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How to Change Background on Instagram Story?


Instagram Stories have risen in popularity recently. Several people check the Stories to get updated on their beloved brands or competitors’ Instagram daily feed. That is, many Instagram marketers make most of stories and try to spice them up. So it is essential to know how to change background on Instagram Story to make them more eye-catching.

There are many creative ways to use Instagram Stories. As much as your Stories are absorbing, your feed will get more hits, and your engagement rate will increase. Therefore, the composition of images and colors in your stories will show their value here. 

If you have no clue how to change the background on Instagram Story? Stay with me. 

How to Change the Background on Instagram Story?

There are various ways to keep Instagram Stories viewers engaged, and one is changing the Instagram Story Background.

You can take your pictures or find the background image from free stock sites such as unsplash.com and download it to your phone.

Then if you consider how to change the background on the Instagram story, go through the steps below:

  • Go to Stories
  • To see your Camera Roll, swipe up.
  • Then, pick your favorite background.
  • Add it to your Story.

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story?

When you start posting on the Instagram story, it has a default color. So you can change the background color to the one you desire. 

In this case, if you wonder how to change the background color on an Instagram story, follow the instruction below:

  • Go to Stories
  • Take a photo or video
  • Pick the brush icon to highlight
  • Select a color from the available options
  • Tap and hold your screen for some seconds
  • Now, you applied the new background in your Story.

How to Change the Background Color and Add An Image to It?

In this section, you will learn how to change the background color on the Instagram story and add an image on top of it. 

However, with an all-in-one Instagram management service like AiSchedul, you can directly upload a photo from Unsplash.com to your story and immediately change the background color.

Anyway, to change the background color and add an image to it, ensure to follow the instruction below one by one:

  • Go to Stories
  • Take a picture
  • Then, pick the brush for highlighting.
  • Select a color
  • Tap and hold your screen for some seconds
  • Now, you apply a new color to your background.
  • Go to your pictures.
  • Select the ‘Copy photo’ for the one you want to use
  • Then, go back to Stories; on the bottom left of your screen, you will see a pop-up showing you the copied photo.

How to Change Background on Instagram Story on a PC?

AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool that schedules your Instagram Stories on PC free. This app is one of the safest and most comfortable Instagram marketing tools that let you manage your account at your laptop’s convenience.

Unfortunately, the Instagram official app does not provide its users to run their account on the Desktop. Therefore, using AiSchedul, you can ditch your tiny screen of your mobile phone.

If you wonder how to change the background on Instagram Story, AiSchedul provides fast and facile features to help you get more followers on Instagram. Also, this app will grant you Instagram Story templates and you can edit Instagram Stories after publishing. 

AiScheduler Story

Then, to change the Instagram Story background color from PC, go through the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the AiSchedul app.
  2. Insert the account of Instagram.
  3. Click “Manage Account.”
  4. Then, select “POSTS & SCHEDULING.”
  5. Click “Schedule,” then pick “Story.”
  6. Drag and drop or add multiple images to your story


  7. To change the background, tap on the photo and choose a background.
  8. Select the “Solid Color” if you want to know how to change the background color.
  9. Click on “Save.”

    Change Solid Color from PC

  10. You can pick “Post Now” or select “Post in Future,” then arrange the date and time of publishing your Story.

This app has the best solutions if your Instagram Stories are not Working. Moreover, if you can’t add music to the Instagram Story using AiSchedul, you will fix it and won’t face such issues anymore.

Above all, this app lets you post long videos on Instagram Story, Feed, & IGTV.

 Remarkably, all these features are free! So, sign up for free and build your solid Instagram story.

Final Words

Stories are the best feature of the Instagram platform. They make you more visible and boost your brand reach. On the other hand, changing the Instagram Story background color grants you new ideas to make your stories rise. Above all, hiring a potent app will help you to do all the tasks you need more quickly and easily.