How to Promote Patreon on Instagram: 8 Pro Tips and Hacks

promote patreon

One of the best platforms for artists and creators is Patreon. Actually, Patreon is a good place for Podcast recorders, artists and illustrators, game streamers, video creators, and almost all types of artists out there. However, getting followers -they are called patrons– just using this platform is not that easy. To grow on this website, you need to promote your account on other social media channels. And as you know, Instagram is one of the best platforms to get your art noticed. Moreover, you can easily upload your digital art on Instagram and boost your sellings on it. So, promoting your Patreon account on Instagram gives you a great chance to make more patrons and hence, more money. But how to promote Patreon on Instagram?

Well, here, we want to talk about 8 professional tips that can help you to promote Patreon on Instagram. So, stay tuned, try these professional tips, and skyrocket your sellings. 

#1 Promote Your Patreon on Your Instagram Bio

Well, the easiest way to promote Patreon on Instagram is to add your Patreon link to your Instagram bio. This is really easy! All you have to do is to click on your profile icon on Patreon and click on the “Finish Page” button.

Patreon link

Then, below the “Basics” section, scroll down and find “Patreon Page URL”. Then, choose the name you want for your URL. 

Patreon link

This is your Patreon link. Simply copy it and paste it to your Instagram bio box, just like did @gotta_sketchum_all on her Instagram bio:

promote Patreon on Instagram bio

Also, if you have already set your URL, you can just open your Patreon profile and copy the URL in the search box of your browser. But, as you know, Instagram lets you just share one link on your bio. So, what if you want to share your blog and other social media links on your Instagram bio? Here’s the solution!

How to Share Multiple Links on Your Instagram Bio?

Well, as mentioned above, Instagram lets you share just one link in your bio. However, you may need to share your social media links, your blog link, and also your Patreon account on your Instagram bio all at once. What can you do to do so? 

Luckily, there are some third-parties like AiGrow that let you create all-in-one bio links. 

promote Patreon via AiGrow

Actually, AiGrow is an intriguing package of Instagram management and growth tools that turns you into a professional Instagrammer. Using this toolkit, you can schedule posts and stories, repost content, find the best Instagram hashtags, attract the target audience, and much more. 

However, apart from all these amazing features, it lets you create a customized all-in-one bio link.

Using this bio-link tool you can:

And much more than this. But how to add multiple links to Instagram bio using it? Easy! Just follow the steps mentioned in the following video:

‌ ‌

So, go ahead, sign up for free, and promote Patreon on Instagram without losing the chance to promote other social media accounts of yours.

#2 Add Patreon Links to Your Instagram Posts 

Another way to promote your Patreon on Instagram is to add links to your Instagram posts. Actually, Instagram only lets users having a business account add links to their posts and make them shoppable. But, fortunately, AiGrow has a solution for this one too! 

Using AiGrow, you can easily add links to your Instagram posts and also add them price tags. 

promote Patreon

As you know, on Patreon, you can have multiple partnership levels. 

membership levels

So, using this AiGrow feature, you can easily post artwork on your Instagram account, link it to one of your Patreon partnership levels, and add the price of it. This way, your patrons can easily reach the purchase page and help you earn money. So, sign up for free right now and leverage your Instagram to grow on Patreon. Also, to know how to exactly add links to your posts, you can watch the video from the previous section.

#3 Add Patreon Links to Your Instagram Stories

One of the best ways to promote Patreon on Instagram is to share a part of your new artwork in Instagram stories and invite people to watch the full version on your Patreon. This can be a small part of a tutorial, podcast, song, or whatever you are creating. 

promote Patreon on IG stories

If you have a verified Instagram account or 10k+ followers, you are so lucky. You can use the swipe-up feature to add links to your Instagram stories and just add a CTA to tell people that there’s a link there, just like @peterhollens does. 

But what if you don’t meet these requirements? Is everything over? Of course not! AiGrow is here to help again! All you have to do is to sign up for free and follow the steps mentioned in this article to add links to your Instagram stories. So, do not hesitate to give it a free try! 🙂

#4 Grow Your Instagram Account to Promote Patreon

Definitely, an essential key to success in promoting your Patreon on Instagram is to have a great number of followers, especially active and real followers. Actually, to gain followers on Instagram you must be consistent, patient, and use the best safe Instagram growth tools to achieve your goals in a short period of time. 

As mentioned in the previous parts, AiGrow helps you attract your target audience and organically grow on Instagram. Fortunately, AiGrow has many professional packages that can help you gain followers on Instagram and achieve your goals in a shorter time. But here, I want to talk about one of the best, most complete packages of this tool which is the “Pro-Managed Special” package.

