How to Find and Use Hashtags for Followers on Instagram (3 Ways)

You own and operate a motivational lifestyle Instagram channel. You want to gain enough of an engaged following to become an influencer in your industry and gain the attention of big brands. You have your posts scheduled two weeks in advance and you know the best times to post on each day. What you haven’t researched, however, are hashtags. When you do include them in your posts, they are simply words or phrases that you personally think are relevant to your channel. In a world where hashtags are your main form of distribution, as explained in our guide 62 Proven Ways to Grow Your Followers on Instagram in 2018, effectively finding and using hashtags for followers is a necessity.

Fortunately, researching and incorporating the right hashtags into your Instagram strategy takes very little time. You don’t even need any 3rd party tools (although you can certainly use them) – Instagram provides everything you need.

Below are 3 simple ways to find and use hashtags for followers on Instagram:

To find popular hashtags being used in your industry, all you truly need is the search function on Instagram.

As illustrated in the photo below, you can simply go to the Instagram app on your phone, search for a keyword related to your industry, choose a relevant hashtag, and then note any related hashtags with large followings.

As for which hashtags to choose, your selection should contain a mixture of popular and more niche hashtags. If you choose all super popular hashtags, you risk your content being drowned out. If you select all niche hashtags, you risk not reaching enough people. With a mixture of both, you can rest assured knowing that your content is reaching an effective number of people who you know are interested in your type of content and thus likely to convert to engaged followers.

So that’s the easiest way to locate and implement popular and relevant hashtags into your content. Below are some tools to make your life even easier:


Hashtagify is a (mostly) free website that allows you to track specified hashtags over time. It can provide such information as overall popularity, weekly and monthly trends, top influencers using your hashtag, where in the world your hashtag is being most used, and other popular hashtags related to your specified hashtag. You can also choose between Instagram and Twitter to see the overall popularity of your hashtag.

What Hashtagify allows you to do that Instagram doesn’t is understand which hashtags are trending and/or breaking out. This makes the process of staying on top of current trends much easier.

using hashtagify to find popular hashtags


AiGrow is a smart growth automation tool for Instagram and can attract real followers to your channel based on hashtag-use, location, and competitor connection.

get followers with AiGrow
With AiGrow, you can target users by hashtag-use, location, and connection to competitors.

Choose which hashtags you think likely-followers would use (using the processes described above), where you would like your followers to be from (important if you are a business trying to target customers from a specific location, for example), and any channels who’s followers you think would also be interested in your content.

After you’ve set up your account, simply hit “Start Growth”, and AiGrow will begin automatically liking, following, commenting on, and even direct messaging (using comments and direct messages that you’ve created and allowed) any channels that apply to your instructions. These actions will attract people back to your channel who fit your target audience and who are much more likely to convert to engaged followers than someone who happens to stumble across your channel.

So there you have it! Three simple ways to find and use Instagram hashtags for followers.

Have a story of effectively using hashtags to grow an engaged following? How’d you do it? Please share in the comments in below!

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