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How to Add Music to Instagram Post in 3 Easy Steps

June 9, 2021

 Music is an excellent medium to cheer your audience up! It makes people calm, energetic, and even more creative. Therefore, adding music to Instagram videos is a great way to pep up your posts and get your followers engaged. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about adding music to Instagram Story and discussing sharing Spotify songs on IG Story. However, unlike Stories, there is no in-app music feature available for Instagram posts. So now, the real issue for most of you is ‘how to add music to Instagram post.’

If you want to add an incredible song to your new Instagram post, you’ll need to use a third-party app before publishing. Here, you will find out about the apps you can use to put music on Instagram posts. 

Let’s dive in.

How to Add Music to An Instagram Post

Adding music to Instagram posts will draw attention to your feed and increase engagement rate. In addition, it will make your post more engaging and helps you stand out in the crowd.

If you desire to add a song to a post and upload it on Instagram, you must edit your video in advance. Then, you can quickly post a video with music on Instagram. In the following, I’ll share some apps with you to help you add music to Instagram photos and videos. 

#1 VideoSound

VideoSound is an app for iOS devices that allows you to add songs from your iTunes library and blend them with the clip’s original sound. Besides, you can add music to Instagram photos using this app while creating slideshows with music containing more than ten photos.

It costs $0,99, and the features it offers make it an ideal solution for iPhone owners who want to add copyrighted music on IG posts.


#2 Videoshop

Videoshop is a free video editor compatible with iOS and Android OS. Indeed, it is a reliable choice for all Instagram marketers and videographers. For instance, iPhone users can add songs to the videos from their iPod library and edit them with the Videoshop app. Moreover, Android and iPhone users can practice using this app to add sound effects to their Instagram videos.

Videoshop provides you with various video editing tools to equip you to do anything you want with your videos. You can polish your videos after adding music to them.


#3 Lomotif: Add Music to Instagram Video Post Easily

If you crave to add music to Instagram video posts, you need to utilize 3rd-party apps. So, let’s see how to add music to IG video posts. But before that, you need to study the best video settings for Instagram.

Lomotif is a user-friendly app that adds music to your Instagram video posts. It looks like Instagram’s Story feature. Its Scratch Editor is a Boomerang-like feature that allows you to add music to a video, then upload and share it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, you can post your long videos on IG Story, feed, & IGTV.

How to add music to Instagram video post utilizing Lomotif

  • Install the Lomotif app and hold ‘+’
  • Select ‘Library’ to choose the video clip from your device. You can also pick multiple videos and photos.
  • Tap on tick’ from the top-right corner
  • Choose the background music for your video
  • Pick the ‘My Music’ tab to add music from your phone
  • Add required filters and set the music timing if needed
  • Hit the ‘save’ button on the top right corner.
  • Also, it quickly lets you add music to filters, text, and emojis

After adding music to your video, it’s time to share it on Instagram. 


How to Share Posts with Music on Instagram Using AiSchedul

AiSchedul is an excellent Instagram management tool for Instagrammers to manage their account effectively. This IG-friendly platform completes the tasks according to the Instagram terms of use to boost followers. Using AiSchedul, you will get a 7-day free trial and gain comments and likes promoting your credibility instantly. 

This app focuses on scheduling your posts and publishing them at the right time by a dedicated Instagram account manager. In addition, this app will manually add music to your Instagram stories and check if your Instagram music is not working.

Above all, it helps you loop a video for Instagram and grow followers organically.

Therefore, to cash in on your free trial, you need to:

  • Sign up for free
  • Add your Instagram account(s).
  • Pick ‘POSTS & SCHEDULING’ and ‘SCHEDULER’ tabs.
  • Select the ‘Schedule’ button.

AiSchedul Platform

  • Select ‘feed’ or ‘IGTV.’
  • Drag and drop your photo or video.

Drag and drop your files in the content box and it is done!

  • Now, write a caption, and add hashtags.
  • Besides, you can select ‘Post on stories as well’ to upload them as your story.

Post Your Video

  • Instantly, post your photo or video.

You will immediately get more views on Instagram videos which will lead to increasing your outreach. 


To grow your business on Instagram, you need to be more creative and innovative. Many video editing apps and tools available on the market allow you to add music to your pictures and videos. Then, you can upload them to your Instagram feed.

Neda Sharifi

Marketing team member at “Watch Them Live.” Foreign commercial manager, language teacher. Seek for empowerment to create my own dwellings. My passion is learning languages, painting, fashion and technology. Morality, Environment and Equality are my concern.

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