Best 10 Free Website Traffic Checkers

Are you looking for the finest website traffic checker to get your hands on detailed and reliable data?! Well, whether you’re a marketing/SEO manager or just a business owner, your website traffic is one of the most important factors in your field of work.  

In this respect, there are some important questions: Why is it essential to look up website traffic? What website traffic checkers are the best? and how can you find them?!

Because your website traffic rate represents the number of people who have visited your site, it can be considered one of the determining factors in your success. Without website traffic, no one will read, click, sign up, log in to an account, or make a purchase. Therefore, using conversion rate optimization tools for checking website traffic lets you see how well your site performs and how it compares to your competitors.

There are various free and paid website traffic analyzers that you can use. If you don’t want to miss out on the best free website traffic checker and get started right now, sign up on WatchThemLive

Now, let’s talk about the whys and hows of website traffic lookup and see how you can check competitors’ website traffic for free and find their traffic sources. We’ll also cover the best tools in this regard. Exciting, right?! Let’s get to it then!

What is Website Traffic

What we mean by site traffic rate is the number of views and interactions of our visitors. It is measured in visits (also called sessions). Your website traffic is considered one of the most important elements of your website performance. But why? 

Let us now answer some questions about why you need website traffic lookup to help you understand this process more deeply. Shall we?

The Importance of Website Traffic Check and Analysis

“Web traffic” refers to the visitors your website receives. But do you know why it is so important to check and analyze your traffic as well as your competitors’? Keep reading to find out!

Why Should We Lookup Website Traffic

By website statistics lookup, you can easily see the performance of your website. That is, website traffic lookup shows you where your visitors are coming from, how they interact with your site, and what digital marketing strategies suit you.

To optimize your exposure, the first thing you need to know is whether you are on the right track or not. Therefore, if you want to get more email subscribers, more sales, or a general traffic rate, you need a website traffic checker to analyze your website regularly. 

Otherwise, you simply don’t know where you stand to improve it.

Why Should We Check Competitor Website Traffic

Monitoring and analyzing your competitor’s website traffic can reveal a lot of valuable information, such as

  • Pages and the posts that generate the most traffic for your competitor,
  • The keywords for which your competitors are ranking,
  • Their website traffic statistics and understand how it changes over time,
  • Monitoring channels and resources that increase their traffic rate.

All of this information can be used to improve your content marketing strategy, link building, keyword research, and more. So, by understanding what drives the most traffic for your competitors, you can target similar keywords and topics to drive more traffic to your own website.

What Are Important Website Traffic Metrics to Analyze

First, let’s discuss what metrics are important in website traffic lookup. In fact, metrics analyzed by web traffic checkers, especially when coupled with data from heatmap tools, and session replay software can help you gain deep insights into your situation! 

Now, let’s see what important website traffic metrics are out there: 

1. Number of visitors,

2. Average page views,

3. Session duration,

4. Average Time on Page,

5. Top traffic sources (referrers),

6. Devices used.

But how to check each metric?

Lookup Website traffic with a Website Traffic Checker

These tools can give you the ability to track website traffic around the world. Website traffic checkers use a variety of sources to collect data, including web crawlers, ISPs, and browser plugins.

Top 10 Website Traffic Checkers 

“how to check a website’s traffic?” You may ask. There are a wide variety of website traffic analyzers, free and paid, that you can use to look up the data. The following tools are well-known in this field and worth introducing and reviewing.

1. WatchThemLive: Best Website Traffic Checker for Free 

Looking for a free website traffic analyzer? Here it is. 

WatchThemLive is a behavioral analytic tool that provides your website traffic statistics. So, if you’re considering what to do to access such data, you’re in luck! This tool offers all you need to monitor and analyze website traffic for free. 

WatchThemLive: Free website traffic checker
WatchThemLive: Free Website Traffic Checker

It is easy to look up website traffic using a free website traffic checker like WatchThemLive. Why is this the best alternative to check website traffic, though? 

Because all you need to do is input the URL or domain you want to analyze! Pretty straightforward, right?! 

Moreover, this marketing analytics tool can track each session’s duration, bounce rates, traffic sources, where your visitors are coming from, their behaviors, languages, and more.

Interested to learn more? Keep reading about its services.

WatchThemLive Website Analytics Dashboard

This service provides your website user sessions, pageviews, referrers, and user segmentation (like their countries, devices, browsers, languages, screen resolution, etc.). These key analytics allow you to access a complete picture of your target audiences and website visitors. 

