Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Here’s a Lifelong Solution

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Winning the game of getting more visibility on Instagram and turning followers into customers is getting harder day by day. In this respect, Instagram marketers are recruiting the latest strategies to at least appear in the list of top brand accounts. One of the key strategies that help you get more views, likes, and followers on Instagram is using hashtags. According to a study, adding at least 1 hashtag to your posts skyrockets your engagement rate by 12.6% which is great. But what if you find Instagram hashtags not working? 

In the following, first, I’ll help you figure out why your Instagram hashtags are not working. Then, I’ll guide you on fixing the problem and finally, I’ll share a lifelong solution to fix literally any errors and glitches you face on Instagram. So, stay tuned. 

Why Are Instagram Hashtags Not Working Today?

Like most other Instagram errors that users experience, hashtags may not work because of some basic problems such as: 

  • Poor internet connection, 
  • Full mobile cache, 
  • Using an outdated version of the Instagram app,
  • Reconstructions and updates on the Instagram app

Or it may happen because you did something wrong on Instagram and you are temporarily blocked from adding hashtags to your posts. Usually, this happens because you use banned Instagram hashtags, add too many hashtags during a short period of time, or exceeded other daily limits on Instagram

No matter what is the exact reason for this frustrating experience, in the following, I help you solve the problem and fix Instagram hashtags not working. So, keep reading! 🙂

How to Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working?

Basically, the “Instagram hashtags not working” error can be solved following one of the solutions below:

#1 Check The Basics to Fix Hashtags Not Working

The very first solution you must try to troubleshoot the issue is to do the basics. On Instagram, these basic steps include: 

  • Checking your internet connection and switching between data and wi-fi to get a secure connection, 
  • Clearing your phone and/or the Instagram app’s cache, 
  • Uninstalling and re-installing the Instagram app,
  • Checking for updates, 
  • And finally, logging into your Instagram account from another device to make sure that you are not shadowbanned. 

Usually, after taking these steps, you resolve the solution and you’ll be able to add hashtags. But if it’s still bothering you, jump right into the next solution.

#2 Use an Instagram Hashtag Research Tool

Trying a trusted third-party app can always be an option in solving Instagram errors; however, finding a safe and secure app would be time-consuming, especially with the thousands of results appearing on Google pages. But no worries! Here is the best Instagram hashtag research tool to use: AiGrow

Using this Instagram management tool that also offers a scheduler, you have the chance to search for hashtags, choose the one that you want, and add multiple hashtags all at once to your posts. Additionally, all these tasks can be done on a PC, mobile, or tablet. So, wherever you are, you can manage your Instagram hashtags and solve the problem with hashtags not working. 

To know how this amazing tool works, take a look at the following video:

#3 Prevent Exceeding Instagram Hashtag Limits

Yes! There’s a hashtag limit on Instagram and one of the frequent reasons for not being able to use hashtags is the hashtag limit. Actually, on each post you share on Instagram, you can add up to 30 accounts. But it is highly recommended to add at most 10-11 hashtags to avoid being spammy. 

Apart from this, if you are one of those users who share 2-3 posts on a regular basis and add hashtags on all of them, you may get shadowbanned by Instagram because you are using lots of hashtags every day and Instagram may identify you as a spam account. 

So, to prevent exceeding these hashtags, just add up to 10 hashtags to your posts and preferably, hide your hashtags

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#4 Avoid Using Banned Hashtags

Another reason for hashtags not working is that you have used or are already trying to use banned hashtags. Unfortunately, Instagram identifies the most popular hashtags as spam sometimes and hence bans people from using them. So, to solve the issue, I suggest you read the complete list of banned Instagram hashtags frequently and make sure not to use them.

#5 Hire an Account Manager to Solve Instagram Glitches Forever

Finally, yet importantly, if you want a lifelong solution for all types of errors you face on Instagram, I suggest you hire an account manager. But why? 

Well, hashtags not working is not the only error that people report on Instagram. There are also more frustrating issues such as: 

And thousand of similar ones.  So, finding a single solution for all these issues rather than searching for a temporary solution for each problem would be time-consuming.

Hopefully, AiGrow has a team of professional experts for this purpose. Using this service, your account manager always keeps track of your actions, and as soon as you face an error, they will fix it automatically, even before you notice. So, I highly recommend you to purchase a plan for this purpose and not only solve these issues but also grow on Instagram organically. 

Over to You

To sum it up, it’s up to you! You can choose to solve hashtags not working issue following one of the mentioned solutions. Or simply hire an account manager to take care of all aspects of your account. So, review the solutions carefully and choose the best solution.

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