Top 7 Instagram Message Recovery Tools

Instagram Message recovery

Since my last terrible mistake of accidentally mass deleting my DMs, I have been looking for an Instagram message recovery tool. It may happen for many freelance Instagram marketers or even public figures to suddenly remove DMs and find themselves in need of Instagram message recovery.

I was about to die of losing my lovely messages from customers and fans. Then after searching and asking some experts, I found the best Instagram DM apps to recover my deleted DMs. Eventually, I got them back and will never let them go again. Indeed, I share posts as Direct Messages on Instagram to boost brand awareness and credibility among audiences.

Instagram message recovery shouldn’t be such a huge problem or cause so much concern! If you have missed your DMs and find yourself in need of Instagram message recovery, keep reading this article to know the best Instagram message recovery tool or site.

However, if you’re devastated due to losing your DMs, and are in urgent need of doing an Insta recovery, sign up on DMpro; the best DM app out there.

So let’s dive in!

Top 7 Instagram Message Recovery Tools

Many Instagrammers copy Instagram DMs, comments, and captions and save them to avoid losing them. However, when it happens, you need a safe and secure Instagram message recovery tool.

Knowing how to recover deleted Instagram messages, you don’t need to worry about losing your account and vital business information. Here, we gathered the top 7 Instagram message recovery tools and sites to help you resolve your dilemma.

1- DMpro: The Best Instagram Message Recovery Tool

Wondering how to recover deleted messages on Instagram? A professional Instagram business tool would be a hero to help marketers and all those who want to become successful influencers deal with DMs.

DMpro is a multi-tasking Instagram DM tool that manages countless numbers of your Instagram accounts in a single dashboard.

Instagram message recovery tool DMpro
DMpro: The Best Instagram Message Recovery Tool

Therefore, if you have lost your precious DMs and look for the best way to recover Instagram direct messages, DMpro is your crucial answer. The good news is that this Insta recovery app doesn’t access or reset your password. Therefore, keep calm as your private information is safe and secure.

Using DMpro, you can connect DMs to your email and instantly recover deleted Instagram messages using your email.

So for Instagram message recovery with DMpro, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for your free account on DMpro.
  2. Elect ‘Manage Account’
  3. Click or tap the ‘Direct Messages’ and ‘DM to Email’ tabs.
  4. Then, confirm your email address.
DMpro's dashboard
DMpro Dashboard

Now, you’ll receive emails, including your DMs, every time you have new messages. The purpose behind connecting your Instagram DMs to your email in this Instagram recovery tool is that your IG messages can be saved somewhere safe.

Since then, even if you delete a DM accidentally or a virus attacks your property, you can easily and quickly do an Insta recovery. Indeed, your Instagram messages always remain in your email. So this is how to recover deleted Instagram messages for good.

Moreover, you can respond to the DM directly from your Email Inbox and auto-reply to your DMs. Above all, you can read Instagram messages without being seen. So, alongside the amazing Instagram message recovery feature, you get much more using just one platform.

Not only can you have your removed messages back, but also you can mass delete Instagram messages with DMpro in case your inbox is in need of a cleanse. So, if you’re a freelance Instagram marketer, or are doing a business on Instagram, you can take advantage of the various features that DMpro offers!

The significant aspect of using DMpro for Instagram messages is that you can run your DM tool on your phone and PC. Accordingly, it is available to download from Google Play and App Store.

2- iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

If you need to use software to support you recover Instagram direct messages from your iPhone, use ‘iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery’ software.

It will facilitate Instagram chat recovery on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes, and iCloud backup files. In addition, this software can recover photos, videos, and messages on Instagram from iPhone.

Instagram Message Recovery App: IBeesoft
Instagram Message Recovery App: IBeesoft

So if you don’t know how to recover deleted messages on Instagram from iPhone, follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, download and install this Instagram message recovery app on your computer.
  • Then launch the Instagram message recovery tool.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Then click the ‘Recover from iOS.’ The software will detect your device.
  • Now, click on the ‘Scan’ to scan your iPhone.
  • It’ll preview your deleted DMs.
  • Choose the ones that you need to recover.
  • Eventually, click on ‘Recover’ to recover deleted Instagram messages on iPhone.

As you see, this is an iPhone-only Instagram recovery tool, and it does not support Android devices.

3- U.Fone iOS Toolkit

Sending direct messages on Instagram is a great strategy to boost your engagement. That’s why losing them could be highly annoying or even destructive.

If Instagram chat recovery is one of your primary concerns these days, go ahead and try U.Fone. This app is an iOS-only data recovery program that can also be used for Instagram message recovery.

U.Fone; Instagram Recovery Tool

You could use U.Fone to bring back your accidentally-deleted text messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, and generally anything you had saved on your iPhone. As an Instagram message recovery tool, it can also safely recover Instagram direct messages.

