Instagram Business Tools You Need to Use Now

10+1 Essential Instagram Business Tools You Need Now

There are many ways to promote your business on Instagram, but one of the most effective ways is to use a tool that automates the process for you. Using an Instagram Business Tool will allow you to create promotions and track them in real-time easily. Moreover, trying Instagram business tools is an excellent way to get up to speed quickly. 

On the other hand, finding the best and essential Instagram business tools is a challenge that most freelance Instagram marketers face. There are also many great Instagram business tools that you can utilize to attract more followers to your Instagram account. 

This article will help you discover the 10+1 essential Instagram business tools and ease the task for you.

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Essential Instagram Business Tools You Need Now

Essential Instagram business tools are the ones that will help you get the word out about your business, build relationships, and keep in touch with your Instagram followers and customers. In the following, you will read about the 10+1 essential Instagram business tools:

1.AiGrow: An All-in-One Instagram Business Tool 

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram business tool and growth service that allows you to organically generate real followers through targeted Liking, following, commenting, and DMing.

You can specify exactly who you want to engage with through the hashtags they use, where they’re located, and followers of specific competitors. This targeting helps to make sure that the people who see your engagement and reciprocate by checking out your page, Liking your posts, and following you are people you want as followers.

AiGrow Features:

Essential Instagram Business Tools You Need Now
AiGrow Instagram business Tool


Combin is an Instagram business tool loaded with powerful audience targeting, management, analysis, and engagement. Also, you can draw new followers and build a loyal community for your account.

Combin Features:

  • Growth and Performance Statistics
  • Advanced Instagram Search
  • Gender, Language, and Audience Size Targeting
  • Repetitive Actions Automation
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts Management
  • Instagram Stories Mass Viewing
  • Detect Who Doesn’t Follow You Back
  • Check Your Instagram Audience Quality
  • Find Target Audience on Instagram

3. Ainfluencer: An Instagram Business tool to Find Influencers

Ainfluencer is one the most innovative, fastest, and most accessible Instagram business tools to grow your brand and make money on Instagram. Additionally, this app performs Instagram influencer marketing and adverts on marketplaces easily and quickly. 

Ainfluencer Features

Essential Instagram Business Tools You Need Now

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is an Instagram business tool that gets accurate results in less time. So, supercharge your social media marketing! Also, find your best times to post and drive engagement. 

Tailwind Features

  • Find and join Communities in your niches to reach new audiences.
  • Quickly discover fresh, quality content from consistent Pinners.
  • Instantly switch between colors, photos, and layouts to find your perfect look!

5. AiSchedul: A Precise Instagram Business Tool 

AiSchedul is one of the best free Instagram business tools that enables you to schedule posts and stories on multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously. Moreover, it is integrated with DM management tools, growth services, and an all-in-one bio link tool. Above all, using a single dashboard, this app lets you grow your Instagram followers organically. You can sign up for free and make most of AiSchedul. 

AiSchedul Features


6. Sendible 

Sendible is an Instagram business tool that lets you manage your brand easily. Actually, using this social media platform, you can automatically publish posts to Instagram business profiles, track your growth and monitor your audience activity.

Sendible Features:

  • Create a thumb-stopping feed for Instagram 
  • Maximize your reach with Instagram geotags
  • Attract your audience with relevant hashtags 
  • Preview your posts before they are published
  • Collaborate with your clients and team to create on-brand Instagram posts

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7. DMPro

DMpro is a safe and secure application that you can generate leads and stay connected to customers with.


  • DM your new and existing followers, people who use specific hashtags, or followers of your competitors’ accounts.
  • Optimize and randomize your message using variable text snippets, so you don’t repeat the same message repeatedly.
  • Connect your email account to your DM to receive and respond to the DMs 
  • Organize, reply, delete, and filter DMs from the convenience of your desktop and smartphone.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts from your single dashboard on DMpro, with different message templates.

8. Ingramer

Ingramer is an Instagram business tool that lets you adapt your Instagram account for business with innovative tools, build a target audience, engage with clients, and plan content. Therefore, it helps potential customers discover your products and build brand loyalty in 3 steps.

Ingramer Features:

  • Attract users to build a loyal community
  • Interact automatically & manage customers
  • Post regularly & boost reach via hashtags
  • Save IGTV, download IG profiles and videos in a heartbeat 
  • Free Instagram video downloader, Facebook video downloader 
  • Watch Instagram Stories anonymously with Instagram 

9. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is an Instagram business tool that schedules and publishes content to the proper channels at the right time. Also, it tracks effectiveness in real-time and cranks the volume on your top-performing content. Moreover, you can build your brand and deliver customer care. 

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Hootsuite Features

  • Manage and view all your social content in a collaborative calendar
  • Create beautiful, engaging posts for your account.
  • Keep your social presence active, automatically scheduling posts to fill the gaps in your calendar.
  • Engage with customers across public and private social channels in one place
  • Monitor activity and engage at scale across all your social networks.
  • Save time and improve response quality with a shared library of on-brand social content and assets.

10. Onlypult

Onlypult provides its users with almost every feature an Instagrammer needs when it comes to scheduling. Also, it is compatible with all your devices. 


  • You can post up to 10 photos and videos on one post. 
  • Divide a set of hashtags, name the category and add them to the caption

11. Owlmetrics

Owlmetrics is an Instagram business tool that lets you track data points like engagement, follower growth, hashtag activity, unfollows, and more. All marketers need data about their audience.

This tool analyzes your followers and tells you about your current performance. It also specifies the best time to post according to your demographic and profile type is.

Owlmetrics Features:

  • Follower growth
  • Follower engagement
  • Hashtag activity
  • Monitor competitor activity 

Final Words on 10+1 Essential Instagram Business Tools

Now you know the essential Instagram business tools to help you drive traffic to your account. However, while trying Instagram business tools, you should also be sure that you provide valuable information to your followers to engage them with your brand. Also, you can use these tools to build relationships with your followers on the app so that they will likely return to your page to see what new content you have posted.

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