DM Saver for Instagram+ [Best App to Download IG Messages in 2022]

DM Saver Instagram dm app

Are you looking for an efficient DM saver for Instagram to download direct messages? To grow your business on Instagram, you’ll need a reliable Instagram DM saver in your social media marketing strategy. 

The clients’ messages are the most important ones, as money doesn’t grow on trees! You should not lose any single DM on your Instagram business account because they are an important channel for connecting with your potential customers and building trustable relationships with them. 

You may also have a bunch of DMs on Instagram that you desire to save for your own personal purposes. It’s an excellent idea to copy Instagram comments, captions, and DMs and keep them. Undoubtedly, many of them are your memorable moments of chatting with a crush.

DM Saver for Instagram is the first solution that comes to mind when you wish to save Instagram messages, whether for personal or business reasons. Therefore, we conducted extensive research on Instagram DM apps to find the best Instagram DM downloader. 

This article will review a DM saver for Instagram and introduce DMpro as a powerful tool instead. So you can make your best choice to download Instagram messages. With that said, let’s begin. 

DM Saver for Instagram to Download Instagram Messages

‘DM Saver for Instagram’ is an Instagram DM extension to download Instagram messages in ZIP and HTML format to be able to read them offline. However, it is a paid extension, so you must pay to buy a license key to use it. You can perform the payment through the Gumroad platform.

DM Saver for Instagram Pros

  • You can download Instagram direct messages in ZIP and HTML format. 
  • It is an Instagram DM downloader that lets you read DMs offline.
  • Automatically downloads images/videos.

DM Saver for Instagram Cons

  • You must pay for it, and it is not free.
  • This app is not affiliated with Instagram. 
  • You’ll face bugs with any new Instagram updates and need to wait for a new version.
  • It does not perform re-uploading images and videos; you must ask for owner approval. 

Now, fancy a free IG-friendly Instagram DM downloader?

In the following, we’ll introduce a safe and secure app you can rely on to manage and download Instagram messages. Also, it allows you to share posts as direct messages and send them to other users. Keep reading to learn more about DMpro, the most effective Instagram DM saver.

DMpro: The Best App to Keep and Download Instagram Messages

DMpro is a direct message saver that lets you access all messages without downloading. Indeed, it is a multi-tasking Instagram DM tool that manages multiple Instagram accounts in a single dashboard. Using DMpro, you will never lose your precious DMs even if you don’t use an Instagram DM downloader. Now, you may be curious how it is possible?

Using DMpro, you can connect DMs to your email. Then, you will view and download Instagram direct messages using your email instantly.

How to Direct DMs to Email

To connect DM to your email and make most of your DM saver for Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for your free account on DMpro.
Sign up for DMpro: The Best DM Saver for Instagram
  1. Secondly, connect one or more Instagram accounts to your dashboard on DMpro by clicking on ‘Add Instagram Account.’
  1. Then, select your account and click on  ‘Manage.’
  1. Now, tap the ‘Direct Messages’ and ‘DM to Email’ tabs to send your Instagram direct messages to your email. 
  2. Then, confirm your email address.
  3. Now, you’ll receive emails, including your DMs, whenever you have new Instagram messages.
DM Saver for Instagram Review+ Best App to Download Instagram Messages?

Send and Receive DMs on Email

7. Next, select your Instagram profile or profiles and enter your email address in the box. 

8. Finally, click ‘Save’ and download your DMs in your email inbox. 

In this case, your Instagram messages permanently reside in your email. As you notice, DMpro doesn’t require your password, so your secret information is safe and sound.

How To Access Instagram DMs on Computer 

 Luckily, DMpro provides a feature to send DMs from your desktop and mobile phone. 

DM Saver for Instagram Review+ Best App to Download Instagram Messages?
Unread DMs and Appear Offline on Instagram

Moreover, it lets you read Instagram messages without being seen. Therefore, you can go to the inbox in your DMpro dashboard to mark your messages as unread. This way, your DMpro inbox will work as an Instagram DM downloader on your desktop. 

