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Mr Insta Review: Free IG Followers or a Scam? [+Mr. Insta Alternative]

August 25, 2021

You spare no effort to perform the best content marketing ever in your industry and niche. So, you rise to grow your brand on Instagram, and after a while, what you gain and your followers’ rate is not satisfactory. Then, you look for the most reliable Instagram followers app. It’s tempting to encounter companies’ propaganda like Mr. Insta for getting a 1000 free Instagram followers trial. But are they facts or just myths?

You may have experience with hiring tools to boost your followers. Still, one day, you wake up and notice you have lost several followers that you spent bucks on getting them.

Among countless IG tools, Mr. Insta is an Instagram growth service that claims it can get you targeted, high-quality, free Instagram followers. However, there are many rumors about this app, and users wonder, ‘Is Mr. Insta legit?’ or ‘Is Mr. Insta safe?’

In this article, we’re going through all the services that Mr. Insta offers. Indeed, we’ll grant you a complete Mr. Insta review to determine if it’s worth trying.

So, let’s get started.

What Is Mr. Insta?

Mr. Insta is a platform that offers services for several social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. The primary purpose of Mr. Insta is to get you free followers on these channels to perform social media marketing. In a nutshell, Mr. Insta is an open market company where you can buy followers, likes, views, comments, and IGTV likes and views for Instagram. Surprisingly, Mr. Insta declares that their users will boost your Instagram engagement with their service. However, Mr. Insta doesn’t indicate how they find followers for you.

Mr. Insta Follower Plan

Indeed, you have to start following 10 targeted accounts to receive these free followers. After that, you activate your accounts for 24 hours and gain 25 followers.

Mr. Insta Follower Plan

It runs for 24 hours, and you can activate your account and ask Mr. Insta for more free followers once every 12 hours. However, if you don’t wish to follow an Instagram account, you can buy followers daily or use the Mr. Insta premium plans to pay and use the automated followers. In this case, Mr. Insta grants you either 15, 30, or 60 new followers daily for a month, depending on the plan you pick. 

Mr. Insta Premium Services for Instagram

Besides the free followers that I mentioned earlier, Mr. Insta offers these packages:

Mr. Insta Instagram plans

This is the complete list of Mr. Insta plans:

  • Instagram followers, likes, comments & post views
  • IGTV likes & views
  • YouTube subscribers, likes, shares, comments & views
  • Pinterest followers & likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Spotify plays, followers & playlist followers
  • SoundCloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments & reposts

As you can see, Mr. Insta offers buying followers, likes, and views almost for every part of Instagram. 

Is Mr. Insta Worth Using?

When using Mr. Insta, you can be pretty sure that you’re actually buying fake followers. It might give you some real followers in the free trial to get you interested, but it’s pretty evident that premium plans only offer fake followers. 

Look at this plan, for example:

Buying Followers

At first glance, it looks impressive; this is how to get 10K followers for only $190. But 10K is a considerably large number of followers to gain even in a month. Mr. Insta does not state how long it would take to deliver the results. It just says that results start 24-72 hours after purchase.

Also, these followers seem to disappear after a short time! 

Let’s read some reviews about Mr. Insta:

Mr. Insta Review

You can see a lot of Mr. Insta reviews from people who complain about disappearing followers! Not only that but complaints about Mr. Insta “100% guaranteed refill.” 

Negative review

Is Mr. Insta Legit and Safe?

You might think that it’s worth testing Mr. Insta. There’s no harm in having a vast number of followers, even if they are fake. Well, you are wrong; it can actually ruin your page! Why? Because these followers are either fake or act like ghost followers. That’s why people constantly ask, ‘Is Mr. Insta safe and legit?’

Based on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, every account has a unique algorithm, and it hugely depends on how much (all of) your followers engage with you. If you get 10k followers who are bots and don’t even view your post, your engagement rate can severely get damaged. That’s why many Instagram experts advise you to clear your account from these accounts as soon as possible. 

By buying followers from Mr. Insta, you’re doing the exact opposite thing!

You see, you can calculate Instagram engagement this way:

The number of likes and comments (and sometimes shares and saves) is divided by the number of followers. 

Obviously, when you get fake or ghost followers, the numerator of this fraction would be less. Still, the denominator would have a higher number so that the engagement rate would drop drastically.   

Another important thing you should consider when using Mr. Insta is that you put your account in danger of being banned. If you add many followers and likes instantly to your account, Instagram might take that as a signal that you’re using fake accounts.  

Mr. Insta Pricing

Now let’s see how much Mr. Insta charges you for its Instagram plans.

 Mr. Insta’s plans range from $10 to $675.

For Instagram specifically, these are the daily plans:

Mr. Insta Pricing

As you can see, in daily plans, for only 60 followers, you have to pay $80! That means almost $1.3 per follower that you don’t even know if they’re real or not!

For premium plans, here’s an example of the Mr. Insta pricing:


The funny thing is, now you pay only $0.04 for claimed real followers! And in some cases, $0.019 per follower.  

Pros and Cons of Mr. Insta

To wrap it up, let’s overview some of the pros and cons of Mr. Insta:

Mr. Insta Pros:

  • Free Instagram followers and likes plan
  • Various plans

Mr. Insta Cons:

  • Mr. Insta does not indicate precisely how it finds you these followers.
  • To receive followers, your account must be public.
  • Limited free trials
  • Poor customer service
  • Negative reviews
  • Disappearing followers
  • Limited account analysis
  • Delayed or no refill
  • The danger of being banned by Instagram
  • Expensive plans compared to other services in the market.

What Is the Best Mr. Insta Alternative for Real and Instant Results?

The best way to ensure that your account has sustainable growth and stays safe is to choose an Instagram growth service that only gets real followers. Moreover, an ideal IG-friendly tool performs all the tasks according to Instagram’s daily limits

Luckily, we know a service that exactly does this: AiGrow, the best Mr. Insta alternative!

AiGrow is a comprehensive Instagram service with various features such as an intelligent scheduler, an all-in-one free bio link, and, most importantly, growth packages. 

Unlike Mr. Insta, AiGrow does not use any bot to gain your followers or try to sell you any fake followers. Actually, this service uses AI technology and human knowledge, both together to understand what you need in the best way. Now, if you have fake followers in your account, AiGrow will recognize and mass unfollow them on Instagram in a wink of an eye. On the other hand, if you want to renew your account, this app lets you mass delete Instagram posts and get rid of them in a minimum time. Apart from its beneficial and unique features, it provides bulk DM to help you do your marketing like a pro!

Check our review of AiGrow or watch the video below to find out more about it:

FAQ on Mr. Insta Review

Now, after reading this Mr. Insta review, you have vast information on Mr. Insta and its features. However, you may have some questions to ask that revolve around this issue. 

1- Is Mr. Insta Real?

As mentioned above, Mr. Insta is a growth service that assures targeted followers and likes. A significant claim they make is that they deliver you real followers, without using bots. 

2- How Do I Delete My Instagram Mr account?

If you don’t need your Mr. Insta subscription anymore, you can log into their ‘Members Area’ and click on ‘Settings.’ Then, you will be able to cancel your payment.

3- Does Mr. Insta Give Real Followers?

Mr. Insta is a marketing company claiming that gives you free fake followers. They also say that they’ve helped over 500,000 Instagram accounts, which is an incredibly bold statement.

Final Words

It’s a good idea to try different methods to grow your Instagram; however, some of these methods can severely damage your account, such as buying Instagram followers and like or using automated bots. To make sure your account grows sustainably, choose a service that is completely safe and secure.

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This post was last modified on September 14, 2021 22:11

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