How to Grow an Instagram Bodybuilding Account?

Instagram bodybuilding

If you are considering starting a fitness Instagram account, there are numerous factors that can influence your success or failure. You will need to determine what you want to do for your Instagram bodybuilding account before you start making content. Decide the sort of benefits you want in the long run and create clear plans.

Consider your Instagram goals to be similar to your fitness goals: once you know where you want to go, you will be able to find the things that will help you get there. Your main aim may be to encourage and support others by sharing your fitness journey. You may have thought weight loss was unlikely at one point, but you began exercising and preparing your meals. Ever thought about how many people would be inspired by your story?

How to Grow an Instagram Bodybuilding Account?

Here are some easy ways to grow your Instagram bodybuilding account:

1. Grow Your Followers Organically

The thing that may discourage you from working on your Instagram bodybuilding account is the few number of your followers. If you want to grow your followers organically, you should use trusted AI tools such as AiGrow. The growth services of AiGrow provide you with real followers. So, all you need to do is sign up for free on AiGrow, connect your Instagram account to its dashboard, and choose a growth plan based on your budget.

AiGrow growth plans

As you already know, niche-related followers are extremely important when it comes to Instagram marketing. The reason is that you do not want irrelevant followers with different interests and tastes who do not like your content. If you want real engagement for your bodybuilding account, you should know that the followers that AiGrow gives you are all based on your niche. Using its AI engines, it helps you attract your target audience and get active and engaging followers. So, sit back and enjoy the growth!

2. Repost Trending Content

After having attained your desired number of followers, you can focus on the content of your Instagram bodybuilding account. If you do not know where to start, you can check other bodybuilding Instagram accounts to see what the latest trends are. You can either find inspiration out of their ideas or repost their content.

In addition to growing your followers organically, AiGrow also gives you reposting options. One good privilege of this tool over other reposting tools is that it does not add any watermarks to your post. The only thing that it adds is a credit to the post owner at the end of your caption. 

3. Schedule in Advance

Organizing an Instagram posting schedule is probably the most critical move. Knowing what you are going to do ahead of time relieves the burden of deciding what to post today and allows you to concentrate on how to be more innovative in order to reach as many people as possible.

Your followers will know when to expect you on their feeds if you use a plan to set the timing for your posts. Furthermore, people have a proclivity for planning and organization. As a consequence, they will be aware of your order and will treat it with care. This is how they can maintain their interest.

AiGrow is a fantastic Instagram management service that we can recommend for scheduling your posts. You can upload your photo, write a caption for it, add hashtags, and schedule it for a later time and date to be posted automatically.

4. Master Your Instagram Caption

It is your choice to write a caption of a short or long length for your posts. The word limit for the Instagram caption is 2.200 which means you can freely write about your workout routines or any other things that you like. 

Some bodybuilding accounts keep captions short so that people can easily skip through them and enjoy the post. Other fitness influencers prefer longer, more detailed texts with a few emojis in between.

Make sure to include a simple call to action (CTA). A call to action is a term that instructs the reader to take a specific action. Your CTA can be “comment below” or “click the link in the bio.”

CTAs promote interaction; the more people who engage with your message, the more likely they are to follow your account.

Look at this caption by @massy.arias. She uses two languages to be useful for all her target audience:

Master Your Instagram Caption

5. Share Healthy Meal Recipes

You can include some meal plans, protein items, and meal recipes to inspire your followers to eat well while following your fitness advice. These meal recipes are highly attractive for many people because the majority of people rather have healthy meals instead of doing hard work to get a perfect body.

Here is a vegan recipe by @choosing_balance:

Share Healthy Meal Recipes

6. Host a Contest or a Giveaway

An Instagram giveaway is a simple way to increase your Instagram followers and brand recognition.

There is no requirement or limitation to host a giveaway. You can host a giveaway as much as you like until you get the desired growth in your audience. 


  • Choose a prize that fits your niche.
  • Have a limited time span for your giveaway.
  • Write clear guidelines on how to participate.

7. Collaborate with Instagram Bodybuilding Brands and Influencers

You will have to be more proactive because there are thousands of influencers on Instagram who want to be recognized by fitness brands. Make a list of your favorite fitness brands (clothing lines, supplies, health supplements, places, or events) and purchase their products and tag the brand. The more content you share, the more likely you are to be noticed by the brand.

Look at how @ashleygalvinyoga does so:

Collaborate with Brands

Final Thoughts on Instagram Bodybuilding Accounts

As keeping up with workouts requires a constant source of inspiration, you should be actively present on your Instagram bodybuilding account. However, it is a big advantage for you because if you showcase your daily workouts, you can have lifelong followers. Keep up the good work!