Socialbee vs AiGrow: Which One Will Be Knocked Out of the Fierce Competition? {In-Depth Comparison 2023}

Socialbee review

To be honest, no business can survive these days without social media promotions. Even giant virtual networks and industries such as Google, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, and eBay “have to” spend millions of dollars on their online marketing strategies to ensure they will be alive for the next year.

Whenever we talk about social media activities, there seems to be something missing. What do I mean? An auxiliary social media engagement service can facilitate the whole program, not only scheduling content but also analyzing user engagements, monitoring page performance, and sharing valuable insights on expanding the network.

There are plenty of social media, especially Instagram promotion companies from the whole planet to send helpful packages to users. Still, here we are going to hold a full comparison between the two popular examples of them, which are SocialBee and AiGrow. In this article, we will answer all key questions about the two network rivals;

  • What is Socialbee?
  • What is AiGrow?
  • AiGrow & SocialBee pricing
  • Pros and Cons of the two companies

Different social media posting services have their own features, advantages, and restrictions on the purpose of social media marketing or engagement. Unfortunately, there is not even an obscure barrier between those services that can “actually be ready to help you in your career” and those who are “ready to help their pockets rather than your job.”

Many social media engagement services are literally “scam” programs or are using a kind of methods that are legally inhibited on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and can put your account in danger of getting punished or even permanently banned!!!

What Is Socialbee

Generally speaking, Socialbee com is a social media management tool that enables posting across all of your accounts on different platforms. You can use this popular company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, and YouTube.

SocialBee is an international social media management tool that enables posting across all of your accounts on different platforms. Many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, are covered by SocialBee.

Socialbee com Website
Socialbee com Website

The company offers a wide range of features to help businesses effectively manage, schedule, and analyze their social media presence.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow, SocialBee allows users to save time and streamline their social media activities across multiple platforms. Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business, or an agency, SocialBee offers the tools and functionalities needed to enhance your social media presence.

Social media promotion is not the only field SocialBee is active in; you can also find SocialBee jobs on the internet!!! Several websites, including Glassdoor, can help you find a SocialBee job or alternative ones in other companies.

SocialBee Pricing

How much does SocialBee cost? If you are ready to get familiar with the “SocialBee Instagram for business integration” packages, three main offers are waiting for you.

The SocialBee cheap version will be “Bootstrap,” which costs only $29 per month and includes one workspace, one user per workspace, five social media profiles, 10 content categories, ten RSS feeds, and 1,000 posts per category. This is a basic promotion package for amateur or budget-limited Instagrammers who have just found their way.

The next SocialBee online plan is “Accelerate,” which gives the same equipment as the Bootstrap plan, except for ten social media profiles, 50 content categories, 50 RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category. The mentioned package will cost $49 per month for customers.

SocialBee Pricing
SocialBee Pricing

The last SocialBee new plan is the “Pro” version, which individually splits into four separate sub-plans;

1- Pro 25 ($79 per month); including 25 social media profiles, five workspaces, three workspace users, unlimited content categories, unlimited RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.

2- Pro 50 ($149 per month); including 50 social media profiles, ten workspaces, five workspace users, unlimited content categories, unlimited RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.

3- Pro 100 ($279 per month); including 100 social media profiles, 20 workspaces, five workspace users, unlimited content categories, unlimited RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.

4- Pro 150 ($379 per month); including 150 social media profiles, 30 workspaces, five workspace users, unlimited content categories, unlimited RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.

All packages have monthly and annual billing, which the latter saves 16% of your budget. There are also some SocialBee promo codes and SocialBee discount codes if you try to look for them on SocialBee review websites, such as

If you are still trying to keep your wallet credit undamaged, take the SocialBee free version app, with, of course, fewer capabilities. It also has a 14-day trial method if you want to try out the services yourself, except for some unique ones.

How Does SocialBee Work

In general, SocialBee simplifies social media management by automating content posting, providing analytics to measure performance, and offering collaboration options for teams.

If you want to start working with SocialBee, these steps should be taken;

  1. Account Setup: To get started, you need to create an account with SocialBee. By opening the official SocialBee website, you can see a greenish “Sign up / login” button on the top-right of the screen, which means you should SocialBee login if you already have the account or SocialBee signup if you don’t.

2. Plan purchase: You can choose from different subscription plans based on your needs. The SocialBee available plans will be described later in this article.

