In the Market to Buy Instagram Followers? Here’s Why Automation is a Better Choice

In the Market to Buy Instagram Followers? Here’s Why Automation is a Better Choice

Those who buy Instagram followers and those who use Instagram automation usually do so for very similar reasons.

Those reasons are:

  • You want to gain a large and convincing audience of engaged followers
  • You want to attract brand attention and make money through sponsorships
  • You want to become a renowned and authoritative figure in your community

While the intentions behind using either method are the same, the results produced from buying your followers and using an automation tool vary greatly.

To buy Instagram followers or use Instagram automation? Here’s a comparison looking at how well each method accomplishes the goals above.

Gaining a large and convincing audience

gaining followers buying Instagram followers using automation

What happens when you buy Instagram followers

Dropping $30 for 2,500 followers is going to pump up your following virtually overnight, there’s no argument there.

Where purchasing your followers typically fails is in the second portion of the goal, “convincing audience of engaged followers”.

How do you think it looks to your existing followers, or to people simply keeping an eye on your channel when they see your channel’s following jump 2,500 followers overnight? Or to the more curious, that the majority of your followers are either new or previously inactive accounts with 1-3 total posts? This can not only deter potential new followers, but it can also harm the trust you’ve established with your existing followers.

What’s even less convincing is when your channel has a large following but little to no post engagement, as is typically the case when you buy Instagram followers. If you have 500,000 followers but you are only receiving 20 likes and 4 comments on each of your posts, or you’re getting a proportionate number of comments but the majority of them are one-worded generalities like “Great post!”, you’re going to raise some eyebrows.

What happens when you use Instagram Automation

While automation may not back up to your front door and immediately unload thousands of new followers, as is more typical of a result when you buy Instagram followers, automation can certainly produce the same number of followers over a longer period of time.

You’re telling me I have to wait for my new followers??

That is what I’m telling you, but let me explain why that’s actually better in the long run.

It’s not weird to see a channel jump from gaining 5 followers/week to 15 followers/week to 45/followers a week. If someone is putting in the time producing good content and engaging in the community, this kind of exponential growth looks completely natural and, to an extent, is expected. Where people start getting skeptical hippo eyes is when you haven’t posted in a month and all of a sudden you gain 2,500 new followers overnight.

A smart automation tool will still get you those 2,500 new followers, but it will give you the option to receive them over a course of days, weeks, or even months. This way, to the eyes of onlookers, your follower growth still looks natural.

Attracting brand attention and making money through sponsorships

making money on Instagram buy followers use Instagram automation

What happens when you buy Instagram followers

Having a large following is definitely integral in initially attracting the attention of a potential sponsor. More important to a potential sponsor than a large following, however, is your channel’s audience engagement rate.

Consider how much engagement 2,500 inactive, irrelevant, and/or new Instagram accounts can contribute to your channel. Even if you use a more expensive bot service that provides “active” accounts, the extent of these accounts’ engagement is typically a Like or comment like “Nice one!”. Enough of these types of general comments can also spark skepticism in potential sponsors looking at your channel.

As explained by Hootsuite, your engagement rate can be understood as the following:

number of Likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = engagement rate

If a brand has the option of sponsoring one of two possible Instagram channels, one channel having 100,000 followers but a very low engagement rate and the other channel having 10,000 followers but a very high engagement rate, it makes more sense for the brand to choose the channel with the smaller following but higher engagement rate.

A quick example explaining why engagement rate is more important than follower count:

Let’s say the channel with 100,000 followers gets an average of 8 likes and 2 comments on each post. Using the formula above, we can calculate the channel’s engagement rate: 2 + 8 / 100,000  x 100 = 0.001%. 

This means that, on average, out of the channel’s entire 100,000-person following, only about 100 of those people are actually engaged.

Now for the channel with 10,000 followers and an average of 150 likes and 80 comments on each post: 80 + 150 / 10,000 = 2%. 

This means that, on average, about 200 of the channel’s 10,000-person following are actually engaged.

Imagine your Instagram channel is a store with a physical location with steady foot traffic all day, every day. To a potential sponsor, your channel’s engagement rate represents how many of those people walking into your store actually make an effort to inquire about a product, grab a business card, or, ideally, buy something.

When you buy Instagram followers, you might get lots of people coming in and out of your store, but the number of people who actually engage with your store is going to be far, far, far less.

And to a potential sponsor, the number of people who walk into your store doesn’t matter nearly as much as the number of people who actually buy something. Or as Kyla Brennan, the founder and CEO of HelloSociety, an agency that connects brands with relevant influencers, puts it,

“You might get eyeballs, but they won’t be eyeballs that care.” – Kyla Brennan

What happens when you use Instagram Automation

Buying Instagram followers only gives you part of the equation for attracting brand attention, that being a large following.

Instagram automation, on the other hand, provides both pieces of the equation, a large following + a proportionate engagement rate. Not only does automation significantly beef up your follower count, but it does so with real followers actually interested in your channel.

What channel do you think is likely to have a higher engagement rate, a channel with 10,000 real interested followers, or a channel with 10,000 largely inactive, new, and/or fake accounts?

Logically, the channel with the real followers is likely to have a higher engagement rate, and thus be more attractive to potential sponsors.

Becoming an authoritative figure in your community

influential on Instagram buy Instagram followers use Instagram automation

What happens when you buy Instagram followers

The way you become an authoritative figure on Instagram is through consistently engaging with your community, plain and simple. Here are a number of ways you can do that:

  • Leaving thoughtful comments
  • Liking relevant posts
  • Following relevant channels
  • Asking engaging questions
  • Collaborating with other influencers in your industry
  • Opening up dialogues via DMs

(All of the above is explored more in-depth in our guide, 62 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2018)

Having 100,000 bought followers doesn’t make you an authoritative figure. It might help initially attract someone to check out your channel, but unless you are actively engaging with people in your community, your word is not going to carry much influence, if any at all.

What happens when you use Instagram Automation

Building your brand to the point where people in your community recognize and trust you takes time, regardless of how big your Instagram community is.

In fact, according to a Brandmuscle Marketing report which surveyed hundreds of businesses across a wide range of different industries about their local marketing experiences, “too complicated” and “too time-consuming” were revealed to be the two biggest factors deterring small businesses from using social media marketing.

Smart automation both significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of building genuine brand recognition.

Your knee-jerk response to hearing this might be something like “But if I automate my actions, won’t that be obvious to the channels I’m interacting with?”

Not if you use the right tool. With a smart Instagram automation tool like AiGrow, for example, you can customize:

  • Who you would like to engage with based on their hashtag use, location, and competitor connections
  • How you would like to engage with them (like, comment, follow, unfollow, and DM)
  • The speed at which you would like to interact with your target audience (x number of likes, comments, follows, and/or unfollows per hour)
  • What you want to say in your DMs and comments (you can send up to 10 different comments in rotation to avoid being flagged as spam)
  • A rotation of different greetings in your DMs
  • The number of channels you want to follow before you begin unfollowing the channels who haven’t followed you back
  • When and how far ahead you want to post your content (you can schedule content from your desktop for days, weeks, or months ahead)

With the most time-consuming part of social media marketing taken care, you can dedicate more time to creating amazing content, another necessary element to becoming an authority figure in your community.


People who buy Instagram followers and use Instagram automation do so with the same purposes in mind: they want to gain a large and convincing audience, attract brand attention and make money through sponsorships, and become an authoritative figure in your community.

That being said, no matter how you look at it, Instagram automation is the quickest, most affordable, and most effective way to accomplish all of these goals.

Want to try smart automation and all its awesome features mentioned above for free? Sign up for AiGrow here.

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