Top 10 Instagram Cheats For Followers to Grow in 2021

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This is typical of us human beings to look for a shortcut to reach our goals and get away with consequences and it happens in all aspects of life. The same story goes with Instagram. What are Instagram cheats for followers and how to get more followers on Instagram cheat?

Instagram cheats can be interpreted differently. One is fooling Instagram algorithms and users to fake grow. The second is a short yet very productive way to gain followers.

Buying followers whether they are fake or not, follow-for-follow methods, bulk follow users, and Instagram engagement pods are what most users perceive as Instagram cheats for followers. 

Let me say that point-blank. That is not what we talk about here. Because Instagram and its users have been in this field long enough to learn who is growing and who is cheating. Cheating on Instagram does not do you any good, it ruins your reputation, it repels the real followers you earned, and it most likely cost you your account.

Instead, we would talk about fast ways that increase your follower. If you are interested in it, stay with me till the end of the article.

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1. Get 1000 New, Targeted, And Free Trial Followers OF AiGrow

Does this title controverts what I covered in the introduction? Not at all!

I do forbid you to buy fake or real followers. As I said it does not improve your Instagram account in any way. But AiGrow has another story.

AiGrow hires the most professional Instagram experts for users like you who want to grow their accounts. These followers are not some fake accounts that follow you. They are real users who your Instagram manager earns for you in less than 10 days. Better said, you have a free Instagram manager for a week.

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If you do not trust any services, it is understandable. However, it is not hard to distinguish fake followers from real ones. You can use that trial and after checking Instagram followers, decide to get rid of these followers using a ghost following app or not.

2. Hire An Instagram Manager From AiGrow

Once you used the trial and checked the followers for yourself, you can hire an Instagram manager from AiGrow. If an expert can earn you 1000 active, real, and engaging followers in a week or so, how many followers will you get in 3 months or more? 

That is what your IG manager determines.

3. Write The Instagram Bio More Carefully

You might say how it is gonna impact the number of my followers. Of course, if you write a catchy Instagram bio for business, the rate of visitors who turn into followers will increase.

But being catchy is not the only thing you should consider when writing an Instagram bio. The first thing you should know is that every word in your Instagram bio is searchable. No matter if you put a hashtag before that or not. So make sure to embed the related keywords in the bio.

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Speaking of hashtags, should you add one or two hashtags to your bio? It is a tricky question to answer given the fact that every word of the bio is searchable!

As you know every hashtag is an Instagram entry where users can visit your account and turn to followers. That is why it is recommended to take advantage of all 30 hashtags.

So why not use it on Instagram bio to make another entry?

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The thing is that when you put hashtags before the words in your bio, you make them clickable and when users touch it, they are off your page!

The smart thing to do is to add the specified hashtag for your brand to turn this feature of Instagram into your own favor.

You don’t have one of your own? Well, come up with one.

4.  Add Hashtags To Instagram Stories

When you use hashtags on your Instagram stories, they will appear on the hashtag page and that means more audiences. Some of these audiences may end up following you. You can add 15 hashtags to your stories. Of course, it will look spammy, but you can hide them.

How to hide hashtags on Instagram? You know where to click!

5. Build Connection

You think is it possible to earn 5K followers within an hour? The answer is yes. How? Read the title again.

After Lele Pons and Guaynaa released their song “Se Te Nota,” Nastya Nass Danced with that song, so Lele Pons, with more than 43M followers, and Guaynaa with around 5M followers added that post to their stories. In the following, you will see the post. How many you think started to follow her in that 24 hours?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Nastya Nass (@nastya_nass_)

Even Instagram cheats for followers don’t work that fast and that easy!

6. Drive Followers From Other Platforms

Depending upon your niche, you can get followers from other platforms. If you have a shop and have a website, it is a good idea to ask visitors to follow you on Instagram.

Other than Google, you can ask your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, Pinterest, etc to follow you on Instagram.

7. Create More Videos

It seems like videos get a high Instagram engagement rate and they are more likely to appear on the explore page. So, create more videos. If you don’t have the tools, read Become a Successful Instagram Content Creator in 2021

8. Run Giveaways

Based on a study, Instagram accounts that run giveaways regularly, earn 3x more followers than accounts that do not in 3 months. It means if you normally get 500 followers monthly, with strategical giveaways, you get more than 4500 followers in that 3 months.

Of course, you want target followers, not some not interested users who are just interested in the prize! That is why I insist on running a strategic giveaway.

9. Consider Advertising On Instagram

 Either pay related Instagram accounts to feature you in their accounts or run ad campaigns on Instagram itself. That will Increase your page reach and if your profile is optimized enough, you get massive followers short-time.

10. Go Viral

Another way to boost your followers in a very short time is to go viral. If you want that to happen, the keyword is creativity. Of course, if you create some good pieces of content, sooner or later you go viral. If it interests you, read 50 Creative Instagram Accounts in 10 Categories to be inspired.

Don’t Cheat Yourself Out Of a Productive Instagram Account

How to get more followers on Instagram cheat? Through these ways;

  • Exert “follow for follow” method
  • Bulk follow random users and then unfollow them
  • Buy fake followers
illustration of a girl googling Instagram cheats for more followers
How to get more followers on Instagram cheat?

But you know what? Instagram cheats for followers come with consequences! 

  • If you buy fake followers, you end up losing your account forever.
  • If you exert the “follow for follow” method, you get real followers who don’t engage with your account and your real followers suspect whether you bought fake followers so they unfollow. 
  • And if you follow people in hopes of getting them to follow you, you violate Instagram limits and again Instagram shuts your account. Plus I tried this way, these followers don’t engage back and they unfollow eventually!

If someone comes up with new ways of Instagram cheats for followers, you can try them but I believe somewhere in the middle Instagram will outsmart you and you know what happens next.

So what I suggest here is to try fast ways of getting followers instead of googling “how to get more followers on Instagram cheat”

 Instagram Cheats For Followers In Summary

How to get more followers on Instagram cheat? Since Instagram cheats for followers is not something to count on in the long-term, I came up with 10 fast ways to increase followers, the things that you’d probably don’t know yet.

  1. Get 1000 New, Targeted, And Free Trial Followers OF AiGrow
  2. Hire An Instagram Manager From AiGrow
  3. Write The Instagram Bio More Carefully
  4. Add Hashtags To Instagram Stories
  5. Build Connection
  6. Drive Followers From Other Platforms
  7. Create More Videos
  8. Run Giveaways
  9. Consider Advertising On Instagram
  10.  Go Viral

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