TikTok Trends You Must Know to Go Viral [+30 Trends]

If you’re looking to up your TikTok game and get TikTok famous, you need to be up to date with the latest TikTok trends.

TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing global apps and a viral phenomenon. It originated in China in 2016 and currently has over 100 million active monthly users in the US and has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide. Previously it was only gen Z who knew about TikTok and spent time on it. However, that’s all transformed! Interestingly, now you see parents make videos go viral, too. Also, being available in 75 languages and 155 countries, Tik Tok has become truly global. 

As of July 2021, Charli d’Amelio was the most followed content creator on TikTok worldwide. The TikTok algorithm is designed for rewarding videos that use certain trending sounds, effects, or hashtags. Moreover, the music, filters, and various video effects can make a 60 seconds long clip a popular TikTok trend. Most importantly, TikTok hashtags let you find and follow Tik Tok trends and go viral instantly. Now it’s time to join TikTok trends.

This article will elaborate on Tik Tok trends that may inspire you to make up your imaginative mind and improve your marketing efforts on the platform.  So let’s dive in.

What Are TikTok Trends? 

TikTok is the land of music, videos, and remixes. On the other hand, TikTok trends are how TikTok users get together trending hashtags and music. Therefore, it highlights how innovative its creator audience is, as new ideas to extend and evolve the meme regularly keep happening ahead. To find the current TikTok Trends within the platform, you need to:

  1. Tap or click the searching console at the top of the screen
  2. Pick Trends

Despite other social networks like Twitter, TikTok Trends can remain for months. Also, Tik Tok Trends can vary based on the niche of the algorithm, like Tech TikTok or Fashion TikTok. Therefore, it’ll help you create your niche content and attract the most related audiences. However, remember to study the best time to post on TikTok in 2021 to get the best results. There are also some famous TikTokers to follow and get inspired to grow on the platform.

31 TikTok Trends You Must Know in 2021

TikTok Trends are an excellent way to boost your following and viewers if it’s what you’re looking for. Plus, by linking Instagram to TikTok, you can increase followers on both social media simultaneously. However, keep in mind that TikTok trends change constantly and could be hard to keep up with. To know more about the nature of Tik Tok trends, read the following ones that we outline here.

1- I’m Just A Kid

♬I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

Time to get the gang back together again! Set to the music of simple plan and their song ‘I’m just a kid,’ this trend features users recreating their childhood now that they are all grown up. Since so many people had been stuck at home with their families during the quarantine, there was no better time for this trend to take off. Undoubtedly, it’s not like we have anything better than go through old family photos. The videos under this hashtag can be sweet and sentimental or cringe-worthy, depending on the user. 

TikTok Trends: I'm Just A Kid
TikTok Trends: I’m Just A Kid

2- Leaving My Body

♬True Jackson VP theme – Youalreadyknowbb

Using the purple flame creative TikTok users can make it seem like colorful fire is emitted from their bodies. Of course, they’ve managed to turn into a hilarious trend. They do this challenge either sarcastically or genuinely, depending on the situation. The more widespread usage, however, seems to be TikTokers employing it with a mocking tone. For example, someone will post saying that all their stress leaves their bodies after someone told them to calm down. It is actually an exciting Tik Tok trend. Because, like so many others on the platform, it’s used for humor and to educate people on social issues they may not fully understand. 

TikTok Trends Leaving My Body
TikTok Trends: Leaving My Body

3- Hopeful for Today

 ♬Hope by Twista 

This is one of the funny TikTok trends that users can share their history of what they planned to do and then describe to you what actually occurred. Like @fiabots’s How to end a friendship describing who saw a man breaking up with his Mrs in 2016. So he invited the man to an adventure and taught him fishing and many new skills. However, they separated because of his marriage in 2019, which marked the end of their friendship story.

Also, marketers can use this TikTok trend to add their products or services. For instance, you can tell a client’s story using your product step by step, describing their feelings and sensations. You can spice it up by writing funny notes on how your products are used. Therefore, join this trend by searching the tags #hopefulfortoday #hopefultrend #imhopefulfortoday #hopetwista, and create your content.

