Instagram Theme Pages [Build Your Faceless Business in 2024]

Instagram Theme Pages

In today’s digital age, many content creators and influencers leverage their unique personalities and identities to amass large followers on platforms like Instagram. However, not everyone may feel comfortable exposing their personal lives or faces due to privacy concerns or personal preferences.

Despite this, the desire to gain popularity and followers remains strong. In such cases, Instagram theme pages can be a practical and effective solution.

These pages focus on posting text, images, and videos on specific topics or niches rather than individual personalities. This article will explain what IG theme pages are, how to create one, and how to make money with theme pages on Instagram.

Note: You will also learn how to use third-party services like AiGrow to simplify the content creation process for this purpose.

This article covers the following topics:

  • An alternative way to build a strong online presence on Instagram without revealing personal information.
  • The concept of a theme page on Instagram.
  • Popular niches appropriate for IG theme pages.
  • Examples of successful theme pages on Instagram.
  • Strategies for monetizing your theme page.

Creating such pages can offer numerous benefits. This piece will help you learn everything you need to know about creating successful such pages. Hold on tight!

What Are Instagram Theme Pages?

Instagram offers various opportunities for online monetization, and those who can use its features and build a substantial audience can reap significant benefits.

Content creators, businesses, and influencers can make money on Instagram. One effective way to monetize Instagram is through IG theme pages.

You might have come across pages with millions of followers that post text, maintain a consistent theme color, or share high-quality photos and videos within a specific niche.

Instagram Theme pages
Top instagram theme pages

These pages feature content centered around a specific theme, catering to the interests of a particular audience and potentially attracting a significant following.

In short, theme pages on Instagram are faceless pages that focus on creating a page to share high-quality photos and videos on a specific niche. These contents may not be original or created by them and users can repost content of other IG accounts. But because they are focused on a topic, can attract target lovers of that niche.

To better understand it, look at a few examples of Instagram theme pages that have gained notable popularity.

10 Successful Niches for Instagram Theme Pages with Examples

When it comes to building a successful Instagram presence, choosing the right niche for your theme page is essential. Here, we look at ten thriving niches that have been shown to draw loyal followers and engagement.

Along with each niche, we’ll highlight examples of existing theme pages that have become leaders in their fields, offering inspiration and insights to prospective content creators.

1. Nature and Travel

The travel and nature niches are centered around creating content focused on exploring different parts of the world, leisure activities, and discovering new places.

These pages often collaborate with travel bloggers, photographers, conservation organizations, and travel-related brands to monetize their content.

Travel-focused Instagram theme pages share stunning landscapes, breathtaking destinations, and travel tips to inspire wanderlust among followers.

Instagram pages dedicated to showcasing natural beauty, such as @EarthPix, feature stunning landscapes, wildlife, and natural wonders from all over the world.

Another notable example is @nature, a renowned travel Instagram page.

2. Fashion and Beauty

The Fashion and Beauty niches are very popular and focus on the latest fashion trends and beauty tips.

Instagram theme pages under these niches usually showcase the latest fashion trends, provide outfit inspiration, share style tips, and collaborate with fashion or beauty brands. One example of such a popular niche page is @fashionnova.

These pages can collaborate with fashion and makeup brands, retailers, and influencers to promote clothing lines and accessories.

3. Food

The food niche on social media is quite popular and offers a wide range of content to food enthusiasts. Food accounts are most followed on Instagram. This pages includes mouthwatering dishes, recipes, cooking tutorials, and restaurant recommendations.

Some theme pages such as @ffshungry, @foodyoozy, and @Mealpreponfleek specialize in sharing recipes, meal planning ideas, and nutritional tips.

These pages make money by partnering with kitchenware companies, food delivery services, and health-focused brands. They cater to followers seeking culinary inspiration and healthy eating options.

4. Text-Focused Instagram Theme Page

A text-focused Instagram theme page is ideal for motivational speakers and individuals who want their message to stand out without distractions.

These pages primarily feature text-based posts aimed at inspiring and motivating their audience with motivational quotes, affirmations, and messages of encouragement.

For instance, take inspiration from Simon Sinek’s Instagram page, where he shares concise yet impactful text-only posts filled with wisdom and insights.

By focusing solely on the message, text-themed pages create a direct and powerful connection with their followers.

5. Architecture

Instagram for architects, enthusiasts, and professionals in this field alike is an excellent platform for sharing and discovering stunning architectural designs.

