster reviews have to say!

Socialbooster Reviews

To find SocialBooster reviews, you can check online review platforms, social media, or forums where users discuss their experiences with different services. We did it for you to make it easier for you. Here are some reviews from various review websites. Reviews on Trustpilot

Some users on Trustpilot have expressed their dissatisfaction with Socialbooster, citing issues such as poor customer support, ineffective growth strategies, and difficulties in canceling their subscriptions.

socialbooster review on Trustpilot

A user has complained about system bugs, followers getting removed, orders taking days to be executed, and poor customer service, these are important concerns that potential users should be aware of.

Socialbooster Review

The second user’s feedback provides a cautionary note about the potential negative consequences of buying followers. They emphasize that purchasing followers violates Instagram’s rules and can harm an account’s credibility. The user suggests opting for legitimate methods that are within Instagram’s guidelines to avoid the risk of suspension or a ban.

The user’s review strongly warns against the service, describing it as a scam and alleging that the people behind it are the same scammers associated with the Alenol scam. The user accuses them of being thieves who gain trust and then engage in fraudulent activities. The emphatic advice given is to stay away, labeling the individual behind the service as a common thief!

Socialbooster Reviews

We’ve found just one or two positive reviews with 5 stars, which seems suspicious. To gather more evidence, let’s check Social Booster reviews on Scamadviser.

Social Booster Reviews on Scamadviser

Social Booster has received a considerable number of reviews on Scamadviser, and the overall sentiment appears to be highly negative. Out of a total of 37 reviews, the average score is a mere 1.7 stars. This indicates a widespread dissatisfaction among users who have shared their experiences with the service.

Socialbooster Review

The nature of these reviews may raise concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of Social Booster, prompting potential users to approach the service with caution.

For a more in-depth understanding of Social Booster’s reputation and the issues highlighted in the reviews, it is advisable to delve deeper into the specifics of the feedback. Analyzing the content of these reviews can provide insights into the common issues faced by users, potentially shedding light on the aspects of the service that may be causing dissatisfaction.

SocialBooster: Pros & Cons

While Social Booster Instagram isn’t the worst service, we hesitate to recommend it for several reasons. Although they promise to enhance engagement and followers, doubts linger about the authenticity and sustainability of the results.


  • Secure Site: SocialBooster operates on a secure site, ensuring your personal and payment information is handled through a safe connection.
  • Visible Pricing: Transparent and upfront pricing allows for informed decisions without hidden fees or surprises.


  • Fake Followers: Social Booster provides ghost followers that don’t engage with your posts, limiting reach and visibility on platforms like Instagram. Consider AiGrow for more reliable and transparent Instagram growth with real engagement.
  • Potential for Fake Engagements: Similar agencies often sell fake likes, comments, and followers. Instead, focus on building real engagement with platforms like AiGrow, offering manual growth and genuine interactions.
  • Violations of Social Media Terms: SocialBooster may breach social media terms of service, risking account suspension. AiGrow aligns with guidelines, employing manual growth techniques and providing dedicated account managers to ensure compliance.
  • Account Suspension Risk: Using automation tools like SocialBooster can lead to account suspension due to exceeding daily limits. AiGrow respects Instagram’s limits, maintaining a healthy and sustainable growth strategy without risking negative consequences.
  • Lack of Information: Limited information about Social Booster makes it challenging to compare with similar services, hindering users from making informed decisions.
  • Poor Customer Service: Socialbooster lacks high-level customer service, causing dissatisfaction. AiGrow, however, stands out with exceptional customer support and dedicated account managers to assist users promptly and efficiently.

With all of these disadvantages, you should look for a better alternative. But, what is the best replacement for this service?

Socialbooster Alternative; How To Find the Best?

When searching for an alternative to Socialbooster, finding a service that offers genuine and honest engagement is crucial, as the Socialbooster agency may rely on bots which come with various drawbacks.

On the other hand, AiGrow provides a refreshing solution by offering authentic and organic growth strategies, ensuring that users receive high-quality service and real engagement for their social media accounts. With AiGrow, you can trust that a reliable and transparent platform handles your growth.

With a wide range of growth services, AiGrow utilizes manual activities to help you achieve your goals.

What Are The Best Advantages of AiGrow Over Socialbooster?

One of the standout features of AiGrow is its organic growth strategies. Unlike other platforms that rely on bots or fake engagement, AiGrow focuses on genuine and authentic growth.

By targeting real users who are genuinely interested in your content, AiGrow ensures that your followers are increasing in numbers and actively engaging with your posts.

In addition to its organic growth strategies, AiGrow offers powerful plans to enhance your Instagram presence.

With AiGrow, you can trust that your Instagram growth is in good hands. Experience a service that prioritizes genuine engagement to help you succeed on Instagram.

AiGrow Features

AiGrow offers features such as content creation, hashtag research, and competitor analysis, allowing you to optimize your Instagram strategy and maximize your reach.

With a 14-day money-back guarantee and the flexibility to cancel anytime, you can try it risk-free.

AiGrow provides a range of outstanding features, such as:

  • A dedicated growth team
  • Live strategy and onboarding sessions
  • Genuine followers through targeting options like hashtags, competitors, locations, and gender
  • Comprehensive analytical reports
  • Scorecard and growth hacks
  • Premium direct message marketing
  • High-quality Instagram scheduling
  • Advanced influencer/brand promotion tools
  • Advanced content creation capabilities
  • Ghost follower removal feature

AiGrow’s Content Creation Plans offer a comprehensive solution for your Instagram content needs. With professionally designed content templates for your feed and stories, you can create visually stunning posts that captivate your audience.


In conclusion, after reviewing Socialbooster, we have concerns regarding their use of bots, which can harm your page. Bots often result in inauthentic engagement and can potentially violate platform guidelines, negatively affecting your online presence.

Instead, we recommend considering AiGrow for manual growth and a dedicated account manager. AiGrow offers a more personalized approach to Instagram growth, ensuring genuine engagement and organic followers. With AiGrow, you can rest assured that your page will grow sustainably and authentically, helping you achieve your social media goals effectively.


Q1. Is Socialbooster Customer Support Reliable?

Based on user reviews and feedback, Socialbooster’s customer support has been reported as poor and lacking in responsiveness. Users have expressed frustration with the lack of assistance and difficulty resolving issues.

Q2. Does Social Booster Work With Snapchat?

Yes, Social Booster does work with Snapchat. The service provides followers and SnapScore for Snapchat users, offering assistance in enhancing their presence on the platform.

Q3. Is Social Booster Safe?

The safety of Social Booster can be subjective and context-dependent. While the service may offer features like follower growth and engagement, it’s crucial to consider the potential risks and terms of service. Some users have reported issues such as account credibility concerns, follower removals, and delays in order execution.