Bigbangram Vs AiGrow: Which One Will Grow Your IG Better In 2022?!

Bigbangram vs AiGrow

You must have heard about the power of social media in the world of commerce and business and also we have seen platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram that have made this world different.

By having a business account on any of these platforms, you can earn a lot of profit, but your income and profit will depend on how much visibility you have on these networks.

Growing on Instagram requires a lot of effort, which will be doubled with attention to Instagram’s algorithm. However, some best Instagram growth services can help you along the way, growing your IG account organically and safely. 

There are lots of Instagram growth services that can make this path smoother like AiGrow, while dangerous Instagram bots like ‌‌Bigbangram can put your account at risk of being blocked.

And we are here to help you to choose the trusted platform to achieve your goals.

Why We Should Use Instagram Growth Services 

As we said before, being seen on social networks requires a lot of effort, and the more followers you have, the more success you will have.

In fact, in the first stage, what attracts the followers’ attention is the content that is attractive and suitable for your followers’ taste.

And in the second stage, the amount of your interaction will attract followers and turn them into loyal customers.

And in the third stage, it is your regular and continuous activity that makes you have an account with a lot of audiences and a lot of income.

Now the question arises, why should we use Instagram growth services?

The answer is very simple. Suppose you are the owner of a company or a shop and you are busy during the day.

Therefore, you will not have time to be active on social networks such as Instagram all the time. Here we suggest you use Instagram growth services to help you achieve your goals.

However, with so many Instagram growth services available on the market, how can we choose a reliable service?

Don’t worry, we have prepared this article to examine two services, Bigbangram, and AiGrow, one of which is an organic Instagram growth service, and the other works against Instagram’s algorithm so that you can choose your trusted service with ease.

let’s check Bigbangram to find out if what they are doing on your account is legal from the point of view of Instagram, or does it put your IG account in danger?!

What Is Bigbangram

Bigbanggram introduces itself as an automatic service for doing Instagram activities. 

When we say automatic services, we mean exactly the Instagram bot that performs activities such as liking, following, unfollowing, leaving comments, etc. without your presence!

Using the Instagram bot is like buying fake followers. A long list of followers with zero interaction.

Considering that Instagram is a smart platform with artificial intelligence, it can quickly identify existing accounts that use these bots to increase followers, and their user pages will be disabled and blocked.

For this reason, using services that work legally on your account is much more reasonable than using robots to increase followers.

In this regard, we intend to introduce services like AiGrow, which uses experts to grow your account, and these experts are familiar with all Instagram algorithms and daily limits and follow the constant changes of this network.

If the security of your page is important to you, try to use services that are less risky for your page.

How To Start With Bigbangram

After we have provided you with information about this Instagram growth tool, it is time to introduce you to how to work with this robot.

  • After entering the main page of the site, click on the signup option at the top of the page.
  • Next, fill in the information that you are asked to complete your registration.
  • Then you will be directed to a page called dashboard which will ask you to charge your account to start.

This is one of the main weaknesses of Bigbangram because it has not provided a free version for users to first familiarize themselves with the features of this system and make a purchase if they are satisfied.

Bigbangram Pros & Cons

In the following, you can know some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Instagram growth agency:

Bigbanggram Pros:

  • Bigbangram Instagram video download: 

Using this feature ( Instagram video downloader), you can easily download photos, videos, and stories of other users quickly and in high quality.    

  • Hashtag Generator:

By having the right keywords, you can find the top Instagram hashtags you need in a few seconds and place them under your posts.

  • Auto Unfollow Option for Instagram:

This tool will automatically start unfollowing accounts to adjust the ratio of followers to your followings.

  • Schedule Posts for Instagram:

The main effect that timing on Instagram has for pages is that, based on the ranking algorithm of posts on Instagram, Instagram compares your post’s engagement rate with previous posts that you published on the same day and time.

 If your post has a reasonable engagement rate compared to that post, your post will receive a good rating on the homepage of your Instagram followers. 

This tool helps you to publish your posts automatically and at your desired time.

  Note: Due to the poor support provided by Bigbanggram, if you are looking for a suitable scheduler to publish your posts at the right time, we suggest you AiSchedul.

AiSchedul is a platform comparable to AiGrow, with the difference that this platform focuses on scheduling posts and creating attractive content with a beautiful design, and is suitable for those who are looking for a professional scheduler at a very reasonable price.

You can easily upload your posts from your computer and schedule your Instagram posts to be published automatically for the coming days and weeks.

Also, you can convert videos from Youtube or IGTV and publish them to your Instagram feed using AiSchedul.

You can run contests and giveaways by using AiSchedul and engage your audience with your content to grow your account.

Try AiSchedul now.

  • Font Generator for Instagram:

When creating a post for your Instagram, in addition to having a suitable format and coordinating colors, the font you used is also very important.

A suitable font can greatly increase the attractiveness of your page’s posts and stories, especially if all the fonts on your page are the same and are used in a private format. This tool will help you to choose a suitable font for your posts.

  • Direct Messenger:

Instagram Direct Automate is a social media management service that can automatically send Instagram messages to Instagram followers (all or new followers).

By automating Instagram messages on Instagram, you decide to interact with more audiences and create a more sustainable relationship with your audience.

Many services provide automatic sending of Instagram direct messages, but not all of them are reliable and do not provide the result you expect.

You should choose the best Instagram DM apps for this task that have the highest level of safety as well as the best features and are the ideal option for automatic Instagram messages.