If you don’t know how to recover Instagram chat, do as follows:

  • Launch U.Fone Toolkit
  • Choose Insta recovery mode
  • As all the files will be shown on the program, select the data type
  • Click on ‘Next’ to scan the chosen type file
  • Preview the detailed content before recovering
  • Select the data you would like to recover
  • Click on ‘Recover’

4- Fonelab Instagram Message Recovery App

In case you need another Instagram message recovery app, you could use Fonelab for your Android devices. Not only can it be used for Instagram message recovery, but also any data you save on your Android phone becomes retrievable. That is, if you happen to accidentally delete your photos, videos, documents, or contacts, you can retrieve them through this app.

Fonelab Instagram Message Recovery
Fonelab Instagram Message Recovery

Instagram message recovery is quite easy using this app. You only need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the program
  • Choose Android data recovery
  • Scan and preview the data you would like to recover
  • Choose the file and start recovering the data

5- Instagram Message Recovery Tool + Site

An Instagram employee developed the ‘Instagram Message Recovery’ for doing Instagram message recovery online. For this method, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Then, go to Instagram Message Recovery online and enter your username or profile URL
  • Now, click on ‘Recover Messages’ to start the process.
  • Next, complete the human verification to prove you are human.
  • Finally, your deleted DM will be recovered.
Instagram Message Recovery Site
Instagram Message Recovery Tool + Site

It will take your time to perform the human verification step. Also, whenever you need to recover Instagram deleted messages, you must proceed with these steps again. That is, I recommend you use an all-in-one Instagram DM tool to avoid facing such issues in the future. On the other hand, if you accidentally delete a message, you can reach all of them in your email inbox.

6- IStaunch: Instagram Message Recovery App

If you’re wondering how to recover your deleted Instagram messages, you can give IStaunch a chance. Notice that in order to use their services, you need to download their app.

To use IStaunch as an Instagram message recovery tool:

  1. First, download the app on their official website and Install it on your device,
  2. Then, enter your IG username,
  3. Next, click on ‘Recover Messages,’
  4. Finally, you can read your Instagram messages at ease.

7- Insta Recovery

Were you browsing through your IG DMs and accidentally deleted a whole conversation with your friend? Are you looking for an Instagram message recovery site to recover your lost conversation? Then Insta Recovery is a website you’ll probably come across during your quest.

Insta recovery

Back then, Insta Recovery used to provide users around the world with the opportunity to recover deleted conversations on IG and read them. However, they have recently announced that they no longer offer such services.

Using this Instagram message recovery tool, you can now only read your direct messages conveniently on this website, from any device.

To enable you to read your IG DMs, Insta Recovery redirects you to Instagram’s official website to send a request to download your data first. Then, you can read your IG DMs.

Instagram Message Recovery Tool FAQs

Deleting Instagram chats and messages accidentally is something that can happen to all of us while running our hectic lives. The trouble gets even more serious and nerve-racking when we delete a super important message from our client.

This article tried to offer you solutions and introduce you to the best Instagram message recovery tool. Now, let’s focus on some of your most frequently asked questions regarding it.

Q1. How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Within the Official Instagram App?

Instagram has introduced a new feature for its users in which Instagrammers can download and save their IG data.

If you wish to do an Instagram message recovery within the app:

  1. Visit Instagram’s website and navigate through your profile,
  2. Click on ‘Settings’,
  3. Select ‘Privacy and Security,’
  4. Scroll down and click on ‘Request Download’,
  5. Now, you have to enter your email address and choose the format you wish to receive your data in (HTML or JSON), and select ‘Next’,
  6. To finish your Insta recovery, enter your IG password, and click on ‘Request Download’. Now you’re all set! Instagram will send you an email containing your IG data.

Q2. How Long Does It Take Instagram to Recover Your Messages?

If you request Instagram data, it will take approximately 14 days for IG to deliver it to you. Therefore, if it is urgent that you recover your deleted Instagram messages, try using DMpro; a highly effective Instagram chat recovery app.

Using DMpro, you can recover your lost DMs in an instant.

Pro Tip: Please note that you can only ask for your IG data once every four days. Also, Instagram only keeps your deleted DMs for 30 days.

Q3. Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Messages in Vanish Mode?

In short, no. Vanish mode on Instagram allows users to send and receive disappearing messages. Therefore, there’s no Instagram message recovery website online or any app that can help you get back your deleted DMs on vanish mode.

Final Words on Instagram message recovery app

Instagram Messages are one of the best ways to communicate with your audience and followers directly. It is how you can increase your brand trust and Instagram engagement rate. Therefore, it’s worth keeping them in your email and preventing losing them.

DMpro is the most reliable tool for Instagram message recovery. It helps you send, save and keep your valuable DMs as well as tons of other activities that are not possible through Instagram’s official app.

So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up on DMpro, to DM like a pro! 100% guaranteed!

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