25 Best Twitter Tools for Marketers and Business Owners

Best Twitter Tools for Marketers and Business Owners

It might be tricky to market and make money on Twitter. However, Twitter has the ability to completely change the way you do business. Especially making the most of decent Twitter Tools, you’ll give a real shock to your industry.

Turning up engaging, influential, and effective on Twitter requires a Twitter marketing strategy. Every strategy needs a strategist who helps you make a solid plan for creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience. And eventually, every strategist needs practical tools to provide you with failsafe methods of engagement increase. 

In this article, we’ve created a list of 25 best Twitter tools for marketers and business owners that will help them strategize their Twitter presence and achieve the best results with the least effort.

Best Twitter Tools for Following/Unfollowing

If you have trouble picking which follow/unfollow apps to use, you’ve come to the right spot. In the following, we’ll show you the best three alternatives presently available on the market.

1. Twesocial – Real Twitter Growth

Twesocial is a Twitter growth service that enables you to buy real Twitter followers. Twesocial will follow and unfollow for you, but it is much more than that. It is an entire mapped-out Twitter growth strategy managed and run by experts. Real followers, by real people.

2. Tweepi: Intelligent Twitter Tools

Getting more Twitter followers seems challenging to you? Better call Tweepi!

Tweepi is an artificial intelligence-driven web platform for increasing engagement. They help you build a digital tribe of your target audience and get noticed by thousands of new users. How? by making relevant recommendations to reply, follow, like, retweet, and unfollow unwanted users.

3. Followerwonk

Followerwonk gives you access to all the information you need about your Twitter feed, profile, followers, and rivals. All these data will help in creating the type of content that your audience desires. It also enables you to polish your social network by making it easier to follow and unfollow people.

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4. Commun.it: Multi-functional Twitter Tools

As its name suggests, Commun. Commun.it is a multi-functional community management tool that performs various tasks such as monitoring, lead discovery, post scheduling, competitive analysis, and most notably, following and unfollowing tracking and suggestion.

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Best Twitter Tools for Analytics

Depending on business demands, it may be challenging to determine which Twitter analytics tools to pick among so many.

Some marketers crave spying on competitors or engaging with leads or clients. However, desire to track the effectiveness of their initiatives, among other aspects. Here, you have the option to select the one that suits your business best. 

5. Twitonomy: Analytical Twitter Tools

Winning those 5 seconds of your target audiences’ attention while they’re scrolling down their feed isn’t less than a fight. And, as Napoleon Bonaparte, the French general, put it, ‘War is ninety percent information.’

Twitonomy is an analytical platform that keeps track of your Twitter account and provides you with detailed and visual data on your tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags, and other activities.

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6. Bluenod: a Mapping Twitter Tool

Bluenod is a mapping application that helps you spot and expands your Twitter community. So, what is the mechanism behind it? 

When you type in a person handle or a hashtag, a detailed map of the top communities surrounding the user or people using the hashtag appears. Indeed, Bluenod curates the Twitter universe, ensuring that you get to the core of an issue and connect with the right influencer.

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7. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a social media analytics service driven by IA that helps you get the most out of your content. So they satisfy the ever-changing demands of social media. Admittedly, they’re a multi-faceted organization that offers profile research, keyword listening, campaign reporting, and competitive analysis.

8. Buffer: a Popular Twitter Tool

Looking for a legitimate company to take over your social media accounts in exchange for an appealing profile? Buffer has everything you’ll need.

In a nutshell, they track crucial interaction data for each social account using their analytical features and provide fully tailored reports to keep you informed. Indeed, they queue up content on an automated schedule or set a custom time for each post using publishing options. Also, they collaborate with your team to develop top-notch content.

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Best Twitter Tools for Mentions & Monitoring

Are you a marketer wondering to find positive and negative mentions? And don’t know which Twitter mentioning and monitoring tool to rely on? No worries! Keep reading to pick the most appropriate one for your industry. 

9. Twilert: an All-in-one Twitter Tool

 Isn’t it thrilling to be the first on the scene of breaking news or a debate centered on you or your business?

Twilert is a fantastic all-in-one Twitter search tool that monitors Twitter 24/7. This tool gets you notified whenever your chosen handle, brand name, keywords, hashtags, or competitors are mentioned on Twitter. Consequently, it helps you react to customer queries as quickly as possible and seize significant chances for your brand.

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10. Keyhole

Looking to protect your brand online, keep one step ahead of the competition, and strengthen your social media strategy?

Keyhole provides you with everything. It lets you access all your @direct and indirect brand mentions, hashtags, influencers, and keywords in one place. Indeed, it is the most practical way to get in touch with audiences in real-time.

11. Mention: Multi-functional Twitter Tools

Mention is a multi-functional company that provides services including alerting, monitoring, publishing, and social listening. However, their monitoring service is their competence, as their brand name implies. They monitor a wide range of media sources, including press articles, review sites, forums, and blogs, to guarantee you never miss a conversation.

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12. Nexalogy: Twitter Tools for Monitoring

Nexalogy is a social media discovery and monitoring platform that helps extract actionable insights from conversations. It gives you access to the most popular publishers and most frequently mentioned accounts. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the most common terms and hashtags, the entire content, and the peak posting times by crawling on the timeline.

