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If you are a real estate agent, then you probably already have an Instagram account, and if you do not – it is time to start one. Instagram has become a recognized way to gain interactions with potential buyers and renters.

Gaining occupants for your next property might be difficult if you are relying on a medium like Facebook, your website, or a property aggregator. We have put together a list of best Instagram practices for estate agents to improve your journey on Instagram. Instagram is a widely used platform boasting over 1 billion users and 500 million daily users on Stories.

Instagram users are highly active and enjoy innovative content, and it is the perfect platform to display the fine details of your latest listing.

Here Are 20 Instagram Practices to Help You Grow Your Instagram Real Estate Page

1. Plan your content

Content planning has become central to creating a highly active and engaging account on Instagram. Once you decide on your goals, you need to create a weekly plan of how you will post content. Instagram can function as a brilliant extension of your portfolio and offer potential homeowners an experience of what their next home could feel like. Plan a mix of Instagram posts and stories for on a weekly basis and use a free scheduler tool to schedule your posts ahead of time. this way you don’t have to worry a bout missing a day, or forgetting to post at the best time of the day.

The beauty of Instagram is that it can help you reach your target market through the use of hashtags and the text you choose you to use.

Your weekly goals should entail conducting a review at the end of each week to review what works and what does not work. Ideally, your account should showcase a property and your ability to sell property so you can reach buyers and sellers alike.

2. Grow your followers base

To market your real estate listings on Instagram, you need to have a follower base of people interested in your business. The second metric is your engagement rate. Putting these two together, you will need real and engaged followers to be able to make money from you Instagram page. To grow your followers organically, you can get help from Managed Instagram services like AiGrow. They are offering a VIP program that guarantees your followers’ growth in an organic and targeted way. Fortunately, the service comes with a week of free trial. You can sign-up from here and test the results yourself.

3. Know your target market

Knowing your target market is one thing, but how they use Instagram is another. Getting to know your potential client is essential, and posting content that resonates with them gives you an added advantage.

Real estate agents need to consider a few factors, such as age, gender, income, marital status, and family dynamics to market the ideal properties to their market.

Instagram is an excellent platform to find buyers and renters based on your posts because people who use the platform check it quite often. Homeownership has become an ongoing conversation among millennials, and most of them are looking for a home that suits their lifestyle.

This means that your Instagram posts are not merely marketing a house, but a home that can bring about an improvement in the buyer’s life in one way or another. Thus, you should never lose touch with the target market, know them from their preferred dialect to their selection of hashtags and what they prefer to see when it comes to real estate. Instagram experts at AiGrow can help you find and interact with your target market and close more deals on your behalf. try their VIP managed Instagram service, they guarantee 500 new, organic an niche targeted followers to your page per month.

4. Make your page official

Since introducing its option for a business, Instagram has simplified the way companies use the platform for marketing their services. You can also sign up using your details from your Facebook business page, making it easy to link the two.

At times, real estate agents use their personal accounts to market properties, which are not advisable. Your friends and family may support your business in one way or another but are unlikely to buy property from you. You also want to create a professional impression devoid of cute baby pictures and family barbecues.

Keep the two separate. Of course, you can add your personality to your business page by creating business-related content such as profiling your career and achievements once in a while. In as much people enjoy human touch, professionalism appeals when it comes to making life-changing decisions like buying a property.

5. Write like a pro

With Instagram being a visual platform, users tend to underestimate the power of well-written captions and bios. Your writing needs to be as compelling as your imagery and carefully select the words you use in describing your business and any property you are selling on the market.

Part of writing brilliant content lies in your selected target market and understanding of their needs. However, no matter the target market, proper spelling and grammar go a long way, as does content that is easy to read and understand.

There are many ways to play around with words to ensure that you get the message across of how you can simplify the viewer’s property hunting experience.

If you are also studying while running your business, you can use essay writing service Australia to get ahead. Good writing is a reflection of how seriously you take your business and your willingness to address potential clients coherently.

6. Use Eye-Catching Photos

This is obvious, as a visual platform using good photos and professional images of yourself is essential. On Instagram, you are competing with a lot of professional photography and beautiful images. Thus, you should invest in a good camera or a phone with a good quality camera. Your photos should be clear and focused and appeal to the eye.

Even if someone is not necessarily looking to buy property, they may be attracted to the images and follow you to see rich content. Professional pictures are also an excellent way to properly showcase properties you are selling and you can also include videos that take users through a house you are selling.

A good photo in your bio is also important, and if you are using one of yourself, make sure that it is professionally taken.

7. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags have become central to success on Instagram because it is likely to be how people find your page. At times, people follow a particular hashtag and receive new related photos in their feed.