TikTok Trends Hopeful for Today
TikTok Trends: Hopeful for Today

4- Tell Me without Telling Me

♬ original sound – Eileen Hanley

The #tellmewithouttellingme TikTok trend lets creators address anything on their minds in a fun way. Usually, the creator says something like, ‘Tell me you’re drunk without telling me you’re drunk. I’ll go first.’ Then they’ll act to make it clear they’re drunk without using exact words. For instance, a young man walks around a bar neighborhood, showing people the chicken nuggets he has stored in his pocket. 

#tellmewithouttellingme is one of the perfect TikTok trends because there are countless varieties on the question itself. So it never gets dull, and this trend probably hangs around for years. Similarly, Tell Me Your Parents Are Cool Without Actually Telling Me Your Parents Are Cool is one of the funniest TikTok trends videos you could watch on the app. People say TikTok gives producers a chance to share their natural lives in a fun and accessible way.

5- Vogue Challenge

Jackboys – Travis Scott

In this trend, creators edit their favorite photos using a template as if they’re on the cover of a Vogue Magazine.

Marketers use this trend to showcase their best-selling products and share their latest campaign photos. Also, you can share pictures of people using your product or service by joining this trend. To discover this trend on TikTok, you can search tags like #voguecoverchallenge #voguetrend#voguechallenge #vogue #voguemagazine 

TikTok Trends Vogue Challenge
TikTok Trends: Vogue Challenge


6- Seashanty

♬ original sound – Adam Tahere

Dancing and miming pop songs are an inseparable part of Tik Tok. Musical TikTok trends constantly become popular globally. 

#Seashanty also is a TikTok Trend that started with people singing the song. However, it grew to a duet with the original via split-screen feature and extra instrumentation. Additionally, some perform in a radically different style. On the other hand, some TikTokers have added comedy lyrics as the soundtrack for set dances, stunts, skits, and more. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, and many other celebrities have also got in on the act. Indeed, it is one of the TikTok trends that highlight the power of TikTok to promote your music worldwide.

7- ‘Laughing to the Bank’ Sped up

 ♬stop using this for bad takes bozos — ale

Ale is a TikToker who created a trending sound when he sped up the intro to Chief Keef’s song ‘Laughing to the Bank’ and uploaded it to TikTok. The original music was pegged to a Super Bowl video, but now it’s been used as a soundtrack for the best evil laughs. Its fans usually will describe what they’re laughing at in the captions. Then they hold their hand in front of their mouth and shake their head to the “ha ha ha” beat.

8- Sheesh

♬ Sheeeshhh – King Julio

Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Sheesh’ as ‘used to express disbelief or exasperation.’ It is also a word that dates back to the 1950s.

Recently, it saw a revival in popularity, first in hip-hop lyrics and then in social media marketing commonly. In 2021, @meetjulio posted a frog video while some people were off-screen shouting, “Sheesh!”. 

Consequently, a trend started for using @meetjulio’s sound as a backdrop for a series of skits. People can use the soundtrack of any video or its soundtrack in their TikTok video without authorization. Most of those videos with the ‘Sheesh’ sound represent something they were gratified to family or friends. 

After a while, this TikTok Trend has changed into something more specific. Now, many young people like kyliexsullivan -And the attached grow room, imagine a future in which they’ve reached their life goals, presenting #sheesh videos. 

TikTok Trends like #sheesh may seem awkward to many people. However, they show you that you’ll soon have a better idea of how modern youth culture works with a bit of effort.

TikTok Trends Sheesh
TikTok Trends: Sheesh


9- Tortilla Wrap Hack


♬ Baby Work It – Your Favourite Garçon

The tortilla wrap hack challenge is one of the exciting food TikTok trends. Undoubtedly, Tortilla is delicious food with various exciting recipes. The TikTok videos of tortillas highlight different ingredients packed into a traditional tortilla, wrapped into quarters, and then cooked. Admittedly, the creativity level and variety of these types of Tik Tok trends are off the charts. TikTokers, like the scottosisters’ tortilla trend Italian style, have thought of every detail from Italian Salami and mozzarella cheese tortillas to Nutella and marshmallow. It is a real tempting trend that you must watch yourself. Therefore, to find it you can search tags like #tortilla #tortilla trend #tortillahack #recipesoftiktok #halal #halalfood #tortillawraphack #wraphack #learnontiktok.