Note: DMpro is a good alternative to Bigbangram that helps you easily manage your messages on Instagram and send automatic replies to your audience, as well as send bulk DMs to your contacts based on the Instagram algorithm.

You can easily use this platform for marketing on Instagram and managing and organizing your Instagram DMS.

Give DMpro a try now and see the results.

Bigbanggram Cons

  • There is no free trial.
  • Identification of bot activities in your account by Instagram.
  • You will get low-quality or fake followers.
  • Your account may be banned by Instagram because of robot activity.
  • There is no money refund guarantee if the customer is not satisfied.
  • According to Bigbangram Instagram reviews, login fails most of the time.
  • There is no customer support.
  • By using the Instagram bot, the interaction of the page decreases

Bigbangram Reviews: It Is a waste of time And Money

Suppose you are among the people who make your choice based on the experience of other users. In that case, you can easily refer to the Trustpilot website, which is an online platform for exchanging opinions and experiences. Considering the experience of people who have used Bigbanggram, you can make your final decision.

According to the recent comments of users, most of which were negative comments, you can easily understand that you should look for a better way to grow on Instagram; otherwise, you should wait for the account blocking by receiving poor and inappropriate services.

 You can see some of the Bingbangram users’ comments here:

Bigbangram Reviews on Trustpilot
Bigbangram Reviews on Trustpilot

Disadvantages Of Using The Instagram Bot Like Bigbangram

Unfortunately, we have to say that the negative features of the Instagram bot are much more impressive and effective than its positive features.

As we said before, using Instagram bots can cause you various problems. These robots can indeed help you move forward faster, but using them will cause you problems because they are not approved by Instagram. 

Instagram severely punishes business pages that use bots and does not permit them to use such methods.

If you are looking for reliable ways to increase targeted and real followers on your page, we suggest you use proven Instagram growth services that use human power to advance your goals.

AiGrow is one of the most advanced platforms that will help you to achieve your goals by using expert people and advanced tools.

Keep reading to introduce you to AiGrow; the best alternative to Bigbanggram.

AiGrow Is The Best Alternative To Bigbangram

AiGrow is a platform that helps you grow on Instagram by having experts and professional human resources.

 Using this proven Instagram growth tool, you can manage your account professionally and you can also see the growth of interaction, visitors, and followers in your account.

You only need to sign up and add your Instagram account on this platform to start using all its features.

Now we want to make sure that the robot’s activities will not be done on your account by checking the way this platform works.

How To Start Working With AiGrow

  1. Sign up on AiGrow for free by clicking here.
  2. After completing the registration process, you will be directed to a page called dashboard. On this page, you can add your Instagram account or accounts by clicking on the add account option at the top.
  3. Once you’ve added your Instagram account, you can easily manage it from your online dashboard and use all AiGrow’s helpful features and tools by choosing the package that fits your needs.

 If you choose the AiGrow VIP package, an account manager will be assigned to your page, who will be responsible for the development and increase of followers on your page. She/He will take care of all the activities on your page.

  1. AiGrow asks you for information about the type of followers and your competitors, and based on this information and using its artificial intelligence, it tries to find followers who fit your goals.

AiGrow Features

  • Smart Instagram giveaway picker tool
  • Best scheduler tool for Instagram (feed, story, IGTV, reels)
  • hashtag generator tool
  • Organic Instagram follower growth
  • Mass deleting Instagram posts
  • Monitor social mentions tool
  • Full-service Instagram page design, post creation, and scheduling
  • Driving engagement and growth to your page
  • Guaranteed followers
  • Repost feed & stories
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Manual growth activities 
  • Content strategy & plan
  • 24×7 customer support

AiGrow is a platform approved by the Instagram algorithm and does not put your account at risk of being blocked.

Get instance access to AiGrow now.

Now that we have compared Bigbangram and AiGrow in terms of performance, you can choose one according to your needs and get help from it on the way to reach your goal.

Also, if you intend to use one of the features of Instagram in a more specialized way, we have better suggestions for you!

For instance, Use AiSchedul to generate more engagement from followers or you can use DMpro to generate leads and sales.

FAQs on Bigbangram

There may be some questions left unanswered for you in this Bigbangram review. So, we tried to address some of them here. To find out more about this Instagram growth agency, keep reading.

1. How Do I Get More Followers On Bigbangram?

As we said, Bigbangram is a robot and uses an automatic method to perform activities on your page, including liking posts, following, and unfollowing users, leaving comments, etc.

Since Instagram has some daily limits to prohibit the use of bots, these activities on your page will be detected as illegal and your page will be unavailable by Instagram.

2. What Is the Best Bigbangram Alternative?

Now that you are familiar with the disadvantages and risks of using bots on your Instagram account, it’s time to choose a good alternative to Bigbangram.

 We suggest you use services like AiGrow, which hires human experts to perform your page activities. AiGrow is the best alternative to bots like Bigbangram, and with a simple comparison between the services of these two platforms, you can make a safer choice.

Final Words 

Instagram is a global platform that has allowed its users to market on this worldwide network and start their own businesses without paying any fees. This has caused the users of this network to look for suitable ways to be seen more. 

In this regard, platforms such as AiGrow have entered the world of digital marketing to help marketers achieve success in more straightforward and organic ways.

Many people have already used it to enhance their Instagram accounts with good results. 

 Give AiGrow a try now and see the guaranteed results.