3. Social Profiles: Once you have set up your account, you can connect your social media profiles to SocialBee. This includes selecting the platforms you want to manage and providing the necessary permissions.

4. Content Categories and Posting Plans: SocialBee uses a content categorization system which helps organize your social media content on different platforms. You can create various content categories and set up posting plans for each type. Posting plans define the frequency and timing of your posts.

SocialBee Features

SocialBee collaborates with many social media platforms, so as an ocean of technologies, it needs many dynamic tools to make users perform well on all of them. Here is a list of SocialBee features that you can own by joining the big SocialBee community;

1- Content Curation

Finding relevant and engaging content to share with your audience can be challenging. SocialBee simplifies this process by offering content curation tools that allow users to discover and share high-quality content from various sources, including RSS feeds, hashtags, and keywords.

2- Content Scheduling and Publishing

Once your content is ready, you can schedule it for specific dates and times or add it to your evergreen content library. SocialBee will then automatically publish your posts based on your posting plans.

3- Team Collaboration

Collaborating with your team members or clients is seamless with SocialBee. You can assign roles and permissions, review and approve content, and engage in real-time communication, ensuring smooth teamwork and efficient social media management.

4- Analytics and Reporting

SocialBee provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features to help you track and measure the performance of your social media campaigns. From engagement rates and follower growth to top-performing posts, these insights enable data-driven decision-making and optimisation of your social media strategy.

SocialBee Reviews

In some cases, we saw some negative comments that we were going to share with you. Read these reviews to see what their real customers think about this service:

  • The only thing I have to say about Social Bee that I don’t really love is the UI, it’s not the prettiest tool available but it works and gets the job done. I think if they worked on the UI this tool would be way more popular than it is now.
SocialBee Reviews
SocialBee Reviews on Trustpilot
  • Setting up Pinterest is a pain in the butt as they don’t have their own integration. You have to use a Hootsuite free account and integrate through that. However, it works well when you get it set up. Also, reconnect integrations can be a pain in the butt, though this is from the social media platform side, not a social bee issue.
  • My only complaint is that there is sometimes a glitch when setting up the automatic posts that grab content from previous posts. Sometimes it will pick the same post repeatedly, posting multiple times in the same week. But probably it is just some setting I have to adjust.
  • When I go to write a post, once I have put a photo on, the link, as well as the tags then the whole program slows down like we are back in the 90s on dial-up. This means fully completing one post can take up to 45 minutes, even on a fast computer. This has put me off using it almost completely and demotivates me from keeping my posts new.
  • There is an initial learning curve when switching from another tool, but not too bad.
  • The UI should be more intuitive, content management isn’t as updated as other software’s in the market. We need some good AI for putting publishing on steroids.
  • The main reason we implemented other Social marketing platforms alongside Socialbee is their inability to have a built-in integration for some social media such as Pinterest. The only option to schedule content on Pinterest for instance is through Hootsuite. This was the same for Instagram initially but they have been able to correct the Instagram integration but not that of Pinterest. I would love to see YouTube as a part of the integration, but it is not currently viable. On the other hand, the inbuilt link shorteners are not reliable. Other than that SocialBee is a solid marketing tool in any marketer toolbox.
  • What I least like about this software is the analytics aren’t for all platforms, and you need integrations for Pinterest and Instagram. I also have struggled with the Socialbee link shorteners. Now that I have spent hours plugging in content, I was very disappointed to see 20% of the links do not work. When I contacted them they were very quick in getting back to me, but said there was nothing they could do on their end. So I would suggest using other link shorteners and staying away from their own one.
  • The interface sometimes is too confusing. It’s easy to get lost among all tabs and features and forget where to go to find the right place. I also don’t like how often SocialBee wants me to try their Concierge program, which I don’t need.
  • It was a little difficult to figure out where to start. I felt like the layout of Socialbee is not intuitive and can be confusing for someone new to it.

Pros and Cons of Socialbee

SocialBee seems to be a great social media posting app for Instagramers. However, a complete SocialBee review needs to cover all advantages and disadvantages of the SocialBee social media project. First, let’s take a look at the Social Bee advantages.


1- Multiple pre-designed posts based on your category: once you’ve set up your account with SocialBee order, you will have hundreds of social media posts scheduled without having to create a single one of them manually.