13. Awario: Tracking Twitter Tools

Awario offers features like lead detection, continuous real-time tracking of individual keywords, brand mentions across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. It also grants monitoring your messages and mentions and reporting analytical data. Indeed, all these features help promote your product, service, or content, and therefore, the conversion of potential clients into actual ones.

Best Twitter Tools for Social Listening

Marketers use social listening tools to keep track of many social media channels in one spot. Below, you’ll read about four beneficial Twitter tools for social listening in your market. 

14. Tweepsmap: an All-in-one Twitter Tool

Tweepsmap is another all-in-one marketing analytics tool and management dashboard for Twitter based on Artificial intelligence. It offers various services, like tracking followers and mapping them by country, state, or city. Also, it lets you schedule posts at optimal times and analyzes any account (influencers, partners, competitors, etc.) In a nutshell, it integrates social media scheduling with analytics.

As a result, Tweepsmap is the most incredible tool for digging deep into your Twitter community, learning about your followers’ attitudes and how they interact. Therefore, you can make more effective decisions that can guarantee your brand’s growth.

15. Brandwatch: Twitter Tools for Growing Your Business

Consumer research, audience intelligence, intelligent reporting, reviews, and content marketing are among the six products offered by Brandwatch, a digital consumer intelligence company. Indeed, Brandwatch keeps you up to date on every conversation regarding your products, brand, and competitors. Therefore, you can learn new things and grow your business.

16. Synthesio

Wanna read your consumers’ thoughts on your brand? It might help you create more engaging and tailored content to their needs and interests. Synthesio social listening dashboards analyze real-time discussions surrounding your brand globally. Additionally, they deliver clean data to help you capture the complete voice of your customers.

17. StatSocial: Twitter Tools for Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to develop a marketing strategy based on guesswork because strategizing is all about data and statistics. Silhouette is a StatSocial plan that may give you a comprehensive view of your consumers’ interactions across major social and community platforms. They help you index your audience, build a community of them via UI, connect them. Consequently, they help you expand your followings with their ‘Audience Expansion Algorithm’ in four steps.

Best Twitter Tools for Identifying Leads

If you are a marketer who uses Twitter for lead generation, the following Twitter tools will come in handy. 

18. Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing platform for community management and analysis. It brings you a clear, in-depth insight into your community by providing information about their personality, interests, and values. Therefore, it helps you interact with them more efficiently. Additionally, Audiense Connect offers a ‘Best time to tweet’ service, ensuring that your Tweets reach your target audiences instantly.

19. LeadSift: Twitter Tools for Social Leads

LeadSift helps you convert potential consumers into actual ones. Indeed, it focuses on highly likely buyers already in the buyer’s journey, particularly those conversing with your competitors. Also, they assist you in making the most of your time by prioritizing the hottest leads above others to optimize your sales process.

20. Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro provides a detailed, accurate analysis of your market’s brands, influencers, conversations, and competitors. It also offers deep-dive data points on your Twitter audience, including gender, marital status, age, occupation, personal income, and location. All in all, they assist you in determining the deep psychographics of your brand’s or influencers’ audience.

21. Mentionmapp: a Potent Twitter Tool

Mentionmapp is a tool that can assist in the exploration of interactions, the identification of leading contributors to conversations, and the development of solid relationships. As a result, you’ll be able to engage in genuine discussions about the topics that matter most to you, which will help optimize your marketing strategy.

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Best Twitter Tools for Content Strategy

For a professional marketer, creating engaging content every day is a huge concern. Hence, a potent tool will ease your task and assist you in making the best content. 

22. Trendsmap

Knowing what’s popular right now in your neighborhood, country, or around the world is of great importance. Trendsmap helps you stay up to date with trending topics by visualizing the spread of a subject across the country or around the world on an interactive map.

23. Trends24

Twitter is all about what’s going on in the world right now, not what happened days or months ago. Trends24 shows you the top Twitter trending topics across the globe, split down by hour and country.

24. Content Gems: Twitter Tool for Content Discovery

Content Gems is a content discovery engine that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of articles from the best online sources, including content shared on Twitter, to share with your audience. This tool also allows you to use custom workflows to deliver curated content to various platforms simultaneously.

25. Buzzsummo

Buzzsummo is all you need in terms of content. When you’re stuck for content ideas, Buzzsumo’s content discovery feature can help you develop new ones by crawling the web and social media feeds for real-time top topics and trends.

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Top Twitter Tools for Clients

Last but not least, finding the right audience and making a special bond with them is an essential duty of a marketer. In this case, using the following Twitter tool, you’ll turn them into your loyal client and make huge bucks. 

26. TweetDeck

Switching between multiple accounts is driving you crazy? So let TweetDeck be in charge!

TweetDeck is a web-based Twitter dashboard that helps connect several accounts and Tweet, like, and mention each one at the same place. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent tool for brands managing multiple subsidiaries with various handles.

To Sum It Up!

There are thousands of these types of Twitter tools operating in various industries, including those mentioned and many others (image, Twitter chats, hashtags, etc.) What matters most is finding those who can meet your needs at a reasonable price. Apart from the tools, you may leverage Twitter’s features and bio ideas to outsmart the Twitter algorithm and increase interaction.