For instance, @architecture_hunter is a notable Instagram page within this niche, curating a collection of captivating architectural images.

Similarly, @archdaily stands as another prominent example, offering a diverse range of architectural content, including news, projects, and insights from the architectural world.

Theme pages dedicated to architecture attract targeted followers by showcasing remarkable photos of both modern marvels and ancient landmarks.

6. DIY/Crafts

DIY/Crafts theme pages on Instagram serve as a valuable resource for creative individuals seeking inspiration and guidance for their project.

Whether it’s learning how to knit a scarf, make homemade candles, or create unique home decor items, DIY/Crafts theme pages offer a diverse array of content to cater to the interests and skill levels of their audience.

Consider @5.min.crafts’s popular Instagram page, where you can discover inspiring creative videos to fuel your projects.

7. Pets and Animals

Pets theme pages on Instagram share a mix of adorable photos and videos about pets. From playful puppies and curious kittens to majestic horses and exotic birds, pets or animal theme pages showcase a diverse range of furry, feathered, and scaled companions that bring joy to your day.

One example is @dogsofinstagram’s page which shares different pictures of Dogs.

By browsing through these pages about animals, you can learn about proper pet nutrition, find fun activities to do with your furry friend, or simply enjoy a daily dose of cuteness.

8. Instagram Business Theme Pages and Finance

Instagram theme pages centered around business and finance hold significant sway. Instagram theme pages focusing on finance cater to individuals interested in personal finance, investing, and wealth management.

These pages share valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help followers improve their financial literacy and make informed money decisions.

One notable example is ‘The Financial Diet’ (@thefinancialdiet), which has amassed a sizable following by providing practical advice on budgeting, saving, and investing.

9. Memes and Humor

Memes and Humor theme pages on Instagram specialize in providing entertaining and comedic content that resonates with a wide audience. These pages, such as, focus on sharing humorous memes, jokes, and viral content that elicit laughter and amusement from their followers.

Whether it’s poking fun at everyday situations, sharing clever wordplay, or riffing on popular culture, Memes and Humor theme pages on Instagram play an essential role in spreading joy and bringing smiles to the faces of their followers.

10. Lifestyle and Health

Lifestyle and Health theme pages on Instagram offer a diverse range of content tailored to promote well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

These pages curate content around specific lifestyle niches, such as minimalism, sustainable living, self-care, and productivity, providing followers with valuable insights and inspiration to enhance their quality of life.

For instance, pages like @health focus on providing information and resources related to health and medicine, offering followers valuable tips and advice on maintaining overall well-being.

Theme page examples
Theme page examples

Similarly, Fitness theme pages like @fitness share workout routines, fitness tips, healthy recipes, and motivational content to support followers on their fitness journey.

Advantages of Instagram Theme Pages

Instagram theme pages have proven to be an excellent resource for content creators and entrepreneurs. These faceless pages focus on a single topic or specialization, such as travel, fitness, pets, or business.

They frequently collect information from a variety of sources, including memes, quotes, videos, and photographs that are relevant to their target audience.

Compared to personal or branded accounts, theme pages have several advantages:

Lower Barriers to Entry

Theme pages on Instagram offer lower barriers to entry and growth compared to personal or branded accounts. They don’t require the constant creation of original content or the need to maintain a personal presence.

Higher Engagement Rates

Theme pages often enjoy higher engagement rates because their followers are inherently interested in the specific topic or niche they cover. This focused thematic approach fosters greater interaction with posts.

Diverse Content Curation

These pages curate content from various sources related to their chosen niche. This diversity keeps the content fresh and engaging for followers.

Targeted Audience

Theme pages attract a dedicated and niche audience interested in the specific topic or niche they cover. This targeted audience makes it easier to tailor content and promotions to their interests.

Monetization Opportunities

Instagram theme pages provide ample opportunities for monetization. Opportunities exist for IG theme pages through sponsored posts or affiliate marketing to generate revenue through them.

Let me explain how to create an Instagram page and earn money from it.

How to Create an IG Theme Page

Creating an Instagram theme page is essential for establishing a unified brand identity and attracting followers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a theme page on Instagram:

1. Select a Profitable Niche for Instagram Theme Page

Selecting the right niche is crucial when creating an Instagram theme page. Choose a niche that aligns with your interests, has a sizable audience, and offers opportunities for engagement and monetization.

To achieve long-term success, it is important to analyze your competition, evaluate market demand, and assess scalability.

