How To Fake Instagram DMs + 4 Best Apps in 2022

How to Fake an Instagram DM

You’ve created your business page on Instagram. You trust yourself and know that you’re good at what you’re doing. You start your activity energetically, but you see no outcome. Your audience doesn’t trust you because your business is small. That’s when you think of making a fake Instagram DM to plant the seed of trust in your audience!

How? You might have a really good product to offer. Yet because you have not sold anything yet, your audience may hesitate to buy it. At this point, you can easily fake Instagram DMs from your customer complimenting your product, and then share it in your stories!

As an Instagram user, you do have the right to enjoy every single feature of it, and even expand them to meet their full potential. Does Instagram provide DMs for you? You may want to mass DM or reply to your DMs through your email! All of which can be done with the help of DMpro. Faking a message, whatever the reason, is another feature you may wish to have. So keep on reading!

Can You Edit Instagram Messages 

The first thing that comes to one’s mind while considering making a fake Instagram DM is editing the very messages one has in their DMs. Because, obviously, why all the trouble? who would want to go so far as to use a third-party app in order to fake a conversation?

The truth is, direct messages are not the same as posts’ captions. You can easily edit the caption of a post if you don’t like it or have made a mistake in it. But you can’t do the same with the DMs you send. No matter if you’re sending DMs on your computer or phone, or using other apps to send Instagram messages, as Instagrammers you are only provided with the opportunity to delete or un-send your DMs.

And let’s be honest. Un-sending or deleting your DM is only practical as far as your chat buddy has not read it on their notification! Right?

Plus, what if you have to delete a whole lot of DMs? It’s time-consuming and troublesome. 

Can You Fake An Instagram DM

We’ve already discussed what a vital positive role these fake DMs can play in growing your business. Yet the fun part of it cannot be ignored either! We’ve all seen the funny conversations that went viral all over the Internet; the fake Instagram DMs that cracked everyone up all over the world!

If you’re a prankster or have a good sense of humor, this is a great way to make everyone laugh and have a fabulous time. It’s fun and easy to do! 

One way to do this is to use Photoshop. However, you need to have high skills to do photoshop or work with its applications.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about photoshop though! You can easily fake an Instagram DM by using a good, user-friendly third-party app without going through much trouble. That’s why we have provided you a list of the top 4 applications you can use to make these fake funny conversations. Let’s walk you through them!

Top Fake Instagram DM Apps

Here’s a list of the best applications you can use to fake your messages. Remember that all you need to do is to create your fake chats and take a screenshot of them and enjoy the fun!

#1 Funsta

fake Instagram DM generator

The first and most popular app among users who wish to make a fake message on Instagram is Funsta. This application, which has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play, looks just like Instagram itself! 

With this fake Instagram DM generator, the users have the opportunity to create fake posts from anyone they like with likes and comments, and fake contacts and groups. You may also create fake stories for these contacts. 

In the DM section, you can send and receive fake DMs from anyone you wish. You also have the chance to auto-reply and control both sides of the chat pretty conveniently.  

What makes this app even more interesting is that it allows you to even fake Instagram lives both for yourself and other people! In addition to that, you can fake video calls as well! So go ahead and tell your friends you had a video call with a famous influencer! Or tell the company you’re applying for you’ve had a video conference with their rivals! 

#2 Fake Chat Conversation – Prank

fake Instagram DM app

Fake Chat Conversation – prank is another app that you can make a fake Instagram DM with. This app looks like a messenger but is not a real one. It allows its users to make fake conversations and enjoy the fun. It’s also lightweight so if you’re looking for an app that doesn’t take up much space on your phone, this one’s for you! 

As you enter the app, you see three icons at the bottom of the screen. The first one on the left shows the number of your chats. If you tap the middle one, you’ll see three options: ‘Create Chat’, ‘Create Group’, and ‘Add Contact’. 

You don’t know how to make a fake Instagram DM with this app? Follow the instruction.

In order to start your fake conversation, follow the steps below:

  1. First, tap ‘Create Chat’
  2. Then, enter the chat name and set the profile picture
  3. Now you’re all set!

This app gives you the opportunity to exchange fake messages, photos, videos, and even voices! You also have access to a full set of stickers and emojis to make your chat seem more authentic. 

Pro Note: By holding the chat for a second, you can make the chat appear as seen, received, or not received.

How to make a fake Instagram DM

#3 Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake conversation maker for iOS

If you own an iPhone and would like to use more than just texts to prank your friends, Fake All is the right app for you. 

This application allows you to create fake conversations with the messenger interface or WhatsApp interface. The chat in this app is highly customizable. You may easily change the role of people in the conversation. Moreover, you can choose the background picture that you want to have in your fake message notification.

With this app, you can also fake Instagram DM notifications and even call screens to ditch your date if the date goes wrong! 

Plus, you don’t need to worry about mixing fake notifications or calls with the real ones because this application lets its users customize their ring and vibration sound, and set a timer for the fake calls. You can easily set a different ringtone for fake calls so that you won’t confuse them with the real ones!

#4 Fauxy App – Fake Chats Post Story Live Video Prank

fake Instagram DM maker

Another fake Instagram DM maker is Fauxy App. With this app, you can have access to multiple options. Not only can you make fake chats here, but also you can fake message requests! You can easily use this feature to make your ex regret losing you!

In addition to fake DMs, you are enabled to create fake live videos, stories, videos, and even carousel posts! What’s even more interesting about this app is that you have the chance to even fake story viewers which is awesome for growing your business! 

A word of advice: these applications have been made only for entertainment purposes. Of course, you can use them to help you build your brand as well in a fair manner. Yet be mindful so as to not misuse the applications for unethical purposes as it is against Instagram’s Community Guidelines too. 

FAQ on How To Fake An Instagram DM

So far, we’ve discussed DMs on Instagram and how one can fake them by using well-developed apps for personal or professional purposes. Now it’s time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions to get the hang of it!

1- Can You Make A Fake Instagram DM With Verified Symbol?

It’s really cool to receive DMs from celebrities or popular influencers. Imagine receiving a DM from Cristiano Ronaldo and showing it to your friends! Their shocked eyes and open mouth are indeed a fascinating thing to watch! 

With apps like Funsta, you can fake DMs from any celebrities you want! You can even fake having a group chat with numerous members with verified symbols in it in an instance and brag about it to your friends! 

The only thing you have to do is to tap on the ‘Verified’ option below the profile picture when you’re creating the fake contact.

How to fake Instagram DM with verified symbol

2- How To Spot A Fake Instagram DM?

There’s no way for your friends to distinguish your fake messages from the real ones if you have designed every little detail in it. So you may rest assured! 

However, if you’re wondering whether the campaign you’ve taken part in to expand your business or the influencer you’re working with is valid or not, you do have the ability to spot fake likes and comments on their pages.  

Final Words On How To Fake An Instagram DM

In the world of social media and metaverse in which internet and internet-based businesses are growing day by day, Instagram has gained more significance and popularity. This popularity grew even more after the pandemic when local businesses started turning to Instagram in hopes of saving or expanding their enterprise. 

Yet it’s a little more difficult to trust small businesses on Instagram or social media in general as long as there are not many outcomes to see even if you present high-quality products. That’s when you may want to fake an Instagram DM to turn your followers into customers. You can also consider this option to have an awful lot of fun with your friends and family by doing a prank on them!

In this article, we suggested you a list of top 4 applications and an A to Z guide on how to fake a fine Instagram DM by using them. 

Your turn! Try DMpro now to DM like a pro on Instagram!

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