Mr Insta Review 2024 *It Is a Scam!* + [The Best Mr. Insta Alternative]

Mr Insta Review

If you’ve seen company propaganda like Mr Insta, you, like many others, might want to gain some free Instagram followers! But why should you pay on this platform?

It may happen to you that you rise to grow your followers and brand on Instagram, but after a while, what you gain is unsatisfactory. Then, you look for high-quality Instagram growth services or, are tempted to buy followers for your account.

You may have experienced Instagram growth services to get more organic followers. But are IG followers apps like Mr.insta worth it?? And if yes, how does this particular tool perform?! Now stay tuned for this Mr . Insta review!

In this article, we’re going through all the services that it offers. Indeed, we’ll grant you a complete Mr Insta review to determine if it’s worth trying.

Note: We recommend that consider using a reliable alternative to Mr. Insta for organic Instagram growth. With AiGrow, you not only gain real followers but also expert guidance to help your Instagram account flourish organically while adhering to Instagram’s terms of service.

What Is Mr Insta?

Mr Insta claims to offer free followers’ trial, free likes, views, and comments. Because of their advertisements that claim they are one of the best Instagram growth services, you might think of giving it a try. But what is Mr.insta?

Mr insta

Mr. Insta is a platform that offers services for several social media. It used to provide services for platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. But now they limited their services to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

It is an open market company where you can buy IG followers, likes, views, comments, and IGTV likes and views for Instagram. On the free plan, you earn coins by following other Instagram profiles or liking other users’ photos. Then use your earned coins to get free Instagram followers, views, likes, and comments on your profile.

They declare that their users will boost your Instagram engagement with their service. Allegedly the primary purpose of Mr Insta is to help you perform social media marketing.

Among countless IG tools, Mr .Insta is an Instagram growth service that claims it can get you targeted, high-quality, free Instagram followers. However, there are many rumors about this app, and users wonder, ‘Is Mr. Insta legit?’ or some others may think, ‘Is Mr Insta safe?’

Additionally, there are reports that MrInsta is no longer working! Continue reading to find out if Mr Insta is working or not!

Is Mr. Insta Working?

The website is not working. However, when you search for Mrinsta, you will see a website with the domain It appears they have changed their domain.

Another thing to note is that when you select their plan and tap to buy followers or use their free plan, you are directed to a new website with the name.

Is Mr. Insta Working

Additionally, many times, we attempted to browse their website but encountered an error and were unable to do so. However, many Mr. Insta reviews on many sources demonstrate that their site works and provides service!

As you can see, they have a website with numerous flaws, and worse, they do not supply you with an Instagram manager or IG experts, as AiGrow does to completely manage your account. As a result, it’s best to avoid it before you get into difficulty.

If you’re still not sure about your decision, though, keep reading this comprehensive article to help you make up your mind.

Mr. Insta Features

Mr Insta’s primary homepage provides two options. Whether you choose to buy Instagram followers or get free Instagram followers, you will be sent to the URL Here you have the freedom to experiment with different plans:

  • Buy Instagram Followers
  • Buy TikTok Followers
  • Buy Instagram Likes
  • IGTV likes & views
  • Buy TikTok Views
  • Buy TikTok Shares
  • Buy TikTok Likes
  • Buy Facebook Post Shares
  • Buy Facebook Reactions
  • Buy YouTube Subscribers

Mr Insta Likes

Mr Insta offers a variety of options for enhancing your social media involvement with likes and so on. To improve your online image, you can use the Mr Insta free likes through the free coins plan or select one-time buy options.

Mr Insta Likes

The premium plan for Mr Insta Likes offers a variety of price options.

  • $2 for 500 Likes
  • $7.5 for 2000 Likes
  • $17.9 for 5000 Likes
  • $67.6 for 20000 Likes
  • $95.9 for 30000 Likes

The costs are reasonable, but it’s crucial to exercise caution when using services that include automatic activities, since they may result in your account being stopped or banned.

Mr Insta Followers Plan

Mr. Insta provides free Instagram services via coin activation or a follow-for-follow strategy. The coin activation is a lifetime membership that delivers 100 coins every 12 hours, which can be exchanged for followers, views, likes, or comments.

Follow-for-follow lets you get free followers every 12 hours by manually following comparable accounts.

Note: Despite the claim on their website about unlimited free followers every 12 hours with no trial or limit, the sign-up or registration process does not seem to work. Instead, users are directed only to the buying plans, which lead to the website.

If you don’t wish to follow Instagram accounts, you can buy followers daily or use the premium plans to pay and use the automated followers. For those looking to buy followers, Mr. Insta offers one-time purchases with options like 300 followers for $2 or 5000 followers for $24.86.

Delivery takes between 24-72 hours, depending on the order amount, and includes a one-year Recharge Guarantee to restore any lost followers after the final delivery.

Note: Prices and plans on Mr. Insta are subject to frequent changes. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to visit their website. However, exercise caution as they offer automated activities.

As you can see, Mr.Insta login is simple; after logging in, you may acquire Instagram followers, likes, and views, as well as other social media social proofs. But what Mr.insta reviews reveal about this platform? Keep reading.

