13 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers

13 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers

No notification cheers one up on Twitter like a new follower. But despite feeling cheered up because of getting more Twitter followers, nothing would be more nerve-racking than seeing your follower numbers stuck, as you’re making interactions in the pattern that the Twitter algorithm expects. For the mentioned situation, nothing could be more to blame than your Twitter bio.

Consider how much your first impression impacts how you are treated and viewed in the future. Then apply it to your online social interactions. Once someone reaches your profile, the first thing to notice will be your bio. Your bio creates a mental image of you in the minds of your viewers, and it might convince them to follow you or ignore you. Turning a blind eye on your bio or filling it blindly out may end up repelling potential followers on the platform and keeps your Twitter growth stuck.

In general, users use bios to portray their personas and inform their audiences who they are, their business mission, and how amazing they are. The challenging point differentiating Twitter bio from other social media platforms is 160-character-constraint, making it even harder to pick your words and encapsulate all the topics mentioned. Now let’s dive in and discover 13 Twitter bio ideas and examples you can use right now.

13 Twitter Bio Ideas to Stand Out Among the Crowd

We’ve created a list of tips, strategies, and examples below to help you make the best use of your bio and not let the slippery followers go off your profile without hitting the follow button. Let’s take a look at them.

Twitter Bio Idea #1: Showcase your Personality

Adding a scope of your personal touch to your Twitter bio helps you look more authentic. Getting engaged in a part of your personal life that you share is a good temptation for your viewers to not leave your page without following. So don’t be shy — go for it! In your bio, mention any hobbies, interests, or beliefs you have.

Showcase personal details in your Twitter bio.
Showcase personal details in your Twitter bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #2: Use the Right Keywords

Precious few words that you employ in your bio get analyzed by search engines like Google and Bing. So, it’s essential to take advantage of relevant industry-targeted keywords to rank higher than your counterparts.

Using relevant keywords in your Twitter bio.
Use relevant keywords in your Twitter bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #3: Bold your Achievements

Achievements are an essential part of who you are and what you’ve spent your life on. Then do not think of yourself as a braggart and mention your accomplishment as great social proves for the audience to check it out on their own. Remember that bragging can be a mixed blessing. So, avoid overdoing it.

Add social proof to your Twitter bio.
Add social proof to your Twitter bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #4: Express a Sense of Humor

Fostering rapport, increasing your likability, building trust, being memorable, and standing out among a crowd are only a few perks of being humorous. Furthermore, as Jack Dorsey stated, Twitter was designed with character constraints to resonate with comedy. No worries; play your best at crafting humor in your bio.

Express a sense of humor.
Express a sense of humor.

Twitter Bio Idea #5: Hashtag Wisely

Hashtags are double-edged swords on Twitter. Overstuffing your bio with irrelevant hashtags will make you look spammy. In contrast, using 1-2 of them for a brand or campaign will increase searchability.

Include wise hashtags in your Twitter bio.
Include wise hashtags in your bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #6: Link your Multiple Accounts

If your brand makes a presence on Twitter with more than one account (parent company, subsidiary, customer service), include their directories in your bio. This is how you can guarantee you’ll provide the person seeking something in your profile with what they’re looking for. You can even take one step further and link all your social media accounts together. For instance, if you have an active presence on another social platform (Instagram, for example), you can connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts together.

Link all your Twitter accounts.
Link all your Twitter accounts.

Twitter Bio Idea #7: Use Emojis

Since Twitter clips your wings with the 160-character-constraints, you can use emojis alongside the words to help illustrate your point and throw in a bit of color to your profile.

Use emojis in your Twitter bio.
Use emojis in your bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #8: End with a Call-to-Action

Learn more, Join us, Subscribe here, Install, Follow, Sign up, etc. Notice the impact of a good CTA in increasing the engagement rate and leverage them in your Twitter bio.

The use of a proper CTA in The Economist's Twitter bio.
The use of a proper CTA in The Economist’s bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #9: Link your Location

Whether you’re a big company, or a small shop, having a base location on your bio shows your authenticity and builds trust for your followers. If there’s no physical place that your customers can turn to, don’t miss mentioning the city within which you’re running your business.

Add a location to your Twitter bio.
Add a location to your bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #10: Add your Landing Page Link in Your Bio

Nearly every business account on Twitter is coupled with a website link that can drive considerable traffic from the target audience who click on it. If you’re going to add a link in your bio, use a URL shortener to save space, and look neat. Bitly do it for you professionally for free.

Add links to your bio.
Add links to your bio.

Twitter Bio Idea #10: Promote your Products

If you own a digital product like a podcast or a YouTube channel, or a physical product like a book or a movie on the screen, the Twitter community is the best place to promote that. This can even pave your way to make money on Twitter. The digital tribe of like-minded people amplifies the effect of marketing on Twitter thanks to its ripple-effect-like algorithm.

Product promotion example.
Product promotion example.

Twitter Bio Idea #11: Show the Human Side of your Brand

People show more understanding and engagement when they discover a human element in your account. If you’re in charge of a company’s Twitter account, the persona you create for your brand plays a vital role in the amount of impression you receive. To start, begin your bio with greetings and speak from the first/4th person perspective.

Be personable.
Be personable.

Twitter Bio Idea #13: Keep it Short, Concise, and To-the-Point

The age of using buzzwords to catch eyeballs on you is gone. Don’t squander any of your 160 characters on jargon like “marketing guru,” “hustler,” “lean entrepreneur,” and similar terms. Life is faster, and competition is closer today. Everyone is fighting over 5 seconds of users’ attention. So, be sure to stay concise and correct to the point.

Managing your profile is an integral part of your personal brand. Your bio is going to be read more often than your Tweets. But don’t rush! Take your time and space to test different words and sentences. Analyze the outcome and figure out what’s more effective. Then you can refresh your bio more intellectually.

Over to You

As you saw, there are lots of excellent ideas you can use to write a perfect Twitter bio and stand out among the crowd. Your bio on Twitter is the first section users see when they land on your profile. So it’s indeed critical to spend enough time and come up with a perfectly curated text for it. Make sure to brainstorm yourself, then mix your ideas with the ones we provided to get the best result.

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