Pro-manage special AiGrow

As you see, using this amazing package you can get more than 300 new followers per month. Also, it provides you with unlimited use of features like scheduling, reposting, etc. So, watch the following video to see how it works, then sign up for free, and promote Patreon with ease:

#5 Promote Patreon by Adding CTAs to Captions

Now, you know how to add Patreon links to your Instagram bio, posts, and stories. But is it enough? To be honest, not exactly. Actually, you have to remind people to check those links and promote them to join your Patreon. But how? 

Well, all you have to do is to add a call-to-action in your captions. Just post a picture or video of something you have shared on Patreon, and invite people to join there to see a more completed version of what you have shared. 

For instance, as you see in the following Instagram post, @sarafaber_ has shared a drawing and invited people to watch the live stream of the steps and tutorials on her Patreon account:

#6 Add Call to Actions in Your Posts to Promote Patreon

In the previous part, we told you to add CTAs to your Instagram captions and invite people to check out your Patreon page. But, to be honest, this may not be the best way to promote Patreon. Actually, most people prefer to just look at the visuals on Instagram. It means that people do not pay attention to the captions as much as the photos and videos. Most of the Instagrammers just scroll down the Instagram feed, and if there is a multi-post, they swipe left to see more. 

So, instead of including CTAs in the captions, you can create a cute and inspiring post to invite your followers to check your Patreon. This is what @planetprudence has done. If you take a look at her Instagram account, you can see this picture after almost all of her posts. So, go ahead and create something amazing to call people to join your Patreon.

promote Patreon on Instagram posts

#7 Share In-Progress Videos

On Patreon, you can share long videos including tutorials, step by step guides, behind the scene videos and etc. Actually, this gives you a great chance to promote Patreon on Instagram. 

Imagine that you are sharing a live stream of an art tutorial on your Patreon. At the same time, you can go live on Instagram and announce that you are doing this on your Patreon account. This way, people have to join your Patreon to watch what you are doing. Again, you can check out @planetprudence Instagram account to see an example of this:

#8 Reward Your Patreon Fans

Another good way to promote Patreon on Instagram is to run giveaway contests. This can be done on both Patreon and Instagram. 

One way is to run Instagram giveaway contests. Actually, we have covered all the aspects of these giveaway contests before. So, you must know how to host giveaway contests. But how to promote Patreon on it? Well, when setting rules for your contest, one of the rules must be to join your Patreon. This way, you will get followers on Instagram, and patrons on Patreon. Also, in this way, you have the chance to automate your Instagram giveaway using AiGrow. So, sign up for free and watch the following video to run a winning giveaway contest:

‌ ‌ ‌

However, you can also run giveaway contests on Patreon. If you prefer to do so, and just include your patrons, you can share promotional posts and stories on your Instagram account and announce people to join the giveaway on Patreon. For more details, jump to the FAQ section. 

FAQs about How to Promote Patreon on Instagram

Now, you know how to promote your Patreon on Instagram. But, this is not the end of the story. Hence, we decided to cover some of the FAQs of this topic as well. So, keep on reading to know more. 

How to Connect Patreon to Instagram?

To connect your Patreon account to your Instagram account, you just have to open your Patreon and click on the “Page Settings” tab.

connect patreon to instagram

Then, scroll down until you reach the “Social Links” section and click on the “Connect” button next to the Instagram icon. 

connect patreon to social media accounts

Now, Patreon automatically connects to the Instagram account you are using on your device. If this is the intended account, just hit the “authorize” button. And if not, tap on the “Not @USERNAME” to switch to another account. 

connect to instagram

Finally, make sure that your Instagram account is being shown on your Patreon profile. 

promote Patreon

That’s it. Your Patreon profile will look like the following image:


Can you Run Giveaways on Patreon?

As mentioned above, yes! You can run giveaways on Patreon.  Patreon lets you create some high-level tiers to help you reward your followers. But, for more information, click here and learn how to run giveaways on this platform.

Can You Really Make Money on Patreon?

Yes! You may think that this just works on paper. But let me tell you that Patreon really works and helps artists earn money just by their fan support. As an example, Chapo Trap House, with about 35,474 patrons, earns $159,249 per month, which is really amazing. So, go ahead and do your best to make money on Instagram using a Patreon account. 

Final Thoughts on Promoting Patreon

To sum it up, having Instagram and Patreon accounts together helps you to grow on each platform. However, since Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites for all the people over the globe, it can help you more in growing on Patreon. In this article, we talked about 7 tips to help you promote Patreon. So, read it meticulously, and if there are any other tips that might help, feel free to leave us a comment.