Mr Insta Reviews By Customers

When using Mr Insta com, you can be pretty sure that you’re actually buying fake followers. It might give you some real followers in the free trial to get you interested, but it’s pretty evident that premium plans only offer fake followers.

Look at this plan, for example:

Mr Insta follow plan

At first glance, it looks impressive; by their claim, this is how to get 10K followers for only $190. But 10K is a considerably large number of followers to gain even in a month. Mr.Insta does not state how long it would take to deliver the results. It just says that results start 24-72 hours after purchase.

Also, these followers seem to disappear after a short time! Let’s read some MrInsta reviews to see what are some of the problems that other users have encountered:

mr insta review

You can see a lot of comments from people who complain about disappearing followers! Not only that, but complaints about Mr. Insta’s ‘100% guaranteed refill.’

mr.insta review
mr.insta review

But, this is not where the complaints end. Some followers also claim that the ‘real’ followers Mr. Insta offers aren’t so real.

Even this Mr Insta review on Reddit raises red flags for anyone who wishes to use this tool.

Mr insta review

Mr Insta Reviews on Trustpilot

This Instagram growth agency’s reviews on Trustpilot are a bit contradictory and suspicious. At the first glance, most reviews are positive. Well, that seems to be a good thing, doesn’t it?

The answer is no. First of all, all these positive reviews are too generic. Most of them are one or two-word reviews that compliment Mr.Insta. Second of all, if you take a look at the dates those reviews have been left on the website, you realize that there’s a pattern! Three or four positive reviews that are generic per day! Is it just a funny coincidence? We don’t think so.

Based on client comments left under the Mr Insta page on Trustpilot, some have come to the conclusion that this tool uses bots to get followers and likes. So, although they might not explain how they get you followers, those who have used it seem to have found the answers!

And according to another review of Mr Insta, this platform is simply not value for money and definitely not suitable for Instagram influencers or business owners.

Moreover, if you scroll down, you find some detailed negative reviews of MrInsta. In fact, the only reviews that are not generic are the negative ones! Let’s have a look at some of them:

Mr Insta Trustpilot Review

In this Mr Insta Trustpilot review, the client has complained about the fake followers added to his account after using this tool. He has described the added fake followers in detail and believes that the service is a ‘scam’.

A lot of users are dissatisfied with the tool due to the disappearance of the followers after a few hours. And lastly, get a load of this one:

And lastly, get a load of this one:

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest red flag ever. This reviewer has stated that his account got hacked after using it. According to him, Mr Insta is a scam.

All of Mr.insta reviews lead us to question the positive reviews’ authenticity. Most probably, they are only paid ones.

Is Mr Insta Legit And Safe

You might think that it’s worth testing Mr. Insta. There’s no harm in having a vast number of followers, even if they are fake. Well, you are wrong; it can actually ruin your page! Why? Because these followers are either fake or act like ghost followers. That’s why people constantly ask, ‘Is Mr Insta safe and legit?’

Based on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, growing your Instagram hugely depends on how much (all of) your followers engage with you. If you get 10k followers who are bots and don’t even view your post, your engagement rate can severely get damaged. That’s why many Instagram experts advise you to clear your account from these followers as soon as possible.

By buying followers from Mr Insta, you’re doing the exact opposite thing! You see, you can calculate Instagram engagement this way: The number of likes and comments (and sometimes shares and saves) is divided by the number of followers.

Obviously, when you get fake or ghost followers, the numerator of this fraction would be less. Still, the denominator would have a higher number so that the engagement rate would drop drastically.

Another important thing you should consider when using Mr Insta is that you put your account in danger of being banned. If you add many followers and likes instantly to your account, Instagram might take that as a signal that you’re using fake accounts.

Mr. Insta: What Happened After We Used It?

As mentioned earlier, the reviews for this Instagram growth company are very contradictory. There are many generic positive reviews claiming that this is a legit service. On the other hand, we have found many negative reviews indicating that the Mr Insta followers are fake.

So, which one should you believe?!

In order to reach a valid conclusion, we decided to test the service ourselves. Here’s our experience of working with it:

After we entered our account info into Mr, we were asked to select our fields of interest.

mr insta targeting

So we did. Then, we were asked to follow 10 accounts on Instagram to activate our free trial. Interestingly enough, all these accounts had very few followers. It seems like MrInsta free followers are earned through the out-dated follow-for-follow method.

What’s really disappointing is that these 10 accounts are often random users from random countries. And they are not relevant to your niche at all.

This is really destructive for your IG page because it misleads Instagram and prevents it from identifying your potential audience. Therefore, you won’t get many impressions and new followers if you appear on Instagram’s Explore.

And you are not allowed to unfollow these accounts even after a while because Mr. Insta bans your account if you do so and removes all the followers you’ve gained!

Mr Insta Free Followers

Regarding the free Instagram followers, this growth tool provides for you, we have to say that after 48 hours, the total number of followers we received was 6. And these 6 followers were either fake, had weird usernames and less than 5 posts, or were from random non-English speaking countries.