WatchThemLive: website statistics lookup for free
WatchThemLive’s Website Analytics Dashboard

Using this website traffic checker, you can gain deep insights into the entire traffic information. Its data helps you look up site visits in-depth. What’s the best part about WatchThemLive?! Well, this free website traffic checker provides all this information without violating the privacy of your visitors. 

WatchThemLive Session Replays

The key analytics provided by this service is the recordings of your visitors’ sessions. In addition, WatchThemLive enables you to rewatch entire on-screen interactions that your visitors have taken on your site. Therefore, you can gather user feedback by following their journey which gives you more accurate information on what is wrong on your website that dissatisfies customers.

WatchThemLive Session Replays
WatchThemLive Session Replays

WatchThemLive Heatmaps

Are you interested in watching your website metrics in a visual format? The WatchThemLive heatmap tool is a unique method to find which parts of your website are most interesting for your visitors.

WatchThemLive Heatmaps
Website Heatmaps

WatchThemLive User Tracking

If you’re looking for a tool to gather your customers’ behavioral marketing information, WatchThemLive’s user tracking feature enables you to collect all kinds of information you need. For instance, how long your customers stay on your webpage, how many pages they visit, and what they did on your site including clicking a link or watching a video.

WatchThemLive's User Tracking
User Tracking

WatchThemLive Goal Tracking

Using this feature, you can track your certain goal to figure out how many visitors are completing it. In addition, you are able to find the reasons some visitors did not take your desired actions. Goal tracking features can measure how your marketing efforts are successful on your website.

WatchThemLive's Goal Tracking
WatchThemLive’s Goal Tracking

Ready to drive more traffic to your website? Try WatchThemLive now!

2. SEMRush: Website Traffic Analyzer

This website traffic checker offers a comprehensive set of solutions and methods for online business marketing. SEMRush claims that it can provide a robust set of behavioral analytics tools for backlink analysis, SEO, as well as website rank tracking. Additionally, it checks competitor website traffic for free. 

Semrush has both paid and free versions for domain traffic lookup. 

SEMRush Website traffic analytics
SEMRush Website Traffic Analytics

According to its official website, It can check the website “Traffic Volume”. This website traffic checker is able to track and analyze any website performance in dynamics, compare your traffic volume to competitors, and monitor trends. But if you need more details, you need to get the paid versions of this checker.

SEMRush Pros
  • It is fast to use.
  • It gives you some efficient insights into your competitors.
SEMRush Cons
  • It is hard to learn and understand all the features it provides,
  • Its on-page report sometimes has wrong data,
  • It offers overwhelming information,
  • It is expensive.

The important weak point about this website traffic checker is that there is a steep learning curve. When you log in as a beginner, it gives you tons of tools and reports (of which a large percentage you may never use). Therefore, it is one of the most confusing tools, and you cannot focus on one task at the right time.

3. Google Search Console: See Websites Traffic Information (Free)

Without high traffic, you will not surpass your competitors. So, you need a website traffic checker to analyze your search engine traffic and learn how to optimize it!

Google Search Console: Free website traffic checker
Google Search Console: Free Website Traffic Checker

Google Search Console is a free website traffic checker that gives you the entire picture of how search engines view your website. But how? It helps you determine what keywords you are ranking for and the search volume they are bringing to your website. It shows the number of clicks, CTR, impressions, and more in search engines.

For more detail, see the following part, which is about GSC’s pros and cons.

Google Search Console Pros
  • Its features are easy-to-use.
  • It is a great solution to find the keywords on your website that will help you to rank on SERP quickly.
  • It is a website traffic checker free of charge.
Google Search Console Cons
  • There is almost no support (Since it is a free service, there is no customer support provided),
  • The notifications about on-page issues come up over and over again,
  • GSC doesn’t offer a heatmap tool,
  • You cannot get keyword data beyond 1000 unless you use APIs.

4. UberSuggest: To See Website Traffic

Looking for an SEO solution to help you do keyword research and content marketing, and look up website traffic? UberSuggest is a website traffic checker which is well-priced compared to other tools. It offers both free and paid versions.

UberSuggest Web Traffic checker
UberSuggest Web Traffic Checker

This service uses global data centers that collect your website traffic data from over 250 countries. In addition, it complies with GDPR and cross-references with other relevant databases for website traffic lookup. This behavioral marketing tool claims to help marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners increase their traffic rate quickly.

UberSuggest Pros
  • Most of its basic features are free,
  • It has a well-designed layout,
  • It has a great and helpful support team.
UberSuggest Cons
  • There is a high learning curve when you first start using it,
  • It takes a little time to load,
  • They send  several emails to advertise their SEO business consulting and promote services,
  • Although it is a well-priced website traffic checker in the market, some of its features, like competitor research and backlink tracking, felt incomplete. 
  • Additionally, this service is best suited for websites already getting tons of traffic, and it is not for newly launched websites or websites with low traffic rates.

5. SimilarWeb To Track Websites Traffic

Do you need an overview of your website traffic? SimilarWeb claims that it can provide an overview of the entire site’s visits, top traffic sources, and the countries from which the most traffic originates. 

SimilarWeb web traffic analyzer
SimilarWeb Web Traffic Analyzer

However, it is important to know that SimilarWeb has limited data and usually does not show results for small or newly launched websites. That is, when you analyze websites with a low traffic rate, you cannot find any data. Therefore, this browser extension is not easy to assess your website performance compared to growing competitors.

SimilarWeb Pros
  • It works really slowly,
  • SimilarWeb is quite expensive, considering its cons,
  • New subscribers may find it challenging to use,
  • One of the most important disadvantages is that the traffic data is updated with a delay,

6. SE Ranking: Website Traffic Analyzer

According to its official website, this website traffic checker allows you to look up your website’s organic traffic. In addition, it helps you identify the keywords for which it has earned high search rankings.

SE Ranking Analytics and Traffic
SE Ranking Analytics and Traffic

SE Ranking has several paid plans. The cost of each plan depends on the type of features you need, the number of times you want to update your website’s ranking, and the duration of using its plans.

SE Ranking Pros
  • It is an integrated cloud-based SEO platform for all marketing campaigns,
  • It is easy to use and navigate on this tool.
SE Ranking Cons
  • It is difficult to compare competitors’ keyword analyses because the keywords seem to come up in no particular order,
  • The interface loads slowly.
  • SE Ranking’s significant disadvantage is its slow loading time. This bothers you when you actually sit and wait for data to show up. 
  • The other downside is its pricing. Considering its limitations, it is a relatively pricey tool compared to other website traffic checkers on the market.

7. SerpStat: Website Traffic Checker

This service is a cloud-based web traffic analyzer suitable for businesses of all sizes, particularly eCommerce marketing. SerpStat gets feedback from site users by tracking website analytics, SEO analysis, traffic analysis, and more.

SerpStat also allows you to collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. It compares keywords to indicators such as search volume, cost per click, and competition level.

SerpStat website traffic analyzer
SerpStat Website Traffic Analyzer

Serpstat does not have any free plan, but it is available across monthly and annual subscriptions with a 7-day free trial. Let’s take a look at their clients’ feedback with this website traffic checker.

SerpStat Pros
  • Great and highly responsive customer support,
  • Easy to audit your websites and track the keywords they are ranking for,
  • Huge keyword database.
SerpStat Cons
  • The reports show the site traffic more than it actually is,
  • Its email reports need to improve,
  • The daily query limit can be frustrating for big websites,
  • Although SerpStat is strong in some areas, such as rank tracking, the UI and UX are pretty outdated,
  • there’s no sign of session recording or data visualization features on the dashboard,
  • The other thing you will not like is the limits on your account. There is no free plan, and it has different paid plans with various limitations.

8. Ahrefs: Website Traffic & SEO Analyzer

It is one of the most popular SEO audit tools on the market. This website traffic checker claims that it can offer a good view of the type of organic traffic that your website receives. In addition, it provides a list of keywords that drive the most traffic to your website. What is the point, you asked? 

Ahrefs competitor website traffic checker
Ahrefs Competitor Website Traffic Checker

You can use this data to find keywords that are driving your competitors’ traffic to you. Ahrefs only estimates organic website traffic but does not tell you anything about traffic sources like social media or email. 

Ahrefs Pros
  • It is a decent tool for keyword research, backlinks, and more,
  • It is easy to find the best keywords,
  • It has a clean interface, and you can easily use and interpret data.
Ahrefs Cons
  • It is a very costly tool,
  • It is a little confusing for beginners,
  • Sometimes it offers outdated data,
  • Unlike some other competitors, Ahrefs’ new credits model is frustrating. To sum up, If you are carrying out research, you’ll get charged for things such as sorting rank, search volume from high to low, or even applying a simple filter.

9. WebCEO: Website Traffic Analyzer

Want to manage multiple projects in a solution? WebCEO claims that it is a robust SEO tool for agencies. But it is different from the other tools because it does not allow you to search another website’s traffic data directly.

WebCEO traffic analysis tool
WebCEO Traffic Analysis Tool

To check competitors’ website traffic, you need to create a project with your website and then use your competitor metrics to analyze the visits of related websites. This tool pulls data from Alexa to look up your competitors’ website traffic. According to its claims, WebCEO allows you to see competitors’ visit statistics, average position, and shared keywords.

Unfortunately, it does not have any free plan for you, and you must sign up for a paid plan to use it.

WebCEO Pros 
  • It is easy to use,
  • It offers many tools for SEO.
WebCEO Cons
  • It lacks a bit of keyword information, such as user intent,
  • WebCEO doesn’t provide psychographic segmentation,
  • Its keyword suggestion does not include the page titles,
  • It should have better integration with online help.

To summarize, you would expect better integration with an online help facility. Although the ‘Hreflang attribute’ is mentioned in the reports, there is no link to look up what this means (without going out to WebCEO).

10. SiteChecker: Website Traffic Checker

Are you looking for a straightforward Domain Traffic Lookup? SiteChecker is an intelligent and seamless SEO platform that assists small to midsize digital marketing companies. It offers website change monitoring, keyword rank tracking, and more.

SiteChecker: Domain Traffic Lookup
SiteChecker: Domain Traffic Lookup

According to its claims, Sitechecker helps you to grow organically by providing organic website traffic data. Moreover, it asserts to help you effectively track and report SEO performance results. 

SiteChecker Pros
  • Easy to use,
  • Good customer support,
  • Efficient functionality.
SiteChecker Cons
  • It takes a long time before a website is white-listed (even after fixing reported errors),
  • Its backlink tool is manual,
  • The large amount of information is overwhelming.

To sum up, It should provide more information about competitors and specific details about the channels. 

Our Pick from Website Traffic Checkers (Free)

Looking for an all-in-one and affordable site analyzer?! We have already introduced different types of website traffic checkers (free & paid) that you can use. Each of them has its own unique features that distinguish them from the others. Some business owners use several tools to see their websites and their competitors’ website traffic information.

But we always recommend users try WatchThemLive which is the best free website traffic checker that can meet all their needs. Who doesn’t like to have a reliable and free tool at their fingertips?!

So sign up now, and see how amazing it is!

FAQs on Website Traffic Lookup

You may also have some questions about checking website traffic. Therefore, let’s look at the list of frequently asked questions.

1. How to Check Domain Traffic Free of Charge?

If you are looking for a website traffic checker for free, you can do it with WatchThemLive. It can analyze websites’ traffic free of charge. Just enter your target domain and hit the analyze button. Then, you will see the necessary data. 

WatchThemLive: Website Traffic Checker's Dashboard
WatchThemLive: Website Traffic Checker’s Dashboard

for checking website traffic, this free tool might be able to help you. Let’s take a look at WatchThemLive Review, shall we?

2. Why Are Website Metrics Important?

As you know, you always need to optimize your traffic rate, leads, and, eventually, sales. So, the website metrics (including the number of visitors, average page views, session duration, average time on page, top traffic sources (referrers), and devices used) allow you to make a more successful website, which will prompt your business.

3. What Are Different Types of Website Traffic?

There are different types of web traffic, including Organic traffic, Direct traffic, Referral traffic, Email traffic, Display, and Paid traffic.

Organic traffic refers to visits that organically come to your website without paying.

Direct traffic is the number of visitors that type or paste in your URL, or click a bookmark to see your website.

Referral traffic includes visitors that come to your website via links on different websites.

Email traffic is from people who are directed to your site by clicking a link in the email.

Display traffic: It determines the visitors who come to your website via a display ad.

Paid traffic: It refers to visitors directed to your site after you have paid for advertising promotions. It has different types include: PPC (Pay Per Click), PPA (Pay Per Acquisition), and CPM (Cost Per Thousand).

4. What Are Common Website Traffic Channels?

It refers to a group of traffic sources belonging to the same category. Here is the list of common traffic channels: Paid traffic, Referral, Direct traffic, and organic search.

5. What Is Organic Traffic?

This term is used to describe those visitors that enter your website from organic search engine results without using paid advertising.


There are several ways to check your website traffic and competitors’ website traffic. You can either use different website traffic checkers or ask your competitors directly. You should keep in mind that by checking your competitor’s traffic, you will gain insights into your market. While by analyzing your website traffic, you will determine whether your SEO or any other traffic generation strategies are working well.

If you want to check your website traffic, do not miss a chance, and sign up now to reach the best free website traffic checker, WatchThemLive. This tool makes it easier for you to analyze what you need.

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