8 SMM Techniques That Won’t Annoy Your Audience

Keep your audience satisfied with these proven SMM techniques.

Marketing has become so ubiquitous that many people would rather render it annoying than useful. This annoyance is only growing with the expansion of SMM techniques and their persistence. People feel as if they are constantly targeted, and they aren’t wrong about that.

You’ll have to deal with this problem to keep your audience intact and acquire new customers as a business. How is it possible if you are unable to impact the SMM algorithms? Easy. It would be best to choose techniques that don’t make potential clients annoyed or are not so bothersome.

It’s a well-known fact that most businesses use SMM a lot to find their new clients. In this article, we’ll share tricks on keeping the audience engaged while giving them some space.

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Just like cloud phone systems, these tools are relatively new, but they are going to be implemented at a faster pace now. People love having more options for connecting with the business, and bots are one of the most popular options. Many users don’t want to make a direct call if they have a simple issue to ask. This is when a chatbot can be of help.

Chatbots can be easily integrated into literally any platform now. You don’t have to code. These tools are already developed and can be easily programmed to serve your business needs. At the same time, they will provide your clients with the freedom of choice when it comes to interaction.

Customized Experience

Social media marketing lets business owners personalize experiences for their customers. Except for chatbots that also help in customization, you can add links to messengers. This will enable clients to get personalized help which is likely to end up in the increased sales. In addition, SMM-facilitated communication often helps in strengthening bonds between clients and businesses.

Content Marketing Strategy

A great content marketing strategy largely facilitates your planning. At the same time, you ensure that your followership sees the content you intend to show them exactly when you want them to see it.

In SMM, timing really matters. If posts appear too often or, on the contrary, less frequently than it’s expected, your viewers may get annoyed. Having a great content marketing strategy definitely helps in solving this out.

Community Creation

The best thing about social media is creating a community around the business, product, or service. This technique usually doesn’t annoy customers unless it’s not too intrusive.

However, for the business, it usually means a source of true feedback, objective opinions, and ideas on further improvement. For clients and guests, such communities serve as platforms that help make purchasing decisions and express their experiences of using certain products and services.

Influencer Marketing

People don’t get angry if it’s their favorite blogger who advertises certain goods. That’s why having brand advocates is usually so rewarding for business.

When ordinary targeting doesn’t work or makes people irritated, influencer marketing helps out. So, if you need to market a new product and want it to be a 100% success, invest in influencer marketing, and it will definitely pay off. 

However, be cautious when it comes to selecting brand advocates. You need to be sure that your choice fits the audience you want to target. Otherwise, don’t blame anyone.

Diverse Content

Social media users get bored of the same content being posted over and over again. They look for interesting details, interactive approaches, and creativity in everything.

That’s why the success of your SMM really depends on your being able to entertain and educate your audience. Invest in content creation and make it as diverse as possible. Innovation and creativity never get anyone bored.

Cross-Channel Campaigns

You can run cross-channel campaigns to further engage your customers and unite them across all your social media channels. However, there is a golden middle here, too.

Start with making sure that you have a few channels that are relevant to your goal. For example, if you’re an eCommerce business, you can start with Instagram, then continue with SMS marketing, as many people prefer getting notified with a simple text message. “It’s wrong to create a new profile on every social media channel. Define those that fit your audience best and proceed with them. It’s wrong to create a new profile on every social media channel. Define those that fit your audience best and proceed with them.

Then, try to engage your customers with an interesting story or specific activity so that they would be interested in following your cross-channel campaigns. If you are successful, you’ll grow your followership without getting people annoyed.

Going Live

People love to put a face to businesses. Hence, going live to tell your story might be a good idea. Such things never bore loyal customers who look for an opportunity to know more about people who try to solve their problems by developing interesting products and services.

You may apply a storytelling approach and engage with the audience by educating them or answering their questions. Live streams are a great opportunity to know your customer and grow your followership without making too much effort.


The eight strategies discussed above can really boost your performance without making your followers annoyed or angry. So go ahead and try them one by one, and you’ll see how well each of these SMM strategies pays off. Also, one thing to keep in mind about social media marketing or SMM is that you need great content to really make it pay off. To get engaging content, you can rely on writing services to get what you need.

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