TikTok Trends Tortilla Wrap Hack
TikTok Trends: Tortilla Wrap Hack

10- 2018vs2021


♬ MotorSport – Migos & Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

The #2018vs2021 is a TikTok trend that shows young people looking in the past. ‘Who would win?’ is the challenge that represents your version in 2018 and 2021′. As a result, a series of videos point out how much things have changed for people over the last three years. The song MotorSport by Migos & Nicki Minaj & Cardi B are set on these videos generally, and the change in a year takes place squarely on the drop. 

In some cases, they are pretty superficial, for instance, a change of haircut, a new set of clothes, or a complete gender transformation like who’s winning? Of adamrayokay and coming out. Also, becoming an immigrant is another exciting change in life. 

Indeed, people in real life are regularly growing and changing, and the TikTok trends like 2018 vs2021 indicate how aware they are of it.

TikTok Trends: 2018vs2021

11- Picture Trend

Picture trend sound

One of the Tik Tok trends is that you put pictures and ‘someone falls in love with you.’ Indeed, it is an excellent idea for marketers to join this trend and use the picture trend video to present their products and aesthetics. However, if you’re interested in participating, use well-shot, high-resolution pictures to get more attention. You can also follow these tags #atrendwhereyouputpictures #someonefallsinlovewyou #trendwheresomeonefallsinlovewithyou.

12- What Is that, Bro?


♬ why díd this sound blow up – steppedllama

 What do you want to spend all your money on?

TikTokers have recently used the above sound clip to create amusing videos about this subject. The original video is a wonderfully funny clip of how Real Madrid recruits talented Brazilian teen footballers. In the original clip, the boy bangs a credit card on the table, exaggerating the act. Now people are joining this trend by starting their videos with the expression ‘Damn. What is that, bro?’ including the sound of someone beating something on a table. 

TikTok Trends: What Is that, Bro?

13- Dating in Your…


♬Dating in your… — Jamie Buckley pt and actor

The original video was the popular “It’s the Hard Knock Life” song from the classic musical Annie, listing all people’s concerns when dating in their 30s. Indeed, Jamie acted like each obstacle was knocking him to the ground in May 2021. Since then, users have created several performances about various themes.

14- Track Stars

♬Track Star – Mooski

TikToker @cityboyj put Mooski’s #trackstars on the picture by creating a TikTok dance challenge in January. Months later, people have taken the popular song and transformed it into a runaway challenge. First, users set their camera’s timer between five to 10 seconds. Then everyone tries to run out of the frame before the clock hits zero and the camera snaps a picture. The people who are caught in the picture fail. It’s like hide-and-seek 2.0. The other track star challenge snaps the image to see who’s running the farthest within three seconds.

15- Album Cover

♬Hiiipower x DIAND

In this challenge, anything can be an album cover. Indeed, people take snapshots from a part of their videos and design it like an album cover. Like Amanda rose’s creation, you can create and design your favorite album cover. It is also a great way to showcase your hero products using these TikTok trends.

Whether you are interested in this TikTok Trends follow the tags: #albumcover #albumcoverchallenge #albumcovers #coveralbumchallenge #albumcovertrend

TikTok Trends Album Cover
TikTok Trends: Album Cover

16- Touch It Challenge

♬ Touch It (Busta Rhymes) TikTok – DJ dembow

There are two versions of the touch it challenges. The fashionable one, TikTokers, uses a remixed version of Busta Rhyme’s classic song “Touch It.” The videos start slow and simple, with a casual person while Busta raps to the song’s intro. But once the beat drops and the chorus begins, the person’s outfit changes with the rhythm of the bass. People are squeezing six or more looks into a few seconds of video, and we love it. 

17- Learnontiktok

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

TikTok tries to prove to people that it’s not only a platform for entertainment, and you can also learn about the globe. That is, the #learnontiktok trend revolves around all kinds of learning subjects. Does it include specific skills like How to remove a colony of bees to life lessons such as how to win an argument?. 