So there! Unfortunately, Mr. Insta failed to fulfill our promises.

Pros And Cons Of Mr Insta

To wrap it up, let’s overview some of its pros and cons:

Mr Insta Pros

  • Free Instagram followers and likes plan
  • Various plans
  • No password is required

Mr Insta Cons

  • Mr. Insta does not indicate precisely how it finds these followers.
  • To receive followers, your account must be public.
  • Limited free trials
  • Poor customer service
  • Negative reviews
  • Disappearing followers
  • Limited account analysis
  • Delayed or no refill
  • The danger of being banned by Instagram
  • Expensive plans compared to other services in the market.
  • Fake or ghost followers
  • In the free trial, you need to follow 10 accounts that are irrelevant to your niche in order to start getting Mr Insta free followers.
  • Lack of advanced targeting

As you can see, Mr.insta is similar to other firms that provide followers for purchase but do not assign you an Instagram account manager. Some of them that we have previously discussed are:

And a variety of other services that you may find by searching their name on our website.

Best Mr Insta Alternative: AiGrow

The best way to ensure that your account has sustainable growth and stays safe is to choose an Instagram growth service that only gets real followers and helps you grow your IG page organically.

AiGrow managers perform all the tasks according to Instagram’s daily limits and won’t go against IG terms of use.

Luckily, we know a service that exactly does this: AiGrow, the best Mr Insta alternative!

AiGrow is a comprehensive Instagram service with various features such as a content creation plan, a ghost unfollower feature, an all-in-one bio link, an IG followers checker to spot fake followers tool, and most importantly, growth packages.

Unlike Mr Insta, AiGrow does not use any bot to gain your followers or try to sell you any fake followers. Actually, this service uses AI technology and human knowledge, both together to understand what you need in the best way. Now, if you have fake followers in your account, AiGrow will recognize, and mass unfollow them on Instagram in a wink of an eye.

On the other hand, if you want to renew your account, this app lets you mass delete Instagram posts and get rid of them in a minimum time. Apart from its beneficial and unique features, it provides bulk DM to help you do your marketing like a pro!

Check our review of AiGrow or watch the video below to find out more about it:

How Does AiGrow Work

The way AiGrow works sets it apart from all IG followers apps and growth services that came before it! AiGrow employs human managers to perform all tasks manually and with regard to the limits.

Whether you want to use AiGrow as an unfollowers app for Instagram or as an account manager, you can trust it. And that’s because a professional team of experts will be manually going through every step of the way. That’s why your account will never get shadowbanned by IG!

To get started on AiGrow, you only need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Sign up for free on AiGrow.
  • Then, connect your IG account by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Once you enter your dashboard, click on ‘manage’ and then select the ‘Growth’ tab!
  • Once you identify hashtags, rival accounts, and the kind of target audience you want on Instagram, AiGrow will take care of the rest for you!

So, if you want a dedicated team of professionals supervising your growth, you can rely on AiGrow.

Mr Insta vs. AiGrow

In this section, we offer you a comparison of the two platforms to make your decision a bit easier. As you can see in the picture below, AiGrow clearly outnumbers Mr. Insta in its merits.

Mr Insta vs. AiGrow

When you choose AiGrow, you will benefit from a dedicated account manager who will look after your account 24/7, resolve any issues, and grow your followers organically and without the use of any automation. Using that, you can hire an Instagram account manager for one dollar each day! Aside from employing other features. Isn’t that incredible?

Final Words

It’s a good idea to try different methods to grow your Instagram; however, some of these methods can severely damage your account, such as buying Instagram followers and likes from services like Mr.insta or using automated bots. At any rate, we leave the final judgment to you.

We have already provided you with a list of AiGrow, and Mr Insta features to facilitate your judgment. To make sure your account grows sustainably, choose a service that is completely safe and secure and, above all, addresses all your needs.


Q1. Is Mr Insta Real?

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Insta is promoted as a growth service that guarantees targeted followers and likes, claiming to provide real followers without using bots. However, in reality, Mr. Insta delivers fake followers that tend to disappear after some time.

Q2. How Do I Delete My Instagram Mr Account?

After downloading and purchasing a Mr. Insta subscription, if you find that the platform does not meet your expectations and you want to learn how to delete your Mr. Insta account, follow these steps:
Go to their ‘Members Area.’
Click on ‘Settings.’
Within the settings, you’ll find options to cancel your payment and delete your Mr. Insta account.

Q3. Does Mr. Insta Give Real Followers?

Mr. Insta is a marketing company claiming that gives you free fake followers. They also say that they’ve helped over 500,000 Instagram accounts, which is an incredibly bold statement. And these fake followers will leave your account at the risk of getting banned for good.

Q4. Are there Alternatives to Mr. Insta for Instagram Growth?

Yes, there are several alternatives that can help you grow your Instagram following more authentically. For Instagram growth, AiGrow is a viable alternative to Mr. Insta. AiGrow offers a range of organic growth services and solutions to help users gain genuine Instagram followers and engagement.