How to Go Viral on Instagram: Tips & Tricks

How to Go Viral on Instagram: Tips & Tricks

Craving for how to go viral on Instagram? Of course, you need to know some crafts!

Instagram is one of the topmost popular social media platforms involving billions of users in the whole world. Most Instagram users check their Instagram daily. All these persuade most Instagram marketers to cash in on their Instagram posts, and if they don’t, they are missing it out.

Let’s take a deep dive into building viral Instagram content that makes you fly off the chart.

What Is a Viral Content

Viral Instagram content means content that attracts people to like, comment, tag their friends, and save it to their albumsGoing viral hangs on many factors, though one of the greatest ones is becoming featured on the Instagram “Explore Page.”

The explore page summarizes all your interests based on our liked content and the posts liked by people we follow. 

Viral Instagram content gets remarkably more engagement than your average posts usually do. More likes and comments drive exposure lead to even higher likes and comments. 

Pro Tips & Tricks to Go Viral on Instagram

Mostly, social media managers and experts engineer virality who understand the secrets to leverage the platform. When a post goes viral, more audiences will identify your brand, even potential customers.

In the following, you will read pro tips & tactics to go viral on Instagram. BTW, before we start, click here to learn more about Instagram tips and secrets. 

Get to Know Your Audience

To create a marketing campaign that will dramatically engage views, you need to know your audience properly. Moreover, it is essential to know what makes your target audience like to create viral Instagram content.

Forming a marketing persona will help you to summarize the benefits of your target audience instantly. A marketing persona is a user description and is utilized in the first steps of product improvement or product redesign. It includes the type of content your target audience prefers to consume and other Instagram pages they follow.

With this information in hand, Instagram marketers will prepare to grab the other tips listed below.

Find Your Unique Voice to Go Viral on Instagram

To go Viral, you need unique content. Enrich it with stunning images and videos, and you will have the perfect recipe for a viral Instagram post. Generally, viral content is almost always visually fascinating, controversial, emotionally absorbing, or newsworthy. Content with an exact point of view will be more likely to go viral than commonplace content.

Create Your Original Content

When it comes to Instagram creating your own unique and completely original content is one of the most enjoyable things. Nevertheless, bringing forward original Instagram content ideas would be challenging. 

It is best to spend time brainstorming and think about the things that make your brand unique. Therefore, think about the exciting aspect of your brand and your Industry.

It is essential to use advanced tools, a good camera, and great lighting when you set off to create your original content. Hire somebody if you’re not good at filming or editing. High-quality content is much more prone to go viral on Instagram.

Tie Content into Trending Events and News

It is rather simpler to make viral content if it is related to the latest news event. This can be your product launch or something related to current events or an opening. With the combination of dedicated fans, well-composed content, and a newsworthy announcement, the post will go viral.

Therefore take advantage of trending news and events to boost engagement.

Analyze Your Feed

Instagram Insights is the best option to analyze your feed and quickly realize what kind of content performs well with your audience and most likely engage your target audience. There are some graphs and charts on your Instagram Insight page to easily understand your audience’s behavior.

Instagram marketers use analytics to optimize their post schedule and hashtags.

How to Go Viral on Instagram: Tips & Tricks
Instagram Insights

Pay Attention to other Channels

Look at what people share and what gets more engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

When you find something on these platforms that are trending, search on Instagram immediately and see if that specific clip or a photo comes up; otherwise, use that content. Ensure you always give credit to the author of the content and, if possible, get their permission. Because Instagram knows when you repost the content that’s not originally yours. 

Make Most of Photo Content

As Instagram is a photo-based platform, posting high-quality photos is vitally important. Some experts think that Video is the future of online content using. Although the video has grown in popularity lately, Instagram photo content generates more engagement than Video.

As a result, if brands are interested in creating highly viral content, it would be better to focus on photo content.

Create more “Video” content

As mentioned above, the future of Instagram is based on video content. Same as Facebook, Instagram is clearly putting a more notable focus on Video. With the showing up of Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV, direct competition with YouTube.

Consequently, to give you a greater chance of going viral using video posts, Instagram requires you to generate more video content and prefer them over image content.

