Ingramer Review 2022 (Now known As Inflact); Is It Safe for Instagram Account?


It is undeniable that Instagram marketing is a golden opportunity. However, how can you establish a thriving Instagram presence on such a competitive platform? In response, many Instagram tools have emerged, each claiming to grow your account with little effort on your side.

Then, perhaps you have heard a lot about Ingramer or Inflact Instagram automation services but are not sure whether they are safe to use or not.

This review has been written to help you achieve two goals at once. After reading this article, you will know that Ingramer and Inflact are the same Instagram growth services offering the same functionality. In other words, although Ingramer has now rebranded to Inflact, the underlying software remains the same.   

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing whether Ingramer (or inflact) can be put on the list of the best Instagram growth services to assist grow your brand organically and safely on Instagram, you have come to the right place to find the answer. 

But, is Ingramer safe enough for you to leave your Instagram account to?! Will it provide you with high-quality targeted followers and a sustainable engagement rate? Don’t worry! We’ll cover all the truth you need to know about this Instagram growth tool to make the right investment. 

We will also introduce its features, services, and alternatives to help you find out what it can (or can not offer). Plus, we’ll provide information on AiGrow, an excellent alternative. So, stay tuned, and let’s get started.  

What Is Ingramer (Now Renamed As Inflact)

Inflact (formerly known as Ingramer) is an Instagram growth toolkit that provides you with a package of tools and services to help you attract your target audiences. It also offers an Instagram story viewer tool, Instagram scheduling tool, and Instagram DM bot, among many other features and services which we will examine in more detail later.


When you go to (which was previously, the first thing you will notice is that they are an Instagram bot. Although we are grateful they are not hiding it, it does not change the fact that Instagram is opposed to bots.

⚡Due to its spammy and bot practices, using Inflact (or Ingrammer) will put you in danger of being banned or suspended by Instagram.

Ingramer (or Inflact) Features

In this section, we’ll discuss the key features of Ingramer (or Inflact). Are you ready to get started? 

#1. Instagram Growth Bot

Ingramer helps you automatically like, follow, and unfollow IG accounts. And the only network that they support is Instagram. However, note that they carry out these tasks using a bot, not an Instagram account manager. And they are proud enough to admit that they exploit a bot!

You might think that using an Instagram followers app that employs bots can’t be too terrible. However, by experience and by analyzing reviews, it is clear that they can’t help organic Instagram growth!

In fact, bots will only get you fake and ghost followers. One day, you’ll wake up to see that you’re losing your Instagram followers for no reason, and when you realize what’s wrong, it will be too late! So, we have no shred of doubt that Instagram bots are often dangerous and you’d better stay well away from them. 

#2. Automated Direct Message (DM) Tool

Using the DM tool, you can send auto-DMs to all your Instagram followers you have previously connected with, manage your messages, and send quick auto-replies. However, an Instagram bot usually exceeds Instagram’s limitations. 

Therefore, if Ingramer (or Inflact) DMs an unusually large group of followers, Instagram will notice this unusual activity on your side. So, you will be shadowbanned by IG. And according to Ingramer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot, Instagram often bans and blocks Ingramer clients. 

The Ingramee DM feature is difficult to set up. Another negative point concerning its DM app is that it sends out spammy messages. 

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What is best about DMpro is that there is no fee to enjoy its incredible benefits; its Free plan is FREE TO USE. Moreover, unlike Igramer, with DMpro there is no risk of getting banned by Instagram since it strictly adheres to Instagram’s daily limits. Furthermore, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience in more naturally designed ways, so as not to appear spammy. For more information, click here.

Get started with DMpro Free Plan now to see how efficient it will be in meeting your DM needs. 

#3. Instagram Scheduler

You may find the best times to post on Instagram for your niche, but the timing might not fit your schedule. Or worse, you may often forget to post during those times! In such a situation, an ideal Instagram scheduler enables you to schedule your Instagram posts and stories in advance.

🔥Pro Tip:  Instead of using Inflact as an Instagram scheduling bot, our top recommendation is to use Aischedul. Because AiSchedul is more than an effective Instagram scheduling tool. In addition to scheduling posts, you can repost content, respond to comments automatically, and edit your posts once they have been scheduled via AiSchedul.

Additionally, you can download high-quality photos, videos, stories, highlights, IGTV videos, and all profile posts in bulk with a single click. 

