Instagram Automation: Good, Bad, & Ugly +Tools To Pull It Off

Instagram Automation

Instagram is one of the topmost famous social media marketing platforms of the decade. Therefore, considering the Instagram platform’s growth, Instagram marketers are looking to grow their presence rapidly. Instagram Automation is one of the first clues that people think about to accelerate the process.

Especially with the showing up of the new global crisis, “COVID-19,” people are getting more used to it. Apparently, every mom and her child has an account on Instagram. 

This article will explain the pros and cons of Instagram automation. So, hold the line.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation tool refers to the third-party apps that manage Instagram accounts to interact with other Instagrammers. Basically, they perform tasks as an Instagram auto poster, Instagram auto DM, Instagram auto liker, and Instagram auto-follow.

On the contrary, if you outsource the entire management of your Instagram account to an Instagram automation tool or Instagram bot, it will seem spammy and will be action-blocked. Actually, the main reason is this is not according to the Instagram algorithm.

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How to Use Instagram Automation Tools

Instagram marketing is a very time-consuming and precise job. That is, Instagram Automation tools or apps are available to help Instagram marketers perform their tasks much better and faster than before. In fact, using Instagram automation tools or apps depends on your objectives for your Instagram growth.

Types of Instagram Automation 

Granting you a view of Instagram automation tasks, you will read about the types of Instagram automation in the following:

Instagram Auto-DM

Instagram Messages play an efficient role in interacting with followers and customers to help you establish a solid relationship with them. In a nutshell, Instagram DMs will pave the road for businesses to become a public figure on Instagram, a grand wish for every brand and industry.

On the other hand, it is not easy to DM on Instagram to all your followers and customers one by one. Therefore, Instagram DM automation is one of the best features of an Instagram automation tool. 

Common sense tells us that Instagram auto-DM is not a good idea and its cons outweigh its pros. In fact, this is because we all might have received irrelevant and confusing Instagram DMs and comments that may cause us to block the account and get rid of it. In this case, it is important to invest in a powerful Instagram automation tool to prevent such disastrous actions on Instagram marketing. 

Instagram Auto-Follow

Undoubtedly, one of the most important acts of Instagram marketing is finding proper followers and turning them into loyal customers. So, you can go for auto-following people.

Actually, this is the popular act of following more to get more followers. However, Instagram will limit your following and doesn’t allow users to follow more than 7,500 accounts.

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Instagram Auto-Liker

When you follow a huge mass of accounts, you need to interact and engage with them to stay in touch. Indeed, it is difficult to like and comment one by one of the posts your following publish.

So, why not get more help from an Instagram auto-liker?

A handful of Instagram auto-likers will ease the process for you. 

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Auto-Unfollow Instagram

As all of us know, it is important to get the ideal ratio of Instagram followers vs. following. Otherwise, people rarely trust and follow you. In this case, automation tools help accounts to auto-unfollow their excessive followings.

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Instagram Auto-poster

To keep up with the audience and increase engagement, you need to publish posts at least 2 or 3 times a day. Indeed, publishing posts frequently takes much time. Instagram auto-poster is a great feature of Instagram automation tools to assist Instagram marketers and prevent fritter away time.

Why Use Instagram Automation

Instagram marketers, influencers, celebrities, and industry leaders are the main targets of Instagram automation tools. As a matter of fact, they need to engage with their followers and customers daily. On the other hand, they are too busy to interact with their audience individually, as this needs a huge amount of time. 

Hence, a potent Instagram automation tool acts as a savior hero for them. They can make content for marketing strategies or lift weights in the gym comfortably. Their favorite Instagram automation tool is interacting with their followers and clients, who are their most precious properties.

Actually, there are lots of advantages of Instagram automation tools. Here are mentioned some: 

Indeed, all these advantages and pros are under an essential circumstance; using a powerful Instagram automation tool that functions according to Instagram algorithm and terms of use!

Otherwise, your posts will seem spammy, and your account will be banned!

If Instagram bans or action blocks you, you will lose touch with your audience suddenly, and all your efforts to get more engagement will be drowned in a night, as what happened to Titanic in 1912.

Here is a fantastic suggestion for you to keep aloof from getting banned, a free all-in-one Instagram automation tool.

Best Instagram Automation Tool Ever

AiGrow, the most powerful and smart all-in-one Instagram management tool, lets you modify your Instagram account for business. Using AiGrow, you can conveniently perform the below actions:

  • plan your content
  • Build a target audience,
  • Engage with clients
  • Help potential customers discover your products 
  • Build brand loyalty
Instagram Automation
AiGrow- Instagram Automation

AiGrow provides various Instagram automation features operating according to Instagram terms of use and policies. Also, it is safe, secure, and involves all you need to manage and promote your Instagram account. 

AiGrow Instagram Automation Features:

Instagram Auto-DM

You can Send Instagram Auto-DM to your target followers:

Instagram Automation
Instagram Auto-Reply

Instagram Auto-Poster

Using AiGrow, you can post automatically on Instagram. Also, you can set the below items in your posting:

  • Schedule your posts
  • Re-post contents using tags, hashtags, URLs, and locations
  • Add CTA buttons to your posts
  • You can set your caption automatically to always display in your posts
  • Automatically delete a post after a period of time
  • Post hashtags in your captions
  • Re-post mentioned posts and tags
  • Add all-in-one bio links to your posts
AiGrow Auto-Poster

Instagram Auto-Follow and Auto-Unfollow

It is essential to get 10,000 followers for Instagram Instantly. So, using AiGrow, you can auto-follow or auto-unfollow people by:

  • Usernames
  • Hashtags
  • Locations

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Instagram Auto-Comment

AiGrow automation team provides you with auto-comment on your followers’ posts, and as this is a manual action, the comment is most relevant to the posts, and they don’t seem spammy.

Instagram Auto-Like

This app will auto-like your followers’ posts and stories and helps you engage more with your followers’ feed, and you look more sociable and engaged.

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Final Words

Instagram is a fast-moving ground of splendor innovations and solutions constantly vying for distinction. This requires marketers to be reliant on a consonant business relationship with followers and potential customers. In brief, an excellent Instagram automation tool will open the way for you to stay in touch with people and build a trustworthy solid brand.

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