To access this great feature on DMpro, follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign up now and get instant access to your DMpro account. 
  2. Tap on ‘Manage’ and select ‘Direct Messages.’
  3. Then, select the ‘DM inbox’ tab. 

Note: You can use the filter button to sort your Instagram direct messages according to ‘unread,’ read,’ and ‘sent.’

Other Features of DMpro Besides Being a Powerful Instagram DM Saver

DMpro is not only an Instagram message saver app, but it also offers additional useful features to help you make the most of Instagram DM marketing.  Let’s review some of its valuable features: 

  • Mass DM Sender: If you want to send Mass DM on Instagram, DMpro is the best tool to send DMs to any number of Instagram accounts. 
  • Auto Response: This feature will allow you to automatically respond to your DMs with a customized message. 
  • Instagram DM Cleaner: It helps you to delete Instagram messages instantly.  
  • Powerful Targeting: Using DMpro, you can choose to send welcome messages to your new followers. Additionally, you can use this tool to send automated messages to IG users who use specific hashtags or create a list of potential leads based on followers of relevant or competitor accounts to send targeted messages to them. 
  • Bio-Link Tool: it allows you to put as many links as you want in your Instagram bio
  • Instagram Message Recovery Tool: If you have lost your precious DMs and need a reliable Insta recovery app, look no further than DMpro
  • Multi-Account Support: With your DMpro online dashboard, you can easily connect and manage multiple IG accounts simultaneously.

 Start your journey on DMPro now to get the most out of your DM marketing. 

FAQs on DM Saver for Instagram

Currently, you have precise information about ‘DM Saver on Instagram’ and how to keep and download Instagram messages. Nevertheless, let’s share some common questions that many users ask.

Q1. How Do You Save Instagram DM Messages?

First, open the conversation on Instagram to save the direct message. Then, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the message and select ‘Save.’ Doing so will save the message in your phone’s photo gallery.

Q2. Can You Save DM Pictures on Instagram?

Using DMpro, not only can you save DM photos on Instagram chats, but it lets you save a DM video on Instagram in a minute.

Q3. How Do You See Old Messages on Instagram?

DMpro provides you a unique feature to access your Instagram archive messages in your inbox for good.

Q4. How Do I Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

You may have deleted your Instagram direct messages, or a naughty virus has attacked your DM box. But don’t worry, DMpro is an Instagram message recovery app for users to avoid such disasters in their profession.

Q5. How to Download Videos from Instagram DM? 

To save Instagram videos in normal messages (not the disappearing ones), you just need to tap and hold the video until some options appear above the video message that lets you save it. 

Instagram does not support uploading video files from computers to our DM inbox. However, if you have a video on your PC and want to send it through DM on Instagram, DMpro is the best Instagram DM video saver. Once you have DMpro’s inbox on your computer, you can send and save Instagram DM videos easily and quickly via your desktop. 

Q6. Does Instagram Notify When You Save a Post? 

No. Instagram will not send notifications to users if you save their DM videos, photos, or posts. If the person whose post you are saving has a business or creator account, they will be able to see the number of people who have saved their post but not their specific details. 

Final Thoughts On DM Saver For Instagram 

It is necessary to keep and download Instagram messages since you need them as a history of your communication with clients and followers. Many marketers tend to use an Instagram DM bot! However, they make hard nuts to crack, such as getting banned on the platform!

Therefore, it is recommended to use safe Instagram DM apps like DMpro, which follow Instagram’s daily limits. Moreover, with Instagram direct message tools such as DMpro, you don’t need to save and download Instagram direct messages each time. Instead, they will always remain in your email inbox.

DMpro also offers a wide range of valuable tools to help you manage your direct messages in Instagram marketing. As a result, we think it is the most powerful and safe Instagram message saver available for you.

 Sign up right now and DM like a pro.