2- AI Caption Generator: if you still have no idea which caption can target more followers on social media, SocialBee’s new AI-associated caption generator can remove one of your annoying concerns forever.

3- Canva integration: for those guys asking for Canva-mediated content on online networks, SocialBee Instagram & other platforms packages will hit the top in this competition compared to its alternatives.


1- No social inbox: as bad news, there is no social box, listening, or monitoring features on SocialBee, and sometimes the user even cannot make sense of what’s the matter with his or her account.

2- No mobile-based scheduling: SocialBee has not published its monitoring app, which is already in the beta version. As a result, we have some limitations on the SocialBee online program, and it doesn’t allow you to schedule content using the app.

3- Distracting UI.
4- Analytics aren’t available for all platforms.
5- Difficult to figure out where to start.
6- there is a glitch when setting up the automatic posts.
7- They don’t have a built-in Pinterest integration.
8- There is an initial learning curve when switching from another tool.

What Is AiGrow

If you take your laptop and do a little surfing on the world wide web, you will see plenty of companies out there that claim to help you get more Instagram followers. But how can you decide which one is the real friend and not “a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

This is the place where the combination of expertise plus authenticity needs to be blown up. AIGrow is an organic growth and engagement solution for Instagram users and marketers. By following the guide on the official website, you will figure out the highest amount of options you will receive for promoting your account at the expense of standard pricing.

AiGrow is aware that users are constantly making comparisons between different social media management services, so AIGrow always keeps its service on top and superior. AiGrow seamlessly integrates with Instagram, ensuring a smooth experience and full compatibility with Instagram’s terms of service.

AiGrow is a game-changer for Instagram growth and engagement. With its powerful tools and features, it simplifies the process of managing and growing your Instagram followers. Whether you are a brand, business, or individual seeking to boost your Instagram presence, AiGrow provides the necessary tools and functionalities to elevate your strategy, attract engaged followers, and drive meaningful results.

Do You Want a Steady Flow of Real and Engaged Followers?

AiGrow Pricing

AIGrow comes with multiple Instagram promotion packages and additional features based on customer preferences.

“Managed Growth” packages are the basic plans which you can purchase based on the support duration. They come with the “Live Strategy & Onboarding Meeting” feature and can send you organic and real followers.

Monthly: $129 per month (get a %65 off for your first purchase)
Quarterly: $103 per month
Half annual: $90 per month
Annual: $77 per month

“Managed Growth + DM” are more sophisticated packages that have the same features as previous AiGrow plans. Managed Growth packages are the most suitable if you think the essential tools are enough for your Instagram job. However, if you need more additional tools like Premium Direct Message Marketing, Premium Giveaway Picker, Score Card and Growth hacks, and Premium Bio-Link, “Managed growth + DM,” plans are waiting for you;

Monthly: $249 per month (get a %65 off for your first purchase)
Quarterly: $192 per month
Half annual: $168 per month
Annual: $144 per month

“Managed DMs” and “Managed Advanced” are other options, especially if you wish to target a specific category of followers, hashtags, or locations. Managed DMs are created for those who are short on their time and need some help in account management. They also send 50+ customized messages per day and live onboarding meeting programs on your Instagram.

Monthly: $129 per month (get a %65 off for your first purchase)
Quarterly: $103 per month
Half annual: $90 per month
Annual: $77 per month

With “Managed Advanced” plans, everything is a level more professional. “Managed Advanced” AiGrow packages consist of some exclusive features, including premium direct message marketing, premium giveaway picker, and advanced content creation strategies. None of these features can be found altogether in other AiGrow packages, so it can be a great opportunity to look more experienced.

Managed Advanced

Quarterly: $699 per month
Half annual: $599 per month
Annual: $499 per month

If you think you need massive new followers instantly, you can buy a one-payment package from AIGrow, with a dedicated account manager and exclusive email support.

All packages on AIGrow have priority 24×7 support, a 14-day money-back guarantee, and a dedicated growth team and analytical report.
“Managed Advanced” AIGrow packages consist of some exclusive features, including premium direct message marketing, premium giveaway picker and advanced content creation.

