A Simple Guide for Beginners to Repost Reels on Instagram in 2023

Guide for Beginners to Repost Reels on Instagram

Instagram is the most famous social media platform that people use globally. The platform has 2+ billion active and engaged users. Research shows that users use Instagram for more than 11 hours every month. Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms for people from all walks of life. Commoners, famous figures, and many big brands are all on Instagram.

Instagram benefits users in numerous ways. It helps users to keep themselves entertained, learn and earn. In recent times, the trend many people on Instagram follow is reposting a reel and making the best use of it.

Reposting reels also make your account look diverse and serves as a rich source of information. Users post videos on social media platforms and leverage Trollishly to boost the visibility of their posts. This way, they boost their online presence on Instagram. Gaining fame and popularity on Instagram helps win the trust of your audience.

Advantages of Reposting Reels on Instagram

Creating engaging content that appeals to your audience consumes a lot of time. It requires you to script the content for your reels, use props to shoot your videos, and requires you to edit your Instagram posts to make them stand out. Other significant advantages include the following:

Makes Your Account Look Diverse

Mixing your content with the other creators’ content in your niche adds to the assortment of content in your account. As a result, it can depict your account as a goldmine of rich and valuable information.

Reposting Increases Convenience

Reposting content on Instagram is a very convenient option as it saves a lot of time and effort. You can repost other creators’ content on Instagram, adding your own twist. However, ensure to give credit to the original content creator.

Enhances Engagement

Reposting the work of other creators that strikes a chord with your audience increases engagement. In addition, adding value to your audience in ways known to you will likely benefit them and win their loyalty. TikTok users also buy Instagram views to get more audience attention and engage them tremendously. Increased content noticeability drives engagement.

Aids in Establishing a Supportive Community

Reposting other creators’ content on Instagram shows your admiration and support for their work. Promoting the creation of your fellow content creators will make them want to return the favor as well. They will feel encouraged to promote your work and contribute to the growth of your Instagram account.

4 Effective Ways to Repost a Reel on Instagram

Instagram allows you to repost reels in your stories, share the link of other creators’ content with people you wish, and you can also upload your client’s reel. Some of the other workable strategies you can utilize to repost your reels are as follows:

1. Find and Share Valuable Reels

To find and repost reels useful for your audience, go to the reels section on IG. In addition, you can discover relatable content using the search bar by simply entering a relevant keyword or hashtag. Once you find any content to be share-worthy, consider reposting them, and ensure to credit the original video creator.

2. Reels Can Be Reposted as Stories

One of the best ways you can use the reels of others is by publishing them in your Instagram stories. To repost a reel on your account, tap on the “add reel to your story” pop-up menu displays. You can also use the Instagram story editor to add your touch to the content you wish to republish. The story editor allows you to tag other users’ accounts, add text, create polls, and attach links.

Repost Reels on Instagram
Repost Reels on Instagram

3. You Can Remix Reels

You can incorporate parts of other creators’ reels that align with the context of your content. This technique helps retain originality and makes the content unique and entertaining. Remixing reels aids in highlighting valuable information, reacting to another user’s content, and collaborating with other creators.

You can also utilize Trollishly to make your super creative videos go viral on Instagram. Viral videos get maximum reach on Instagram.

4. Screen Record Other’s Reels and Publish Them

Instagram does not allow you to save other creators’ content on your device. Hence, you can screen-record the reels of other creators or screenshot their posts and publish them in your news feeds and stories. Again, remember to give credit to the original creator. Failing to credit the other creator will offend them and affect the credibility of your account.

Best Practices to Consider Before Reposting a Reel

Some of the best practices you can consider to spice up your efforts when reposting are as follows:

1. Strictly Adhere to a Reposting Policy

Frame a reposting policy and strictly follow the guidelines to avoid getting into ethical issues. When you repost another creator’s content, consider seeking his permission and always remember to credit the real creator. If you wish to tweak or alter the other creator’s work, kindly inform them. Doing so helps prevent you from violating copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

2. Clip Irrelevant Parts of the Content

While reposting the reels of another user, consider shortening or trimming the irrelevant parts. Retain scenes that are highly relevant and engaging. Adopting this approach will help sustain your audience’s attention and allow them to engage with the content better.

3. Take Inspiration From Other Reels

While using other creators’ reels, always add a personal twist using your creativity and imagination. As it helps the content look genuine and original.

4. Repost on Instagram Stories and Reels

Reposting the post of another creator on your stories and reels helps you yield maximum engagement from your audience. Because users get to view two different forms of content and one might appeal to them based on their preference.

Final Thoughts

Reposting the content of other creators assists your audience in finding a new and diverse variety of content in your account. Adding more variety and uniqueness to your account sets your profile apart from your competitors and attracts new followers. Using another creator’s content will help you build good relationships with them and they too will engage with your content and return the favor.

Ensure to follow the best practices for reposting and always credit the original content creator to avoid getting into copyright infringement. Hence, republish another creator’s work sensibly to achieve the best outcomes.


1) Why Repost Another Creator’s Content on Instagram?

Reposting another creator’s content is one of the effective ways to curate and post high-quality content for your users. It is a practice carried out to provide a rich source of information to your audience. Republishing content benefits the original creator in getting more reach and engagement. However, while using another creator’s work, ensure to credit them.

2) How Do I Repost Another Creator’s Post on Instagram Stories?

First, choose the Instagram post you want to repost on your stories. Just below the post, you will find a paper airplane symbol; select the “add post to your story” option. The content you want to repost will be displayed in the regular story window, which you can now choose to edit. Next, select where you want your post to be shown and hit the send button.

3) How Do I Share the Reposted Content From My Stories to My Feed?

If you feel the content you posted in your stories is worthy enough to appear in your feed, open the story you wish to publish. It can be your existing story or something from your archive. Now select the “share as post” option. It will take you to a place on the screen where you can publish a new post.

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