Instagram Followers vs Following: What Is A Good Ratio in 2023?

Instagram Followers vs Following

In the bustling world of social media, your Instagram profile is your digital calling card. The number of followers you have and those you follow speaks volumes about your online presence.

Striking the right balance between your followers and those you follow on this platform is an art and a science. But what’s the right balance, and how does it impact your credibility and engagement?

Let’s embark on this journey to unravel the intricacies of the Instagram followers vs following ratio and discover how it can be a game-changer for your online presence.

Understanding Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio

Delving deeper into the significance of the Instagram followers vs following ratio unveils its impact beyond mere numerical values.

While individuals who utilize Instagram for personal photo sharing may not prioritize this ratio, it holds paramount importance for business accounts, brands, and influencers. The ratio directly influences their income, popularity, and trustworthiness in the digital landscape.

Now, let’s consider a scenario where you encounter two Instagram profiles: one displaying an uneven ratio and the other maintaining a harmonious balance between followers and following.

The noticeable difference immediately raises questions regarding trustworthiness, credibility, and the authentic allure of the content.

Furthermore, the Instagram following vs followers ratio emerges as a critical factor in the Instagram algorithm, wielding influence over the visibility of your content.

How to Calculate the Instagram Follower vs Following Ratio?

Determining the Instagram followers-to-following ratio is a breeze. Simply divide the number of followers by the number of accounts being followed.

“The followers vs following ratio= Number of followers / Number of followings”

Take Marcus Rashford, for example, with an impressive 9.2 million followers and a modest following of 149 Instagram users.

Instagram Follower to Following Ratio

With an Instagram followers-to-following ratio of 61,745 (calculated as 9,200,000 followers divided by 149 following), Marcus Rashford emerges as a prominent Instagram celebrity and influencer.

Brands often seek his partnership to leverage his substantial following and enhance their own visibility.

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What Is a Good Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio?

Here are some general benchmarks about Instagram followers vs the following ratio:

Instagram Followers vs Following RatioStatus
Less than 0.5The Spam Zone
0.5 – 1The Suspicious Spectrum
1-2The Average Trail
2-10Micro-Influencer Milestone
More than 10Instagram Celebrity Status

Less than 0.5: The Spam Zone

Accounts with a ratio below 0.5 are likely spammy and often associated with Instagram growth services providing fake followers. These accounts tend to follow more than twice the number of accounts they attract.

0.5 – 1: The Suspicious Spectrum

Enter the realm of suspicion. Instagram followers vs following ratios between 0.5 and 1 indicate accounts employing the follow-for-follow strategy.

Beware of those who follow you only to unfollow later, boosting their follow ratio.

1-2: The Average Trail

A ratio between 1 and 2 suggests an average follower to following balance, signaling a moderate selectiveness in following.

However, with such a follower to following ratio, you may not be an influencer or professional brand account.

2-10: Micro-Influencer Milestone

Congratulations! If your ratio falls within 2 to 10, you’ve proven your account’s worth. Considered a micro-influencer, your content attracts a noteworthy following, positioning you as an engaging presence on Instagram.

More than 10: Instagram Celebrity Status

Achieve a follower ratio exceeding 10, and you’ve officially attained Instagram celebrity status. Your substantial influence sets you apart, making you a recognized figure in the Instagram community.

Note: These benchmarks primarily apply to brands and influencer accounts. If you’re managing a personal or private account, it is totally fine to have a follower ratio of less than 0.5.

How to Get the Ideal Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio?

Achieving the perfect followers vs following ratio on Instagram is crucial, especially for aspiring influencers aiming to monetize their Instagram accounts.

Elevate your efforts beyond mere organic growth by leveraging the power of hashtags and engaging in strategic collaborations. You can also consider using one of the best Instagram followers apps, or management services in your strategy, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Use a Comprehensive Instagram Management Service; AiGrow

The risk of acquiring fake or ghost followers is ever-present. To avoid this, employ a complete package of Instagram tools and hire an experienced Instagram account manager. This multi-faceted approach not only attracts your target audience but also safeguards against undesirable follower inflation.

If you are wondering where to find such a package to get your desired Instagram followers vs following ratio, here’s the best one we’ve found: AiGrow.

AiGrow is an AI-powered management service. Depending on your niche, hashtags you use, accounts you follow, and your location, it generates a list of potential Instagram followers for you.

Then, instead of buying Instagram followers, a dedicated Instagram account manager starts engaging with potential followers and makes them follow your account without exceeding the Instagram daily limits.

This way, your Instagram followers vs following will get balanced and you can get your desired follower ratio. This method can also help you increase your account’s engagement rate.

To get your ideal number of followers vs following on Instagram using AiGrow, you can choose one of the following packages:

  • Managed Growth
  • Managed Growth + DMs
  • Managed DMs
  • Managed Advanced
  • Mass Unfollow Plans
  • Content Creation Plans

The standout feature of this service lies in its provision of a dedicated Instagram account manager, who plays a crucial role in steering and amplifying your growth endeavors. This appointed account manager oversees the day-to-day growth operations carried out by AiGrow to expand your follower base. It’s worth noting that AiGrow also offers a money-back guarantee, adding an extra layer of assurance to the service.

Sign up on the platform and select the plan that best aligns with your business requirements. You can also get unlimited access to Instagram tools such as analytical reports and monitoring app.


In conclusion, the Instagram Followers vs Following Ratio is not a rigid formula but a dynamic element of your digital persona. We’ve journeyed through its nuances, from understanding its significance to practical strategies for cultivating a balanced ratio.

As you experiment and find the balance that resonates with your brand and audience, remember, it’s not just about the numbers but the vibrant, engaged community you build.


If you have more questions about followers vs following on Instagram, you may find the answers below:

Q1. Is it essential to have more followers than following on Instagram?

The short answer is no! It is true that by having more followers you’ll feel more confident and by turning to an influencer you can make more money; however, the only point of being on Instagram is not sharing posts and becoming famous. You can follow as many accounts as you like on Instagram and engage with them. This may also help you become more popular!

Q2. Can I still follow accounts I like, even if it affects my ratio?

Absolutely, but it’s important to find a balance. Authenticity is key; focus on cultivating a genuine community rather than fixating solely on the numbers.

Q3. Do private accounts get more followers?

Sometimes, yes. This especially works when you do an Instagram partnership. When someone advertises your products on Instagram, people will visit your profile to decide whether to follow you or not. When your account is private, they are more likely to follow you to see what else you offer on your account. However, make sure that you share captivating posts, or you’ll lose all the new followers in a few hours.

Q4. How many followers do you need to get paid?

According to Shopify, accounts with 10K-100K followers make around $250/post and those with 100K-1M followers can expect to gain $670/post on average.

Q5. Is it okay to unfollow accounts to improve my ratio?

While strategic unfollowing can be a part of your social media strategy, it’s crucial to prioritize the cultivation of genuine connections. Striking a balance between managing your ratio and fostering meaningful relationships is key to a more authentic and effective online presence.

Q6. What is a good followers to following ratio on Instagram?

The ideal Instagram followers vs following ratio is subjective and vary based on goals. A balanced ratio, with more followers than accounts, followed, is generally beneficial for authentic engagement. Aim for a ratio between 2 to 10 for a valuable and reputable account, avoiding excessive following for mere numbers.

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