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Instagram marketing is the way of the future as long as you are using it right. Getting more followers and streamlining the user experience ensures you are getting the most out of the platform.


People like to win and when you give them a chance to do so, they often follow you in return. Consider something simple like a photo contest to get started.


AiGrow is an easy-to-use app that allows you to grow your follows in an automated way. This means that it is constantly working to help you increase your followers.


You want people to follow and engage with you, so get things started. Check out other accounts in a niche similar to yours and make your presence known by following them and commenting.


Connect your Instagram to other social media profiles and websites by taking advantage of widgets. Putting these into place is as easy as copying and pasting the right code.

Post at the Right Time

There are certain times to post on Instagram that will get you the most attention. Research shows that these times of the day include 5:00pm and 2:00am.


You can tag other users in your posts. Just make sure that the tags are relevant or something that will be interesting to those you tag.


This is something people often forget about or they think it is only relevant on Twitter. However, people also use these on Instagram to find content that most interests them.


Analytics and tracking show that certain days of the week are better than others for posting. Sundays get you the most image visibility since it sees the fewest new posts.


Ask your followers what they want to see and actually take their advice to heart. They will feel valued and you can collect important information.


Create photo captions that encourage engagement. For example, make a bold statement or ask a question that is relevant to the photo.

Make sure to take advantage of as many of these are you can. All of these tools and methods help you to grow your following and they add convenience to your Instagram experience.