What does Instagram Marketing mean and how to grow on Instagram as a marketer? How to get more followers and increase your engagement organically on Instagram? How to optimize your Instagram account for your business? What types of posts and content will help you build a brand for your business on Instagram? In this category, we are going to answer all these questions and provide you with the latest Instagram marketing hacks.

Know Your Instagram Follow Limit Or Instagram Will Limit You Followingly!

There are different strategies to increase your followers, one of which is the follow-unfollow strategy. In this strategy, you should mass-follow on Instagram in hope of getting them to follow back. However, if you wanna deal with Instagram long-term, you should be mindful of its restrictions. That’s why I explained all the information you need [...]

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What is Instagram Takeover and How to Do it Safely?

Just built a brand on Instagram and looking for an economical way to promote your business over there? Why don’t you try to host an Instagram takeover? This is one of the best ways to go on partnerships on Instagram and be in a win-win situation.  In this article, I’m going to define Instagram takeovers, [...]

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How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

20 years ago, fashion models belonged to the first pages of certain magazines, and no one even assumed any media would outrun television. Now here models are with Instagram, a better-paid media which is more influential. So speaking of payment, are you wondering how much do Instagram models make? How Much Do Models Make [...]

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How to Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes?

Getting instant followers on Instagram has always been one of the biggest concerns for marketers and business managers. Even if you share the most creative posts and stories, advertise on other social channels, and use influencer or UGC campaigns, you may still wonder how to get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.  Well, [...]

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How to use CTA (call to action) Buttons on Instagram?

  Instagram call to action buttons are the features that can help you to turn your followers into customers. These buttons can make your profile more tidy and eye-catching. The purpose of this article is to examine what precisely these Instagram call to action buttons are, and you can implement them to get better results [...]

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How Does Instagram Count Video Views? The Secret Algorithm

Right now, videos are an unavoidable part of every successful marketing strategy, and there’s no exception for those who run their business on Instagram. Also, for Instagram, the engagement rate is always more important than the number of likes and followers and you must know that video views change your engagement rate. But how [...]

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