Many of these TikTok videos grant their fans helpful information in just a few seconds. Therefore, all the ideas about the incapability of short-form videos in learning people have completely been faded. 

18- What I mean when I Say I’m From

What I mean when I say I’m from

It is one of the best TikTok trends that lets you display pictures from where you live. The worldwide creators have used the trend to show their country or town’s most special places, local food, and experiences. 

On the other hand, marketers use this trend to represent their business’s location and products sources. Typically, the first section of the video is a photo of the product with the caption ‘What I mean when I say I’m from and the place’s name. 

For instance, if you have a boutique, you can show your best-selling outfit and the place it originated from. Keep in mind to use the tags #whereilive #whereilivechallenge.

19- No Body Needs to Know

♬’Hamilton’ 2020 (Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures)

In the hugely popular musical Hamilton, the character of Alexander Hamilton sings a song that addresses his relationship with his mistress Mireya Reynolds called ‘say no to this.’ The song has him saying nobody needs to know about their affair. Not long after, though, he sings about it in another song, ‘The Reynolds pamphlet’ :

‘Have you read this’ effectively blowing his secret.’ TikTok users have combined lines from these two songs and applied them to their own lives when they do an equally bad job of keeping their real or imagined secrets.

20- Flexibility Challenge

♬original sound – JennieMac

TikTok has several  #flexibilitychallenge and trends, and they’re all pretty awesome. One of the most exciting ones was @omgitsashleigh performance in her video. Indeed, she kicks her leg into the air grasping the hood of her hoodie by her toes and pulls the hoodie off while her leg reaches the floor. She does this challenge while playing and murmuring the song “Stop, Drop, and Roll With It.” Interestingly, many TikTokers, also like actress Vanessa Hudgens, try to imitate her act.

TikTok Trends Flexibility Challenge
TikTok Trends: Flexibility Challenge

21- In This House 

♬In this house – Marcus Vinicius

This is one of the TikTok trends that mix up images and videos. Indeed, it has about 10 high-res photos, including a 5-second video clip. All of them are cut to the rhythm of Marcus Vinicius’s song In this house. It is ideal for a business to show your audience the BTS of your newest campaign shoot.

TikTokers could jump on this trend using the tags #inthishouse #inthishousechallenge #hoesinthishouse #hoesinthishousechallenge.

22- They Call Themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy


TikTokers are well-known for taking famous soundbites from our fave films and repurposing them. People in this TikTok trend use a quick dialogue from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ where Rhomann Dey introduces the Guardians of the Galaxy, and his friend replies, ‘What a bunch of A-holes.’ However, TikTokers give themselves a group name, play the ‘what a bunch of A-holes’ response. Then they display the types of people who make up their imaginative posse.

Tags: #theycallthemselvesgaurdiansofthegalaxy

They Call Themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy
TikTok Trends: They Call Themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy

23- Silhouette Challenge

♬Streets X Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

TikTokers use this trend to flex their bodies and show off their silhouettes, starting with a Paul Anka song. Then the music slowly turns into ‘Streets’ by Doja Cat, where even the lighting shifts to a moody red filter. Whether you’re a fitness business like a gym, it would be an excellent opportunity to jump into these TikTok trends to signify a before and after or advertise a membership package. 

Consequently, you can hop over to this TikTok trend using tags #silhouette #silhouettechallenge #putyourheadonmyshoulder.

TikTok Trends Silhouette Challenge
TikTok Trends: Silhouette Challenge

24- Turning Your DMs Into Quotes

♬A thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton 

This TikTok trend lets creators share amusing, strange, or even nasty messages like inspirational quotes. Using this challenge, you can share short vouchers or mottos of your brand and business with the audience. Also, you can use these TikTok trends as a chance to be funny while displaying your products or service. Follow the tag #inspirationalquotes to join the trend.