Cash in on Hashtags to Go Viral on Instagram

Same as Instagram’s “Explore Page,” there are also “Hashtag Top Pages.” When searching for a specific hashtag, the top posts will show up first. Also, hashtag pages are now classified by performance and not chronologically. 

Even though you will not get as much exposure as when appearing on the explore page, this is a great way to boost individual post engagement. You are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags per post, giving you the potential to reach 30 “Hashtag Top Pages,” which could increase your engagement to virality. 

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Take advantage of Emoji Stickers

Most popular profiles with over 1 million followers flavored their captions with emoji icons. If you also factor in a higher interaction rate with posts including emojis, it’s clear that emojis cultivates contact and relatability with your followers.

It is a good idea to make custom Instagram stickers for your stories. Score!

Walk All Over Stories and Go Viral

The best way to connect with your Instagram audience is by using Stories! 

It is important to use fresh and valuable content and also to share engaging Stories regularly. Also, people can get to know your personality using Instagram Story

Features like Story Emoji Slider, Instagram Story Music, Instagram Story Highlights, and Instagram Story Polls let you make your posts more attractive and increase your Instagram engagement.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are the easiest and fastest ways to gain more followers and generate more engagement on your posts. They are fun and raise trust in your brand. Therefore, you can partner with a brand or follow Instagram to reach tons of followers and provide a product for the giveaways.

Also, you could interact with the participants to create hype and pick the winner and share it on your page.  

How to Go Viral on Instagram: Tips & Tricks

Add CTA in Your Viral Posts

Call to Actions are awesome! 

You should include CTA in every single post and the story you publish. It’s essential to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do after reading your caption. 

You want more virality to let your audience learn to double tap! 

If you possess an Instagram business account, it is a good idea to add CTA buttons to your profile. Constantly inviting the audience to get the next step and using calls-to-action to encourage them to click, register, buy, or sign-up might look like an elementary tactic, but it’s also amazingly efficient.

Make Engagement & DM Groups and Go Viral on Instagram

Instagram Engagement Groups(Pods) and Instagram DM groups are the methods that many Instagram experts suggest how to go viral on Instagram. 

You can find Instagram Pods in Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook and pick these groups according to your niche, followers, and industry.

You can record voices in these groups, share profiles, send gifs and stickers, timed self-destruct videos and photos, location tags, and hashtag links. Instagram pods are a great help to drive engagement. However, keep in mind that it is important to select valid pods.

Post at the Best Time to Go Viral on Instagram

Timing is an extra crucial factor in how to go viral on Instagram. Once you know what you want to post, you need to think about the best time to postAs you crave several people to engage in the first hour once your post goes live. 

Instagram wants to decide if your post is good or not, so it considers a specific time after the post goes live to analyze its resolution. No one knows precisely if this is 30min or an hour, but it doesn’t matter.

The time after you post your new content is vital to settle on the explore page. The more engagement, comments, and likes you get, the more widespread your post will be distributed. This will enhance the chances of hitting that secret spot of appearing on the explore page and flipping through the viral path.

Partner with Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are the best chance to drive brand awareness and boost engagement. Moreover, they can help you go viral on Instagram.

Influencers are very popular people on Instagram that have an immense influence and following. Therefore, they can lead their followers to engage with you by sharing your post, asking their followers to like, comment, follow.

Influencer marketing helps you reach out to audiences in your niche and flings your goals to them. 

How to Go Viral on Instagram: Tips & Tricks
Prada & Chiara Ferragni

Like and Comment Other Posts

10-15 minutes before posting your new content, start liking, and commenting on other people’s posts. 

Once your post is live, continue enjoying other people’s posts and immediately respond to comments on your recent posts. 

Final Thoughts on How to Go Viral on Instagram

As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to go viral on Instagram, and most importantly, you need to manage your time and content to make the most of it and make huge bucks.

Managing all these tasks are time-consuming. AiGrow, the most potent Instagram management tool, will assist you through this and ease the mission for you. This app helps you plan your content, add hashtags and location tags, create DM Networks, and repost contents automatically.