You can research hashtags in the real estate industry to get an idea of the different hashtags you can use on Instagram. Hashtags are also a good way for you to conduct research on real estate trends and the market you are competing in on Instagram. you can also use a hashtag research tool to help you find the best hashtags for your posts.

Some ideas for hashtags can include the name of the area (#NewYorkLofts), your agency, the industry (#RealEstate or #Realtor) and others like #NewListing, #JustListed, #JustSold, and #ForSale. Hashtags allow people to find your content faster and determine if they want to engage with it so build a solid strategy around it.

8. Consider Instagram as part of the sales funnel

Instagram content should be used as part of an overall campaign rather than a campaign on its own. It is a tool that increases brand awareness, so the insights you gain from the platform can be applied to other aspects of the business.

This also means that your content should prompt a user to take a certain action, such as visit your website or give you a call. Your content does not always have to the sale or rental of a house but can also be informative and inspirational. People resonate with brands that are cognitive of the human experience as a whole. For example, you can post sth about US rent control, or anything you think your followers may love.

You can use tools like Canva to create beautiful posts that combine text and images for your quotes. Another way to connect to users is by regularly updating your stories and going live. Perhaps you can consider doing live walkabouts on certain days.

9. Use Instagram Ads wisely

There are a variety of paid advertising options to choose from on Instagram, which allows you to engage with potential clients and buyers. You need to decide on a monthly budget for Instagram advertising and decide on optimal days and times to advertise. There are also options to choose from, such as the carousel ad option ideal for showcasing a new home’s features.

A recent addition is the Collection format that allows you to create an ad using an existing post and this is ideal for a property you may be struggling to sell. It is also important to correctly use geo-targeting as this is the backbone of your campaign and business, targeting people in specific areas.

Best Instagram hashtags in Real Estate Industry

If you want to increase your findability, you should bring hashtags under real consideration. No hashtags, no many followers. So use between 15 to 30 relatable hashtags for your every post, #realestateagent for instance.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags in the Real Estate Industry?

Now that you are aware of the importance of hashtags in your visibility, you need to know how to use hashtags to grow organically. How? look!


  • Classify your content
  • Bring attention quickly and clearly
  • Run conversions and increase the interaction rate
  • Increase visibility
  • Grow organic reach

In case you are new at using hashtags, keep these dos and don’ts in mind.


  • Relevant use hashtags
  • Pay attention to trending topics
  • Allocate hashtags for your brand
  • Make sure that your page is “public”


  • Use too many hashtags per post. It not only looks ugly but Instagram might consider you as a bot and ban your page.
  • Repeat your hashtag multiple times in the same post
  • Use hashtags that are too long or confusing for readers (Tip: if you have a long hashtag, try capitalizing the first letter of each word)
  • Put spaces in between words within a single hashtag

What Hashtags to Use?

If you are still clueless, use these hashtags on your Instagram real estate:

  • #photooftheday
  • #realestate
  • #properties
  • #househunting
  • #homesearch
  • #justlisted
  • #broker
  • #realtor
  • #igers (short for Instagrammers)
  • #throwbackthursday and/or #TBT
  • #transformationtuesday
  • #behindthescenes
  • #photoshoot
  • #videogram
  • #videooftheday
  • #interiordesigns

What to Post on Instagram as a Real Estate Agent

Before you get started, set a goal. What is it that you want? Never post without a strategic intention.

Who are your targets in real estate platform?

  • Local homeowners trying to sell
  • Local buyers
  • Out of town buyers moving into your town
  • Out of town #Realtors looking for referral agencies in your town
  • Past clients who can introduce you to others through words of mouths
  • New followers of your real-estate Instagram profile who are still in the customer journey process
  • New clients who just found your Instagram real estate account

After your target is set, think about your feed. Give people a good reason to follow you. The best content for Instagram real estate is a combination of professional content and fun crazy you.

Best Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

1.Local markets statistics:

People would love to see what is going on in their neighborhood.

Note these before you jump in the bat:

  • Don’t bore followers with so many stat.
  • Let your followers know in captions why posted stat is important for them
  • Take care of aesthetic feature

2.Local facilities:

In such a mind-blowing busy world people might miss things that are happening right under their nose because they don’t know about it.

So if you’re doing something local, let them know. the least boon for you is that they will consider you as a local expert.

To do that:
  • Give them a reason why they might like the place
  • Let them know how to get there.
  • Any secret? share them!

3.Local restaurant:

As a local expert and real estate Instagrammer, you probably eat out. Then take a photo and share!