Turning Your DMs Into Quotes
TikTok Trends: Turning Your DMs Into Quotes


25- Google Earth 

♬Talking to the moon – Bruno Mars 

Google Earth video is one of the current TikTok trends. In this challenge, users create videos utilizing Google Earth to display an exciting or intact place they have visited. It provides a feature to zoom in to the location and demonstrate cinematic photos and videos of the area. These Tikok trends would help businesses showcase their store using high-resolution and cinematic images to direct potential customers to their brand. Whether you are interested in making the most of this trend for your brand, use the tags: #googleearthtrend #googleearthchallenge #googleearth.

26- I Hate People Who Work at the Bank

♬I hate people who work at the bank

Creators use ‘I hate people who work at the bank’ sarcastically in this TikTok trend. For instance, if someone says in the 1st section of this TikTok video, I hate flowers(as caption), then in the 2nd section, you’ll see them buying flower bouquets. It is an excellent idea for creators to expose their quirks to their audience, like @kbaby’s video with her cute little brother. Also, for a marketer who wants to announce a sale or promotion, these TikTok trends are ideal. Moreover, you can multiply its impact on your sales by a call-to-action button. Remember to follow this trend for your sale by using high-quality visuals and tags: #ihatepeoplewhoworkatthebank #IWorkAtTheBank.

TikTok Trends I Hate People Who Work at the Bank
TikTok Trends: I Hate People Who Work at the Bank

27- Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark Academia 

♬when you want to be dark academia – Yulia

The Dark Academia is one of the TikTok trends that lets you showcase the various things you want to be simultaneous. 

Business managers can use this challenge to showcase the variety of their seasonal collections. Also, it is an excellent idea for an artist like a painter or photographer to display their portfolio in a single video. For instance, the first section of this video can show your work as a nature photographer, and the next section as an industrial photographer. Finally, its last section could be a video of your work as a fashion photographer. If you want to join this trend, follow the tags #whenyouwannabethis #wannabethis #darkacademia #darkacademiaaesthetic

Dark Academia Aesthetic
TikTok trends: Dark Academia Aesthetic

28- Parents Be Like


♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

It’s hilarious and TikTokers rock on these trends with over 1 million videos! Like Samantha’s video, They copy and exaggerate their parent’s acts in various situations. Indeed, we must say that it may cost their lives whether their parents get to know what they made on social media about them. It begins with a dialogue about something irritating that parents say or do. Then the TikToker responds that they’d never dare to talk to their parents’ faces. The background music from the Bad Girls Club reality series highlights the dramatic situation. Tempting you to endanger your life and join this trend, we have added the tags #fyp #parentsbelike #comedy #funny.

TikTok Trends Parents Be Like
TikTok Trends: Parents Be Like


29- GTA San Andreas Loading Screen

♬ GTA San Andreas Theme Song 

If you’re a gaming fan, you’ll enjoy this super cool TikTok trend! Indeed, it changes your photo into a GTA San Andreas Loading Screen poster. Then, you need to create a video and point at the text and pictures you want to convert into GTA Posters. This trend is an effective way for a company to display their best-selling products, essentially wearable ones like clothes, accessories, headphones. 

Tags: #gtasanandreas #gta #gtachallenge

TikTok Trends GTA San Andreas Loading Screen
TikTok Trends: GTA San Andreas Loading Screen

30- Cherry Bonbon

♬Cherry Bonbon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

One viral TikTok trends creator describes two people with their characters, manners, and habits giving visual evidence within photos and videos.

It is also a super fun idea to show your clients how your products mean to them. Indeed, you can create the Cherry Bonbon trend to describe your ideal customer. For instance, the first stick figure would be labeled ‘person who loves cosmetics,’ and the second stick figure can be marked with your business name or replaced by your logo.

Tags: #CherryBonBon #cherrybonbonchallenge #cherrybon

31- Passing the Phone

♬Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

On this challenge, like shade and impersonations, users start saying, “I’m passing the phone to,” then describe the character they want to pass the phone to. That person then records themself, declaring who they’re giving the phone to, and it goes on and on. 

Final Thoughts on Popular TikTok Trends

TikTok trends are one of the best ways to boost views and followers on the platform. Also, templates and tutorials will help you to dive into the newest TikTok trends. Now, start creating your own TikTok trends and climbing up the climax of fame on social media.

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