Goread.io Review 2022: Is It Legit? *WARNING* + The Best Alternative

Goread.io Review

The 21st century is the reign of social media platforms with Instagram being on the top of the list. Building a social presence and a great following, therefore, is of great significance for brands and businesses. This has given rise to companies such as Goread which offers you to buy Instagram followers.

Growing followers on Instagram adds credibility to your brand and helps increase your revenue. However, managing a business account on Instagram is a demanding task and requires putting in a lot of time and effort. Therefore, some prefer to use the best Instagram growth services to assist them in doing so.

Goread io is a company that promises to give you the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. Yet, how valid is this claim? How can a bunch of followers be ‘real’ if you’re ‘buying’ them?! Ironic, isn’t it?

In this article, we will tell you why Goread is NOT a legit Instagram followers website to trust them with your branding on Instagram, and eventually introduce you to AiGrow; the most reliable Instagram growth tool to garner popularity on this platform with.

However, if you’re tired of searching for a solution for the growth of your enterprise on Instagram, sign up on AiGrow right now to skyrocket your business!

What Is Goread

Goread io is an Instagram growth service that allows you to buy Instagram followers, likes, power likes views, comments, and saves to grow your brand on this platform.

Interestingly enough, Goread claims to give you the chance to buy real Instagram followers from them, and deliver them within minutes!


Also, Goread promises to provide you with refills in case there’s a drop in the followers you receive and a safe and secure payment.

So far so good, right?

How to Get Started with Goread

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Goread.io,
  2. Choose the package you need and specify the number of followers, likes, etc. and click ‘Order Now’,
  3. Enter your account’s info (Instagram username and email),
  4. Pay up with your regular credit or debit card.

The only positive point we can mention about this company is that the website is secured with SSL encryption, and they don’t require you to give them your password.

But is this enough to make an IG tool safe? We don’t think so. And we’ll tell you why in the following sections.

What Are Goread Features

Now let us cover all the features that this Instagram growth service offers you as a client to help you get more familiar with it.

Let’s get started, shall we?!

#1 Buy Instagram Followers

The first service we’re going to look into is the followers you can buy from them. Goread followers are divided into two categories: ‘High-Quality Followers’ and ‘Active Followers’.

Goread followers
Goread Followers

Both of these packages claim to provide you with 24/7 customer support, instant delivery, and high-quality followers.

Goread io states that the difference between high-quality followers and active followers is that the former are the ones with profile pics, but without any posts, while the latter is the ‘real looking accounts with low drop rate’. As if they admit to the fact that the first package. at least, gives you fake followers!

Two questions arise here. First, if these accounts are real users, how come they say they are ‘real looking’?! Secondly, how can these followers be real if they are delivered instantly?!

Moreover, Goread hasn’t come clean about how they target these followers and draw them to your account! Take a look at their explanation:

Goread.io followers packages
Goread Io Followers Packages

All of these are proof of the fact that all they do is add fake followers to your account and take your efforts down the drain.

#2 Buy Instagram Likes with Goread

Using this service, you can also purchase IG likes for your account. Similar to the followers packages, Goread likes are also categorized into ‘High-Quality Likes’ and ‘Active Likes’.

Both of these packages allegedly offer you instant delivery, drop protection, and 24/7 customer support.

The first package allows you to get 100 likes for $0.99 to 100000 IG likes for $279.99. The Active Likes package starts from 200 likes for $6.99 to 8000 Instagram likes for $79.99.

#3 Buy Instagram Views

Here’s yet another feature of this IG growth service. With Goread Instagram views you can either get 500 views for $0.89 or 1000 Instagram views for $1.59.

The same services that other features offer apply to this feature as well.

#4 Buy Instagram Comments

Based on our research, the comments you receive by using this tool are too generic.

So, you end up having tons of comments that are either emojis or irrelevant texts. This will destroy your reputation in front of the brands and companies you wish to collaborate with or your customers.

#5 Buy Instagram Growth

If you wish to have all those features and services in one single package, Goread offers you to buy its Instagram growth plans. You can choose a package from the ‘Personal Plan’, ‘Influencer Plan’, or the ‘Business Plan.’

Buy Instagram growth
Buy Instagram Growth with Goread.io

As you can see, you can get an allegedly certain amount of real followers, views, likes, impressions, and comments with each plan.

Now the question is, can you really ‘buy growth’?! Certainly, you can, but only an illusion of growth.

#6 Instagram Story Viewer

The only free tool that Goread offers is its IG story viewer and downloader. Using this tool, you can view and download Insta stories anonymously. Yet, this feature only works for public accounts.

We tested this feature to see how it works. The result was not very promising either. Using this feature, you can only view the photos and pictures that your target user shares on their story. When it comes to videos, it only enables you to see a picture of it rather than the video itself.

Goread Pricing

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase two types of followers with different prices using this Instagram followers tool. For instance, buying 100 high-quality followers will cost only $1.89. This package allows you to buy up to 200,000 followers for $1.299.99.

Goread pricing
Goread Pricing

Active followers cost more. As you can see in the picture below, you can buy 800 Instagram followers for $15.99 up to 12,000 Goread followers for 199.99 bucks.

Goread io active followers package pricing
Goread’s Active Followers

As discussed earlier, the followers you get to attain using this website are all fake. Therefore, not only will they not increase your Instagram engagement rate, but also they will alert Instagram and your page will be flagged as spam.

Goread io Reviews: What The Customers Have to Say About It

Now that you know all about this IG followers tool’s features and how it works, let’s hear about some first-hand experiences of using it. We looked for Goread io reviews everywhere on the internet to see what real customers have to say about them.