Also, the Aischedul platform offers social monitoring and alerts for trending tags and accounts, profile bio links to link feed posts to web pages, and the ability to generate and implement an effective content plan.

It is loved and trusted by 2+ million people all over the globe. Give Aischedul a try now and see its guaranteed results. 

For more information, check out this all-inclusive AiSchedul review

#4. Story Viewer

Using this feature, you can view an Instagram story anonymously. As effective as this Ingrammer stalker feature might be, other free tools could be of more help. You may ask, ‘why?’ Well, that’s because, with Igramer, downloading stories from private accounts is not an option; you can only view stories. 

To exploit Ingramer Insta viewer, follow the steps below: 

  1. First, open the profile whose stories you’d like to view or download and copy the username.
  2. Next, go to the website, paste your profile username, and wait for the stories to appear.
  3. Now, you can press the ‘Download’ button.

Easy, right?! But is Ingramer com safe in the sense that it won’t give you away?! We don’t think so because Ingramer story viewer lacks a human factor and its automated activities may cause trouble.

#5. Video Download

With Ingramer video or story downloader, you can conveniently save anything you’d like. It’s relatively straightforward. All you have to do is open Igramer, paste the video URL, and download it! If you wish to use this feature for photos, you can download them by pasting their URL as well. It’s easy! So, with Ingrammer, video downloading is not just a possibility but a straightforward process. 

Plus, the tool offers an Instagram hashtag generator and a profile analysis tool. By the way, as you may have noticed, Igramer is more of an Instagram automation tool that helps you automatically interact with your prospective followers and let them know that you exist. So, it may not be the best tool to get more IG followers in a safe way. But before finding an alternative for it, let’s check its pros and cons. 

Ingramer Review (Inflact): Pros & Cons

Like all the apps and tools out there, using Ingramer can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.



However, you might find that Igramer is not worth using because: 

  • It uses Instagram bots and these bots are illegal to use
  • The actions are not manual, and you may exceed the Instagram daily limits. So there is a high risk of getting banned or suspended using Ingrammer (or Inflact). 
  • You have to pay for each feature and service separately, and Inflact pricing is too expensive. 
  • The DM feature is difficult to set up,
  • And according to reviews, the company is a scam. 
  • There is no free trial with this automation service. And even worse, getting a refund when you are not content with the service can be extremely challenging.
  • Onsite reviews on are fake. 
  • They claim that offer 24/7 customer support. However, Ingramer reviews generally complain about the company’s poor customer service.
  • Ingrammer (now has no FAQ or Help page.
  • It has slow performance, especially at the beginning.  

So, before purchasing any plans, make sure that it fits your needs and doesn’t have any risks to your Instagram accounts.

Ingramer (Inflact) Pricing

If you just want to use Igramer to download videos and photos or analyze your profile, you don’t have to pay a penny and purchase any plans. In any case, there are different plans and packages for those who want to use its growth services.

Inflact comes with 4 modules: 

  1. The Promo Module for advanced audience targeting 
  2. The Direct Module for sending bulk DM messages 
  3. Scheduled Posting Module
  4. Hashtag Generator Module

As you can see in the picture above, you have to choose the number of accounts you want to use the services for. Additionally, you have the chance to select multiple services and pay for them all at once and reduce the expenses. Otherwise, you can choose the module that best suits your business needs. 

Inflact/Ingramer Pricing Packages

 Considering that Inflact does not provide organic Instagram growth services, and its automated process is also highly risky, its packages seem overpriced.

Note: The Ingrammer (aka Inflact) refund policy is very complicated. They offer specific services that are non-refundable. Reviews also indicate that many clients didn’t receive their refunds despite not getting a result. It is a huge letdown. 

Ingramer Review: What Their Customers Say?

So far, we have covered its features, tools, pros, and cons! However, to complete this review, let’s see what the clients have to say.

Because Ingrammer rebranded to Inflact, we searched for Inflact reviews on Trustpilot but noticed that they still do not provide successful services for their customers. Here’s a recent one:

A client claimed that Ingramer, AKA Inflact, has followed accounts not relevant to the client’s target audience and unfollowed accounts that hadn’t been inactive. And when this unfortunate customer asked for a refund, the team responded that they couldn’t perform better because Instagram’s terms of use are against them!

Many customers report that their account was completely banned because of using this service. So for those who ask, ‘Is Ingramer legit?’ they’d better reconsider!