2. Set up an Account

Create an account that aligns with your niche. Choose an IG username related to your niche, write a self-explanatory bio, and use an appealing profile image.

3. Source Quality Content

Identify creators posting content in your niche, curate the finest content, and share it on your account. For example, @shaderoom is a perfect example of a theme page account that collects other pages’ content.

To download content from other pages, you can use IG downloader services such as AiGrow Instagram downloader. However, if the content is original to that page, make sure to ask for permission or mention it.

For sourcing preset content like images and videos, you can also use platforms such as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and Shutterstock. These sites offer a wide range of high-quality visuals that you can use to enhance your Instagram theme page.

4. Plan Your Content

Create a content strategy to maintain consistency and variety in your posts. Determine the types of content you’ll provide—images, videos, or graphics—and plan how frequently and when you’ll post. Consider creating a content calendar to stay organized.

To schedule and share your posts you can use scheduler services like AiGrow’s managed scheduler.

5. Select a Theme

Determine the overall appearance and feel you want for your Instagram feed. Consider your brand essence, target demographic, and content niche. Choose a color scheme or style that complements your brand image.

Consistency is key to developing recognition and coherence in your feed. Use applications like VSCO or Adobe Lightroom to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic.

If you are short on time and unable to create content, AiGrow’s content creation plan can work magic for you. Their managers will get in touch with you and inquire about your brand color and niche. They will then create a theme page for you. If you desire, they can even assist you in monetizing your page.

How to Monetize an Instagram Theme Page Using AiGrow

According to, monetizing an Instagram theme page can be highly lucrative and can help you make $1000 per month. Here’s how you can get started:

Create Organic Growth and Engage with Followers

Building a fan base takes time, but you can accelerate the process by using Instagram growth services. AiGrow offers features to help you grow your Instagram followers organically.

AiGrow managers do tasks such as liking, commenting, and following/unfollowing to attract a target audience. By engaging with relevant users and content, AiGrow helps attract genuine followers interested in your theme page’s content.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Make your posts more discoverable by using relevant IG hashtags. Use a mix of niche-specific and popular hashtags to reach a larger audience. AiGrow includes a hashtag research tool that helps you find relevant and trending hashtags for your posts.

Post Consistently

It is important to post on Instagram regularly to keep your audience engaged and attract new followers. To stay relevant in Instagram’s algorithms, aim to post at least 5-6 times per day during optimal times.

You can schedule posts, including reels, to ensure consistent visibility and engagement. AiGrow’s advanced scheduling options allow you to post at the best times to post on Instagram when your audience is most active, maximizing reach and visibility.

Send DMs

If you want to engage with your target audience on Instagram, you can send them direct messages (DMs) and encourage them to visit your page.

AiGrow managers can send manual DMs on your behalf, which is a personalized approach that allows for tailored communication with your followers. This helps to slide into DMs, nurture relationships, and drive engagement on your Instagram theme page.

Leverage Reels, and Other Features to Enhance Visibility

By using features like reels on Instagram, you can increase your followers and engagement rate and even reach the Explore page. AiGrow’s experts can help you create reels, schedule your posts, and track your growth using detailed reports.

AiGrow’s analytics feature allows you to track the performance of your Reels and other content, enabling you to refine your strategy and improve visibility over time.

Implement Various Monetization Strategies and Make Passive Income

There are several ways to monetize your Instagram theme page, including selling shoutouts, selling products/services, DM marketing, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and so on.

Once you’ve built a solid following and established effective monetization strategies, you can put your Instagram page on autopilot by hiring a professional to manage it.

Are you curious about creating and growing a successful theme page on Instagram? Do you want to learn effective monetization strategies? Sign up on AiGrow and take advantage of Instagram experts.

Final Thought

In the contemporary landscape, transforming your Instagram page into a profitable business requires dedication, creativity, and consistency.

Remember to select a niche for your Instagram theme page that you are truly passionate about. Engage with your audience authentically and consistently, and always aim for excellence in every aspect of your content creation. With the right approach and dedication, achieving financial success and gaining online prominence is attainable for anyone willing to invest the effort.


Q1. How Much Money Do Instagram Theme Pages Make?

The amount of money earned by Instagram theme pages varies significantly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars each month. This variation is dependent on various factors, such as the size of the audience, level of engagement, and monetization strategies employed. However, if you work at it, it is possible to earn $1000 per month.

Q2. What Are the Best Theme Pages on Instagram?

These are the most popular Instagram theme pages: Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Pets, Health & Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Crafts & DIY.

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