Do NOT Edit Your Instagram Posts!!

Do NOT Edit Your Instagram Posts!!

When I was younger before I know anything about marketing on Instagram I was wondering why Instagrammers do not edit their mistakes even when followers let them know of their dictation errors. I thought maybe they do not know how to edit Instagram posts.

I was thinking that one of the merits of Instagram compared to other social media platforms is that it lets you edit your Instagram post even after publishing. Because I am for sure one of the victims of falling to auto-correct errors. But wondering now that Instagram enjoys this merit, why some Instagrammers do not bother themselves to just simply edit their post?

Judge all you want. But I am sure lots of we people do not know about it.

The fact is that I was not aware of Instagram algorithms. I did not know that when you edit your post, you affect its ER negatively. It took time for me to know. Now I am gonna walk you through what I am talking about.

Why you should Not Edit Your Instagram Post?

You should not edit your Instagram post once it is published. Because as I said it lessens the engagement rate of your post. Why is that? 

Because once you edit your post, of course after you’ve posted it, Instagram resets your engagements and ranking

If You Edit Your Instagram Post, Does Instagram Repost It?

I am not saying if you edit your Instagram post, Instagram reposts it. It does not mean that all the likes, comments, saves, and shares are just gonna go away after you edit your post.

But once you edit your Instagram post, you lose the engagement momentum because Instagram resets your earned rate of engagement and it is impossible to take it back on top posts.

But what if it is a matter of life and death? Imagine this. You try to promote a product on Instagram and accidentally you put an extra zero to the price. Either you must edit it or you won’t sell.

Here you have no other option rather than editing your post and Instagram allows you to. Wanna know how? Stay tuned!


How to Edit an Instagram Post?

Editing an Instagram post is a piece of cake. Based on the device you are using, follow one of the given instructions.

How to Edit an Instagram Post on Android

  • Tap on those three vertical dots on the top right of your post
  • Tap Edit
  • Edit the posted caption on Instagram
  • Tap the blue check


After you edit your Instagram post, the word Edited may appear below captions that have been edited, when you tap on comments.

How to Edit An Instagram Post on iOS

  • Tap on those three lateral dots on the top right of your post
  • Tap Edit
  • Edit the posted caption on Instagram
  • Tap on Done


After you edit your Instagram post, the word Edited may appear below captions that have been edited, when you tap on comments.

How to Edit Instagram Photos after Posting

Well, you can not edit Instagram photos after posting. All you can do is to repost.

How To Prevent Editing Your Instagram Post

Edits on Instagram posts, like Corona Virus, are better to be prevented. But How?

Take Your Time Before You Post on Instagram

Why rush to post? Take your time with composing it before you publish it on Instagram.

Ask Someone to Edit It Before You Post It

Ask someone to read your post to edit it. Then post it.

Use an Instagram Scheduler and Prevent Editing Post

You can use an Instagram scheduler tool to prevent editing. 

How an Instagram Scheduler Tool Prevents You from Editing?

With an Instagram Scheduler, you can schedule your Instagram content ahead of time. And before it goes live, you can preview and edit your post.

Use AiSchedul to Avoid Editing Your Instagram Posts

AiSchedul, as its name suggests, is an Instagram scheduler tool. 

With AiSchedul, you can schedule dates and the time you want your posts to go live ahead of time. To edit, you can go to your dashboard in AiSchedul and see your upcoming post, preview them and make sure that everything is fine.

How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts With AiSchedul?

Working with AiSchedul is easy. To set a schedule for your posts:

  •  Click on “Schedule Feed” on your dashboard. 
  • Easily drag and drop your content into the broken rectangle at the top of the page. 
  • After dragging your photo or video into the rectangle, click “Save” before you continue. 


You can also schedule multi-photo and even multi-video posts.

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • Tag people
  • Crop your post (fit entire photo or crop to 1080px x 1080px)
  • Rotate your post

From here, scheduling your post can be accomplished in 5 steps:

  1. Write your caption to make your post catchy
  2. Add your hashtags (your hashtags will be posted as a comment to make your caption look cleaner and increase post engagement)
  3. Choose the date and time you want to share your post (or check the box to “Post Immediately”)
  4. Choose which accounts you want your post to be posted on (you can schedule the same post for multiple Instagram accounts)
  5. Finish schedule by clicking the “Schedule Post” button

How to Set Up AiSchedul

Sign-up a free account from here.


You should not edit your Instagram post once it starts to gain momentum engagement because, after you edit, Instagram resets its ER. So just leave it be unedited.

But if it is a kind of an emergency, Instagram enables you to edit your Instagram post. And the process is so easy.

But I recommend you to prevent problems such things. One way is just to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time. AiSchedul is a free tool to help you schedule your posts before it goes live.

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