And yet, more customers suffered from its terrible customer service. For example, Emily paid for the features but didn’t receive anything!

Unfortunately, there are many similar reviews on Trustpilot, all indicating that the company has stolen their credit card info! 

AiGrow: Best Alternative to Get Real Followers

If you are looking for an alternative for Ingramer, AiGrow may be the best choice possible. It is a highly efficient Instagram management service that offers you all the benefits and tools provided by Igramer at a lower cost and with higher quality. Moreover, since everything is done manually by a professional manager, it works faster and doesn’t have the risk of being blocked on Instagram because human managers are aware of and careful with Instagram limits!


AiGrow is one of the highly-rated and proven organic Instagram growth services. It provides you with a variety of helpful tools and features to improve every key metric of your Instagram account in a safe and organic way. 

AiGrow is a powerful tool you can depend on in every aspect of your Instagram marketing strategy. It can provide you with highly targeted followers and boost your engagement rate in a sustainable manner. In addition, it can help you run successful marketing campaigns to convert your followers into customers, increasing sales and revenues a great deal.

Many people have already tried AiGorw and are happy with their choice. If you are still not convinced, watch the video below:

Kindly, check out this comprehensive AiGrow review if you are interested to know more about this organic Instagram growth service.

AiGrow Features

AiGrow features
 AiGrow Features

let’s briefly check out AiGrow’s main features:

And much, much more. The fact that AiGrow uses competent managers for managing your account makes it a much better alternative. It covers all the features offered by Ingramee and even ranks higher by delivering more effective services and tools at a lower price and higher quality. 

 So, don’t waste more time. Guarantee your success with AiGrow now!

How to Work With AiGrow

AiGrow functions with the help of human managers. That is, a support team will be in charge of your growth, and hence, they are available to answer your questions and address your concerns. To start with AiGrow and use the help of a professional team, you only need to follow the steps below:

  • First, sign up on AiGrow and connect your Instagram account. 
  • Next, you need to choose a pricing plan.
  • Once you enter your AiGrow account, click on ‘Manage’ on your dashboard.
  • Now, you can access all the features with the available tabs. 

Don’t forget that a dedicated account manager will be responsible for your IG. It’s amazing right?!

So, get immediate access to AiGrow features right now!


We’ve shared everything we had found on Igramer so far. Now, it’s time to answer some of your common questions!

1- Does Ingramer Still Work?

This tool is still practically functional but it has been renamed ‘Inflact.’ So, to provide a clear-cut answer, we’d have to say that it still works but under the name of Inflact. And it offers the same set of features plus the story viewer and video downloader.

If your question is about its performance, that’s a different story. You can practically use Inflact but it won’t get you real results. It might increase the numbers but those are just fake and can’t increase your engagement rate!

2- Do You Have to Pay for Ingramer?

Yes, indeed! It doesn’t offer a free plan or a free trial. So, you have to pay to play. That is, if you’d like to have those features, you have to pay to get started. 

But if you ask us, it’s not worth your money or time! Instead, you can go for AiGrow, a more comprehensive all-in-one tool that can fulfill all your expectations for reasonable prices!

3- Is Ingramer (Now called Inflact) Safe for Your Instagram Account? 

No.  Ingramer uses ‘gram’ in the name which is clearly illegal under Instagram’s copyright. We think it is the main reason behind their name change from Ingramer to Inflact. Moreover, many people have complained that it has gotten their IG accounts banned. 

At the end of the day, Igramer is a bot, and Instagram is doing everything it can to kill such automated services. Hence, don’t get surprised if their services stopped working sometime in the future. Therefore, it is wise to avoid these dangerous bots and try to use organic Instagram growth services like AiGrow

Bottom Line

In this article, we had a closer look at Ingramer, also known as Inflact. To sum it up, it can be a good automated service to schedule your Instagram content, send automated DMs, and gain new followers. However, it is a bot, and Instagram bans accounts that use such automation tools. Moreover, it is an expensive automation bot that has not been successful in its performance.

And answering the question from the title, “Is Ingramer (or Inflact) safe for your Instagram account?” the answer is a big No. Again, it is a bot and highly risky. 

That is why we introduced AiGrow as an ultimate and organic solution for your Instagram growth. AiGrow’s experienced account managers are completely aware of Instagram’s new updates and algorithms; so they can safely and seamlessly grow your account without having to worry about anything.  

 Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions.