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Instagram Comments App: Best Choice for Any Devices


But that’s not the only reason. An Instagram comments app essentially serves three purposes:

  • auto-respond to comments left on your own posts
  • auto comment on other users’ posts
  • boost post engagement

(For those just looking for an Instagram comments app, skip to the bottom of this article. To learn the many ways an Instagram comments app can benefit you, read from this point)

Using an Instagram comments app to auto comment on other posts

There are few things more exciting in the world of social than when someone comments on your post.

You see the notification on your phone, you immediately open up Instagram, and you read the comment. Then you start asking questions like “Why did this person comment on my post?”. You start looking for more information. The easiest and most logical way to find information is by visiting the page of the user who commented on your post.

When you visit their page and realize that they have a similar page to your own (in the same niche or industry, for example). Because that user has already made the effort to comment on your post, you’re much more likely to return the favor and Like or comment on their posts, or even follow their page.

This, in essence, is how using an Instagram comments app to auto comments on targeted posts can help attract users who are likely to convert to followers to your Instagram page.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness company trying to attract more customers to your Instagram page.

The first step is understanding the kind of people who are likely to be interested in our Instagram page. As a fitness company, you want to attract people who are interested in fitness.

On Instagram, people express their interests primarily through the hashtags they use. So to target people who are interested in fitness, you would want to use an Instagram comments app that allows you to comment on posts using hashtags like #fitness, #inthegym, #healthymeals, etc.

This way, when these people see your comments on their posts and decide to check out your page, they’re more likely to be interested in your page, follow you, and even purchase your product or service.

Using an Instagram comments app to auto-respond to comments left on your own posts

Studies have shown that when a brand or business responds to someone’s comment or question on social media, that person feels more loyalty towards that brand.

As a business, more loyalty from your customers means repeat purchases over long periods of time. As a non-business (personal page, hobby page, etc.), more loyalty from your followers means higher engagement and followers who are more likely to talk about and recommend you to other people.

Using an Instagram comments app to boost post engagement

Using an Instagram comments app to comment on your own posts not only benefits your followers, but it also benefits your post’s engagement rate.

The higher your post’s engagement rate, the more likely you are to show up as a Top Post for your hashtag.

Showing up as a Top Post for your hashtag is a big deal because it means that when someone searches that hashtag, you come up front and center.

For example, returning to the fitness example above, if you have a post that ranks as a Top Post for the hashtag #fitness, that means when someone searches the hashtag #fitness (remember that hashtags indicated interest, and as a fitness company we are trying to target people who are interested in fitness), your post shows up first. This means more visibility for your brand for people are who are likely to actually follow your page (and buy your products).

While we don’t know exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, we do know that the engagement rate plays a large part. Your engagement rate is measured by the number of Likes, comments, views, and/or shares your posts get and how quickly they receive them.

If there are two posts that receive the same amount of engagement but one post receives it quicker than the other, the post that receives the engagement quicker is more likely to rank as a Top Post for its hashtags.

This is where an Instagram comments app comes in. When you use an Instagram comments app with an auto-response feature (like AiGrow), every comment turns into two comments – one from the original user, and one from you in response.

Let’s say you get 50 comments on a post. If you are using auto-responses, those 50 comments immediately turn into 100 comments, doubling your engagement in the process.

Not only are you doubling your engagement, but you’re also doing it very quickly. As mentioned above, the closer to uploading that your post receives its engagement, the more powerful that engagement is, and the more likely you are to show up as a Top Post.

The Tools You Need

Now that you know why you should use an Instagram comments app, it’s time to choose one that best fits your needs.

To take advantage of everything described above, including hashtag-targeting, customizable auto-responses, customizable outbound comments, and much more, consider using AiGrow.

AiGrow’s comment dashboard. You can create up 100 different customized comments to be used in rotation.

With AiGrow, you can send targeted comments to users based on the hashtags they use, where they’re located, any of your competitors that they follow. You can even control how many comments you send on a daily basis, which is helpful for newer users that need to “warm-up” their pages to avoid flags from Instagram.

For those interested in trying an Instagram comments app, you can sign up and try AiGrow for free by clicking here.