“Content Creation” plans have more exclusively dedicated tools for Instagram accounts and social media improvement. They come with a private account manager, post galleries, content plan calendar, and content design template-feed/stories (Up to 4x)

Monthly Postmate: 499 dollars per month
3-month Postmate: 474 dollars per month
Half annual Postmate: 449 dollars per month

All packages on AIGrow have priority 24×7 support, a 14-day money-back guarantee, and a dedicated growth team and analytical report. As you can see, AiGrow provides different packages for different needs and requirements. Since AiGrow is an organic Instagram growth service, it is 100% Safe and Secure. With AiGrow, you will reach more engaged followers and will experience more sustainable results for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Watch the video below to see what AiGrow customers think about this Instagram growth service:

AiGrow Features

In practice, you have to take good with bad. But in terms of the AIGrow packages, the “good” part will always beat the latter heavily. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of AIGrow social media promotion program;

1- Social Monitoring: with its powerful analytic tools, you can monitor hashtags, accounts, comments, mentions of your profile, and many other aspects of your activities on Instagram with AIGrow.

2- Instagram direct publishing: the main expertise of AIGrow is dedicated to the people living on Instagram. Thus, why should we waste the feature of Instagram direct publishing, which allows you to easily post images, videos, carousels, and stories???

3- All-in-One bio link: For influencers having many virtual stores on multiple social media platforms, having an all-in-one link on a popular network like Instagram could be the “golden brick” of their dream house. This is the feature you can get from AIGrow.

4- Target marketing: With the power of AIGrow, you can mention specific hashtags, locations, and account names to get them into the phenomenon of automated engagement.

5- Running on Multiple accounts: you can enjoy AiGrow on different Instagram accounts simultaneously. The number of accounts you can implement depends on the packages you have chosen before and your budget size.

6- Account managing & post scheduling: AIGrow is something more than just a social media service; you can even devolve some of your daily Instagram tasks to it!!! By purchasing more advanced packages, AIGrow now has permission to help you with account management for at least 10 hours a week and create 2-3 weekly posts for you.

7- Story Engagements: Instagram Stories have gained massive popularity, and AiGrow helps you leverage this feature effectively. It enables you to view and engage with the stories of your target audience, increasing your visibility and encouraging reciprocal engagement.

8- Enhanced Engagement: AiGrow has various engagement activities on your behalf, such as liking, following, commenting, and direct messaging. It intelligently attracts your target audience based on hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts, ensuring that you connect with relevant users who are likely to be interested in your content.

9- Hashtag Analytics: AiGrow provides insights into the performance of hashtags, allowing you to identify the most effective ones for your posts. This helps optimize your hashtag strategy, drive more targeted traffic to your content, and attract engaged followers.

10- Post Scheduling: AIGrow allows you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance. You can plan your content calendar, edit images, write captions, and even add hashtags directly within the platform. This feature ensures consistent posting and saves you time by automating the publishing process.

AiGrow features
AiGrow Features

As mentioned earlier in the article, there is always a high probability of scam activities when talking about social media services. This is something not familiar with AiGrow, as its main focus is on Instagram, which has the most restricted rules about follower absorption and so-called “popularity boosters.”

Conclusion on SocialBee

Thank you for reading. We tried our best to explain almost all features of the two bloody rivals on social media posting promotion, including their positive & disappointing items, pricing, and online reviews.

Although SocialBee has its best experts in the field of online marketing, even the company has nothing to say in terms of organic followers when it encounters its rival. Both online services have a money-back guarantee, but in addition to generating followers organically, AIGrow has better customer support and more specific Instagram plans.

Managing an Instagram account effectively can be time-consuming and challenging. In the case of Instagram integration, management, and promotion, AiGrow is a more powerful management and growth tool designed to simplify and optimize your Instagram marketing efforts, ensuring maximum engagement and growth.

With no surprise, there are tons of social media marketing companies with many colourful services on the global network. However, make a better decision after reading this article and choose a more organic and secure one.


1- What Are the New Features of AIGrow?

AIGrow comes with many fantastic features on Instagram. Although many of them are not novel, they have evolved when talking about AIGrow packages.
By AIGrow, you will get a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution for businesses and influencers who are looking to generate targeted followers, stay top of mind, streamline their operations, and boost revenues.

2- Can I Cancel AiGrow Packages Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your AIGrow packages anytime, according to the official website. There is also a limited trial mode if you are new to the ecosystem and a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are concerned about your budget.

3- I Have Some Limitations on My Budget. Which Company Can Be a Better Choice for Me, SocialBee or AiGrow?

AIGrow has more specific tools if your goal is to promote your Instagram account in the world of social media.

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