Tell your followers:

  • How the restaurant atmosphere is like
  • What are in the menu
  • How much money it might cost them
  • Why you love it
  • What is it that you are eating or drinking
  • What you’re up to after restaurant

You may also:

  • Tag the restaurant
  • Tag those who are with you

4.Introduce your crew:

There are people who you work with as a team. If you guys get together, take a photo, post it on your real estate Instagram, share, and tag them.

You may also explain in the caption about something interesting you did or talked about.


If you’re moving toward a goal or you are working on a project inform your followers. It’ll keep them engaged.


have a pet? Share its photos. Make it humorous with fun stories about him in the caption. Ask your followers to share photos of their pets and tag you.


Personal life, this is what Instagram is for. So don’t be afraid and get personal. Don’t think this is unprofessional. It shows the human side of you and people will consider you as a friend and that way it’ll make people want to work with you.

8. Local photos

As a realtor, you must be seeing lots of places in your neighborhood. Then share photos of them and let people see things from your perspective.

  • Pay attention that local photos should be attractive.
  • Provide a little information about it.
  • Also, include forgotten places.
  • Don’t copy another photo. Take it yourself.

9.At Work

As a real estate agent, things might come up. Make it fun and positive and post about it.

10.Nice random photos

It’s okay to post random photos time to time to make your Instagram look nicer. If you’re smart enough, you tell a relatable story about it.

11.Gifts you receive

As a realtor, you might be getting present from those who you worked with. Why not taking a photo and tagging them? You will show appreciation and humbleness. On the other hand, you will send the message to your followers that you are the type of person who can get things done.

12. Services to offer

You are a realtor and your community is what you must care about the most. Is your community suffering from a severe problem? Is there something you can do about it? Is there any organization to work with?

Keep these notes under consideration:
  • You have to be 100 percent honest and genuine about it
  • Let people know how they can help
  • Inform your followers if there is any event

13.Your children

Are you a real estate agent and a parent at the same time? Then you do perform a Herculean task! Then feel free to brag about it just a little bit.

Is there any local child caretaker? Or any organization of this kind? Cooperate with them and kill the bird.

14. Local celebrity

If you have one of those bigwigs in your neighborhood, you are lucky. Make a mutual connection with him or her. It will affect your reputation positively.

15. Fiestas

Care about every holiday, even silly ones. Make it local and feed your followers.

16.Office life

Honestly speaking, nothing can be as boring as an office life routine. But if you can change it into something interesting, you are a genius realtor.

17.Before and after

I don’t assume there would be anything more amusing than before and after kind of stuff, especially when it comes to home.

Creative Instagram Story Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Posting stunning photos aside, Instagram stories, especially highlights, are the showcase that enables you to have your own Reality show!!!

I’m gonna give you some ideas about real estate on Instagram. Why? Because stories sell!!!

Ask me a Question

Followers might come up with questions. Give them this space in Instagram stories. One may ask you a question that might have been occurred to other people. So you will kill 2 (or even more) birds with one stone.

Just remember to keep answers simple and to the point.

Go behind the scene

People love to see behind the scene. It’ll make them connect to the real human side of you.

Are you clueless? Have a look at the list.

  • A great meal in a neighborhood you’re having (Don’t forget to tag the restaurant)
  • Getting stuck in traffic with your clients? Film a funny, off-the-cuff interview
  • Fil yourself what you go through giving services to the neighbors

Make them interact

It not only keeps them engaged but also gives you a better overlook of the taste of your followers.


  • Poll tool
  • Direct messages

First impression matters

Your bio must be so compelling that your audience wants to scroll.

  • A professional photo
  • How you love helping your audience and money is a second priority for you
  • Your contact information
  • What you are known for
  • Your real estate niche
  • Location
  • One or two keywords to increase searchability
  • Link to your real estate website.

Top 10 Instagram Real Estate Accounts to Inspire You

1.Chad Carrol(534K)

2. Zillow(321K)

3.The broke agent(172.2K)


5.Joy Cerey real estate(79K)

6.Bryan Casella:(36.9K)

7.Lance Tuazon:(31.6K)

8.Sarah Johnson:(19.8K)

9.Dusty Jay Baker:(15.12k)

10.Real estate legend:(15.1K)


Instagram has become one of the world’s leading social media platforms that help people market their businesses. The platform is increasing in popularity and has become quite popular among the young and old.

The wide range of users allows you to target potential clients who are looking for a home. The platform has grown to accommodate all types of businesses and real estate is one of the industries that can only stand to benefit from using a platform like Instagram. Although growing an Instagram page can be difficult, getting help from Insagram experts may result in a better and quicker way of growing. They will find related and targeted followers whom have a high potential of being your customers. To give these services a test, you can try a week free trial of AiGrow VIP service and test the results yourself.