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Categories: Analytics

Where To Find Analytics For Instagram Followers

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When you are using Instagram right, you can do a lot to enhance your brand. However, the only way to know if you are meeting your goals is to use analytics. When you use the social media platform right, it ensures optimal brand exposure and customer engagement. Read on to find out about AiGrow’s tips to find Analytics for Instagram Followers.

Get Follower Demographics

Knowing who your followers are and where they come from is important, especially if you are a business with a specific target audience. Look at the cities people are from and this is on a global level. You will also get to see different genders and age ranges. This makes it a bit simpler to determine your target audience.

Determine Follower Growth Rate

You want to see how your following is growing and at what pace. This gives you a chance to determine if certain actions you are taking to grow followers is more effective than others. Once you determine what is working, you can better work on your strategy so that it is allowing for maximum results. Ideally, you want organic followers because this type of follow is more genuine and more likely to result in more engagement on your account.

Look at Comment Engagement

You want your followers to engage, so this is one of the most important analytics for you to explore. You want to look at the “likes” you are getting, but you also want to know what it is that the person liked. When you see a “like” make sure that you also check the comments to see if a follower specified the reason for the “like.”

You want to check analytics on a regular basis and compare them to your follower goals. This also makes it easier to determine if a follower app, such as AiGrow, is getting you the results that you desire.

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