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Categories: Instagram Marketing

10 Instagram Story Viewers Hack to Get More Views


Want to know some quick Instagram story viewers hack on how to get more views on Instagram stories? One of the most reported concerns is that people are dissatisfied with the number of views on their posts. If you want to increase your story views, you should do two major things: 

  • Firstly, you should increase your Instagram followers by using AI growth services such as AiGrow. AiGrow provides you with organic followers and you can choose a plan that is the best for your needs and budget. So, you can grow Instagram story views organically.

  • Secondly, you can learn the Instagram story viewers hacks below to increase the engagement of your stories.

If you have the same concern, you can keep on reading this article to learn Instagram story viewers hacks to get more views.

How to Get More Instagram Story Views?

You will learn more about the Instagram story viewers hacks to grow your Instagram story views in this section. If you want to see an increase in your Instagram story views, remember to follow each suggestion and keep them in mind.

#1: Check Your Instagram Story Analytics

The first Instagram story viewers hack is to always check your story analytics first and foremost. The analytics of your stories provide you with a good picture of where you should focus your efforts. These statistics show the number of story replies, taps to another account’s story, taps on a link in your story, impressions, reach, forward taps, backward taps, exit taps, and order of viewers on Instagram story.

What is the point of it all? You should know your audience, their attitudes, and their desires if you want to get a lot of story views. The assessment assists you in discontinuing the posting of stories that have proven to be controversial and continuing to post the stories that are most viewed. The most important thing to remember is that in order to use the analytics tool, you must have an Instagram Professional Account.

#2: Use Hashtags/Geotags

Another Instagram story viewers hack is using hashtags or locations in your stories. By showing your Instagram story to a larger audience, features like hashtags and location will help you get more views. In other words, your story will appear as users search for a specific hashtag or location. 

Instagram allows you to use up to 10 hashtags per story, so think of clever topics to use as hashtags. Keep an eye on the quality of your post, the actions of your target audience, and the number of stories with the same hashtag.

Using immensely famous and trendy hashtags can have a significant impact on your hashtag efforts. And you’re either exposing your story to the risk of being buried by the flood of new stories with the same hashtag, or you’re hiding it in the darkness where no one can see it. To eliminate the two options, choose the ones that are halfway between the two poles.

Moreover, you should remember to take advantage of the location feature! Using location tags allows you to reach a specific audience for your stories. As a result, you choose a specific audience for your stories.

Here is an example of a location tag by @Airbnb:

Location Tag on @airbnb’s Story

#3: Use Stickers

The next Instagram story viewers hack is to use a variety of stickers in your stories. We recommend using stickers to visually impact the audience and inspire their participation! How do you get more views on your Instagram story by using stickers? When your story’s interaction rises, the Instagram algorithm automatically boosts your story, resulting in more views.

Here is an example of a question sticker by @colorfactory:

Question Sticker on @colorfactory’s Story

The best stickers for engaging your audience are polls, emoji sliders, quiz stickers, question stickers, and countdown stickers. To put it another way, using these stickers helps you form stronger bonds with your followers and engage in more successful interactions. Use your creativity to make entertaining games with these features to get the most out of them.

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#4: Collaborate with Influencers for More Instagram Story Viewers

Inviting an influencer or affiliate brand to take over your Instagram stories can be successful if you want to reach a far larger audience and don’t have any budget constraints. Since they are already on top and have their own trusted audience, having an influencer share your content will boost your story views.

So, your material on your story is seen by a group of viewers. Collaborations are very common and competitive among Instagram professional accounts in general. Create a new project with a brand or influencer, share with them, go Live with them, and engage your audience.

You surely remember the collaboration of @lancomeofficial with @zendaya:


#5: Promote a Limited Offer

An enticing discount, deal, or giveaway may be good content to share on your story to increase your Instagram story views. What’s the point of this limited-time deal? Increasing engagement! Your followers will tell their friends about your promotion, increasing the number of views on your story and, as a result, your engagement.

#6: Highlight Best Stories as an Instagram Story Viewers Hack

Since the launch of Instagram’s other feature, story Highlights, your stories will stay on your page and be viewed by the public even after the 24-hour period has passed. Your best stories will stay in the Highlights section as long as you want and still gain views. 

Look at story highlights of @lushcosmetics:


#7: Create a DM Group and Send Targeted Stories

Build a DM community with users who have the same accounts as you or who you believe are interested in your brand. You can share your stories with the community and request that other members read them. So, based on your marketing plan, you’ve built a small group of audiences that you can use to boost your Instagram story views.

#8: Use Branded Content for More Instagram story Viewers

Branded content is a great way to increase your Instagram story views and is ideal for a marketing campaign. To create branded content, you can use any related content, image, slogan, or hashtag. The most important thing is to remember to ask your audience, or influencers, to share the content and tag you in the process. Try to repost their content if at all possible to keep the cycle going until the end of your campaign.

#9: Unlock Re-Sharing Option

Unlocking the re-sharing option of your Instagram story is possible through the Settings of your Instagram app. If you tag someone (up to ten people per story), the repost feature allows certain people to share your stories and get more people to see them. As soon as you allow other users to share your posts, your Instagram story’s chances of being seen have increased.

#10: Use Swipe Up Feature

This functionality is not available to accounts with less than 10,000 followers. As a result, concentrate on getting to the point before worrying about it. You can use the Swipe Up feature to add a link to your website to give your followers more stats, show them more products, or sell services or products. The button will inspire more people to click on your connection, ultimately leading to your business’s goal.

This is how @wetnwildbeauty uses swipe up feature:


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Conclusion on Instagram Story Viewers Hack

Finally, we’d like to emphasize that following all of the above Instagram story viewers hacks at the same time is the secret to total success in increasing your Instagram story views. Make an effort to be as involved and imaginative as possible, and show that you care for your followers. Get to know them better and anticipate their behavior. Instagram marketing isn’t a difficult or far-fetched goal; rather, it’s very simple if you coordinate all of your strategies.