What Does Meta Mean [The Best Guide]

What Does Meta Mean

With the rise of the Metaverse virtual world and the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, you may ask, ‘what is the Metaverse and what does the word ‘Meta’ mean?’

In this article, we will explain the exact meaning of the term meta and its meaning when joined with words such as meta-analysis and other words containing this such as meta bank, Metamucil, etc.

What Is Meta?
What Is Meta?

What Does Meta Mean?

Meta is a prefix that became the most searched word on Google recently. The reason for it was not but the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and appearance of Metaverse.

The prevalent role of the word ‘Meta’ in English is using it in terms such as Metamucil, metastases, meta-analysis, etc., as a prefix. Now, after integrating Metaverse and Facebook, the word meta turns into a proper noun.

If we want to understand the meta definition well, it is better to look at its meaning in the dictionary. The term meta, according to the dictionary, has two meanings:

  1. Beyond or at a higher level; for example, the term ‘meta-analysis’ (=beyond ordinary analysis)
  2. Relating to a change of state or position; for example, the term ‘metabolism’ (=the process of changing food into energy)

In addition to meta meaning as transcending and encompassing, sometimes it means self-referential or self-aware as an adjective. Providing information about members of a category is another meaning of meta.

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Meta and Metaverse

The Metaverse term was first coined in the novel Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson 1992. An epic that takes place in two parallel worlds; one real and the other virtual which is called Metaverse.

There was another novel around the Metaverse axis in 2011, Ready Player One, that was made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. By watching this movie, you will get more acquainted with the Metaverse environment.

By watching the movie Ready Player One, you will get more acquainted with the Metaverse

With the meta definition and Metaverse formation described above, we can find the new meta meaning associated with virtual worlds and sci-fi that has been distanced from its meaning as a prefix and a preposition.

These meanings came from a preexisting reality from its relation with the coined term Metaverse, which means beyond the real world. But this meaning of encompassing for the brand name of Meta might have been just an accident and not related to this meaning, so we should wait to see what will happen!

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Is Meta a Social Media

As you know, Facebook is a social network platform with 2.9 billion global active users that Mark Zuckerberg has renamed to Meta recently. You may ask whether it will remain a social media. We should say, as we explained the meaning of meta, it seems the Meta must not be an ordinary social media and would be beyond it!

FaceBook Meta
FaceBook Meta

Meta’s Metaverse is not a simple social media for just sharing posts, videos, commenting, and messaging with friends, but it is a fully-realized computer-generated world with 3D spaces that the users interact with.

In other words, it needs a substructure of virtual and mixed reality technologies to be used as an immersive online virtual world. Users need wearable gadgets and equipment like smart glasses to interact with the virtual world around them. 

Meta aims to help people build a brilliant future and find more ways to play and connect in the metaverse. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection.

Meta community
Meta community

Actually, such space exists, and there are games like Star Wars, Minecraft, Roblox, and Second Life that simulate this. These games are expected to be integrated with the metaverse. 

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How Can Meta Change Our Vision for the Future

In the metaverse world, individuals can choose their avatars and live like in reality; the avatar can be their face or a character they like. Meta aims to build communities where people interact even if they are not in the same place!

It will help people to find communities, connect, and grow. It seems to be the next evolution in social media as it moves beyond 2D into immersive 3D virtual reality. In such a world, individuals interact while lying on their beds or sitting in their home and just wearing smart glasses, and can do everything they do in the real world like education, businesses, etc.

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The Meaning of Meta in Gaming

Another issue is what does meta means in gaming? Meta in gaming is a strategy accepted by the community. These games are generally competitive, and their strategies would be the most functional way and performance to win.

Some have defined META as an acronym of ‘Most Effective Tactics Available.’ Meta in gaming contains choosing a specific character like the strongest character Meta Knight in the Kirby video game series or playing in a defined way that guides playing games.

To make it short, Meta in a game is the word that defines items, decks, characters, or weapons that are more powerful. Take the warzone game, for instance; it is a free-to-play battle royale on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation. There is a different warzone Meta in this game, including individual guns or entire load-outs.

Meta in gaming

Another example of Meta in gaming is TFT(TeamFight Tactics) meta. It helps players comp their team more functional with special tactics, starts their game with a leg up on the competition, and maximizes their enjoyment of their favorite games.

Blockchain games are another example of Metaverse games that are spreading. Games like Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Illuvium are samples of Metaverse games and NFT gaming projects. They are play-to-earn games that provide players with real exchangeable cryptocurrency as long as they play the game.

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Meta FAQs

While we explained every aspect of the word meta, there may be unanswered questions about this word which has received a new meaning these days.

In this part, we are going to address these questions.

1- What Is Meta Analysis

Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure that identifies the reason for the variation. As we described the meaning of meta, we can say it is beyond analysis and needs multiple studies. Meta-analyses are quantitative and provide an overview and a quantitative assessment of how well a treatment works.

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2- What Are the Top Companies Owned by Meta(FaceBook)?’

Facebook, known as Meta Inc., has many products, including messenger services, photo, and video sharing, augmented reality, etc. The key to growing this platform has been buying potential opponents before getting too big.

Now, many famous companies are owned by Meta, such as Instagram, which is a photo and video-sharing app; WhatsApp is a Mobile messenger service; Oculus VR, which is a Virtual reality technology company; and Onavo Mobile web analytics.

These are just samples of 92 companies that Facebook has owned with the aim of talent acquisitions.

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3- What Is Meta Career?

Meta Career‘ is another service by Meta Inc. that provides a space for users to work with great people, tackle significant challenges, and make a good effect, wherever they work while being their unique, authentic selves.

Meta Career
Meta Career

Last Words About Meta

In this article, we analyzed the meaning of the word Meta based on its etymology. But with the new uses of this word, finding its meaning depends on whether we use it in words as a preposition, adjective, or brand names such as Meta or Metabank.

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