Unfortunately throughout our research, we discovered that their review page on Trustpilot has been removed. This could be due to the fact that they were receiving too many negative reviews, or that Trustpilot found them unreliable.

We also tried to find an answer to our main question: is Goread.io legit on Reddit, but ended up disappointed after not finding any reviews there either. So our suspicion grew stronger.

Let us walk you through the result we finally achieved.

Goread.io Customer Reviews

The picture below is a comment left by a client regarding this IG tool. As you can see, Emmanuel is utterly disturbed by its poor performance.

In his Goread io review, he complained about how his IG account got flagged for violating Instagram’s Terms of Use. According to him, even those fake followers are not delivered fully.

Goread io reviews
Goread Io Reviews

Here’s another client who lost his Instagram account after using Goread. Therefore, Abigail warns everyone against using this it.

Goread io review
Goread io Review

Let’s take a look at another customer review, shall we?

The picture below is a comment left by Nick, another client, who believes ‘Goread.io is a terrible Instagram growth company.’ He states that he only received bot followers who disappeared after a while.

He believes that the service is a scam, and there’s no chance of him getting a refund.

Goread reviews
Goread.io User Review

Here’s yet another Goread.io review which is an indicator of the fact that there’s no such thing as 24/7 customer supporter refills for this service:

Goread reviews
Goread reviews

Goread.io Reviews on Sitejabber

Sitejabber is another website on which you can look for customer reviews before purchasing anything. Here, you are provided with some reviews from this website to help you get a better understanding of Goread.

Goread customer reviews
Goread Customer Reviews

As you see in the picture above, a customer is deeply dissatisfied with their services and calls them a scam. In her Goread io review, Katie states that customer support is not responsive at all, and all the followers unfollow you after a while.

You can see another review below:

Goread isn't legit
Goread Isn’t Legit

As you see, Michael is another unhappy customer that has used this IG tool. He has expressed in his Goread io review that all the followers you get by using this service are fake and will be removed after a short while.

Goread Pros and Cons

At this stage, we will outline the pros and cons of using this IG followers service to help you better evaluate it and make an informed decision.

Goread Pros

  • Secure website,
  • No password is required,
  • Instant delivery.

Goread Cons

  • Fake followers with no engagement,
  • Lack of Trustpilot or Reddit reviews,
  • Terrible customer support,
  • No refund policy,
  • No free trials,
  • Lack of any IG useful tools such as scheduling, hashtag generator, etc.,
  • Instagram will ban your IG account for good.

Now what? What should you do with the dream of running your business on Instagram after realizing the demerits of using Goread? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Read the next section to find the best alternative to it!

The Best Alternative to Goread.io: AiGrow

AiGrow is an Instagram growth service that has proved to be effective and worthy of your trust with your organic growth on Instagram. It has been around for quite a while now and has garnered popularity among business owners and influencers, especially those that have been doing local influencer marketing on Instagram.

Best Alternative to Goread: AiGrow
The Best Goread Alternative: AiGrow

AiGrow is the best Goread alternative due to the fact that it combines human knowledge with the most advanced AI technology to draw traffic to your page and facilitate your growth on Instagram.

Once you sign up on AiGrow, a dedicated account manager will start to interact with your potential followers and customers and guarantees your growth manually.

This is exactly what sets AiGrow apart from Goread.io. You get to have real Instagram followers to turn into customers, with real engagement risk-free and hassle-free.

Sign up on AiGrow right now to start building a large following on Instagram!

AiGrow Features

AiGrow offers a variety of incredible features that can come in really handy when doing business on Instagram. You can have a brief glance into some of these features in the picture below.

What are AiGrow's features
AiGrow Features

As illustrated above, you can have access to a variety of features like a bio-link too, post scheduler and publisher, hashtag generator, mass DM tool, advanced targeting, a detailed analytic report, and many more using AiGrow!

If you wish to know more about this IG tool, you can read the complete AiGrow review we’ve provided for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a second more, and sign up on AiGrow instantly!

Goread.io VS. AiGrow: Final Verdict

Certainly, overnight fame is very tempting. However, this proposition which is mostly set forth by companies such as Goread that sell fake Instagram followers is not attainable on this platform.

Instagram values organic growth and helps pages that have grown organically appear more on explore tab and gain widespread recognition. On the other hand, it penalizes those that go against its rules and regulations. So, using Goread.io is quite risky.

Moreover, AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram growth service with plenty of features. Indeed, it outnumbers Goread io in its merits and is more cost-effective considering the achievements you will gain using it.

As a result, we think AiGrow is a more viable option here and warn you against using Goread.

Goread.io Review FAQs

So far, we’ve provided you with an all-inclusive guide on Goreadio; how it works, what its features are, and how customers regard it. Now, let’s focus on some of your most frequently asked questions.

#1 Is Goread io Legit?

Simply put, no. After a thorough investigation, reading customer reviews, and testing the features ourselves, we realized that Goread isn’t a legit company because all it does is add fake followers to your IG page without a caring customer support team.

#2 Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

Almost all the services that offer you to purchase IG followers like Goread only provide you with fake followers. These fake followers will ruin the credibility of your brand and eventually destroy your business. Therefore, we do not approve of such services at all.

Final Words on Goread

Surely, everyone wants to make money on Instagram, but only those who take the right path will make it.

In this article, we discussed everything you need to know about this IG growth company and showcased why we don’t recommend using it. We also introduced you to AiGrow as the best alternative to it.

Now, it’s your turn to put your knowledge into practice, and guarantee your success by using AiGrow!

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