Easily Connect Instagram DMs to your Email with this Free Tool

Easily Connect Instagram DMs to your Email with this Free Tool

Have you ever thought of getting an email notification when you receive an Instagram DM? What about sending and receiving your Instagram DMs in your Email inbox? Well, we are here to introduce a new feature; called DM to Email.

Only being able to craft, send, and receive Instagram DMs on your smartphone and within the Instagram app may not seem like an inconvenience to the average Instagram user, but if you’re a larger channel sending and receiving hundreds of DMs every day, you need a more professional tool to better manage your DMs.

Here we are going to tell you everything about how to connect your DMs to your Email of choice and enjoy the benefits.

Use this Free Tool to Manage your Instagram DMs from your Email Inbox

AiGrow is a great tool for Instagram Marketing, or let’s call in the best  All-In-One Instagram marketing tool. It helps you schedule and publish your Instagram posts and stories from any devices, send and receive DMs on your PC/Mac and even automate them, X10 your engagement numbers and many other cool features you can use to manage your Instagram account easily and more effectively. Among the features, today we are going to focus on how you can connect your Instagram direct messages to your email of choice (Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email providers) and enjoy managing DMs from your email inbox.

AiGrow - Instagram marketing tool

With AiGrow you can:

Get an Email Notification each Time You Receive a DM

Connect your Email to your Instagram messages and never miss a DM anymore. You can add several IGs to your dashboard and connect each of them to an email address. Then you will be notified with an email each time you get a message in your Direct.

(How? In 3 easy steps)

Send and Receive Instagram DMs in your Email Inbox

Not enough to get a notification? Well, that’s not all. You can even get or send your DMs from your Email. Each time you receive a DM, you’ll get an email with the same content of your DM. you can easily respond from there, or mark as unread to respond later. You can add any tags or labels, the same as what you do with your emails.

(how to set it up in 2 minutes)

Sort and filter DMs, the same as your Emails

Another advantage of getting DMs in your email is that you can easily sort and filter your DMs, the same as your emails. (the option is not available even on the Instagram app). You can even create folders for your Instagram DMs and organize them even better than the original app. (setup guide)

Add Attachments to your DMs, with the Ease of your Emails

And here’s the surprise! You can also add any attachments including images, videos, links, and URLs to your Instagram DM from the interface of your email. Upload photos and videos from your laptop (or any other devices) and send them directly to your Instagram.

Here’s how to set it up:

How to Use AiGrow to connect DMs to your email:

  • Create a free account here
  • On your dashboard, login to your Instagram. (you can add several accounts and enjoy managing them at a time)
  • Click on Manage Account for your IG.
  • Find the DM to Email tab and add your email of choice.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Enjoy!

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